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The first thought for most people when someone mentions Ibiza is the party that never ends, and that is absolutely true. Although there are many clubs around the island, one of them truly stands out of the crowd when we speak about all-day long parties, and it is the Blue Marlin Ibiza beach club. The fact that this brand is popular in two world-famous party locations – Ibiza and Gran Canaria and has its radio, speaks for itself, and there is no doubt that Blue Marlin is a true representative of VIP partying.


As we have already mentioned, this brand has popular clubs in two locations, and the first one is in Ibiza, located on breath-taking Cala Jondal beach. It is the place where the party never stops, and it has it all, from the sandy beach, bar, lounge, and terrace to the nightclub.


Just imagine laying in the comfortable sun bed, watching one of the best landscapes of the Mediterranean, and drinking your favourite cocktail, while listening chill rhythm of the Blue Marlin Ibiza radio. It sounds like being in a real paradise, right?


Cala Jondal is one of the most popular and beautiful beaches in Ibiza, and starting your day on it is one of the best decisions when travelling to Ibiza. The best thing is that Blue Marlin Ibiza’s opening times are at 10AM every morning, so make sure to book your sun bed in advance if you want the best spot. Here you also can try some of the most tasteful snacks or order a refreshing cocktail from the drinks menu.


Blue Marlin Ibiza restaurant is well-known not only on the island but in the entire world thanks to the exclusive meals they serve combined with some of the best drinks in the world. You can try some of the best dishes from Mediterranean cuisine, with a flare of the Oriental one, and complete the entire meal with some of the best wines. The terrace of the restaurant provides its guests with an astonishing look at the sunset, which cannot leave anyone indifferent.


As the sun goes down, the rhythm of the music changes and the biggest party lovers in Blue Marlin Ibiza lounge club start dancing. That is a sign that it is time for a nightclub, where the party lasts until late hours at night. The best thing is that there is no need to move, only enter a soundproof nightclub full of many people ready to dance their hearts out.


Blue Marlin Ibiza’s closing time is around midnight –  2AM, depending on the events, so even the most resistant ones will be pretty exhausted after the party that lasts all day and night long. There is no need to worry about the music, as the Blue Marlin Ibiza radio playlist and some of the best DJs from all over the globe that have their performances in the evening will take care that every guest has the time of their lives.


Although Blue Marlin Cala Jondal is easy to reach by car, its VIP reputation has made owners provide their guests with a water taxi service. It is pretty important for people who spend their vacation on their yacht, as they do not need to worry about anything, and they can relax and go to the party.


Understandably, there are plenty of events at Blue Marlin Ibiza, and if you don’t know when to check it out, it’s always good to check the event list and then make a plan, as it will get much easier. Blue Marlin Ibiza opening 2023 was on April 29th, and the season lasts, just like every year, ’till October. As for events, Thursdays are reserved for AMAZONA, a great mix of Latino and electric sounds that simply make everyone dance.


The beginning of the weekend starts with Bora Uzer, a DJ and artist who performs live with drums and synthesizers with a pinch of tribal elements. As you can imagine, it is a completely unique thing and ambiance you cannot find anywhere else. Now, while Saturdays are more for those who like to experiment with music, as SWITCH offers a plethora of hypnotic beats, SHOWTIME SUNDAYS have something for everyone. Namely, famous DJs from all over the world perform here, meaning that having lots of fun, regardless of which artist performs, is granted.


During other weekdays, you can enjoy relaxing electronic beats by artists Aitor Pastor, Oscar Akagy, and Andy Baxter, meaning that regardless of what your intentions are, this place has got you covered and, above all, you will not regret coming here, on the contrary.


Blue Marlin is located in Cala Jondal.

Taxi from San Antonio to Tropicana Beach costs around €30-€35 and takes around 25 minutes.

Taxi from Ibiza Town  is  around €20 and takes 15-20 minutes.

Entrance to Blue Marlin is free, however make sure to have a reservation.

Fill out the contact form at the top of the page and we will get back to you with availabilities. 

Blue Marlin is open every day in the season from 10am - midnight / 2AM.


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