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Even though the beach club is relatively new, as it was first opened in 2011, it’s still one of the most popular clubs in Ibiza. One of the reasons for that is the beach, or to be more precise, one of the best and most gorgeous beaches in Ibiza – Cala Bassa, a great mix of soft and warm sand with crystal clear waters, and all that is surrounded by unique ancient juniper trees. Besides that, it is also looked upon as a hidden gem, one you will not find that easily, but once you do, it is a great sight for both your eyes and soul. The name Calla means cove or a little or a small bay, and it fits perfectly with what this place has to offer.


Calla Bassa Beach Club is a venue where you cannot get bored thanks to the various activities. This beach is known as the one with the clearest water, and the cove it is located in can brag with the finest sand that will remind you of some of the most exotic destinations. Overall, this place can be both a great escape place where you can relax and ease the mind after partying all night and a place where you can enjoy many cocktails and day parties at the beach. The choice is yours, and we recommend both options as you will surely, at some point, end up dancing because the music never stops.


There is no better way to chill on the beach than choosing some of the comfortable sun beds protected from sun rays by large umbrellas. The variety of the sun beds means there is something for every person, but most guests are fascinated by the gazebos. Of course, Calla Bassa Beach Club bed prices depend on the one you choose, but there is a perfect choice for everyone’s pocket. This fact alone grants a high level of amusement for everyone, as the end goal for the majority of people coming to Ibiza is to ease their mind, chill out, and have lots of fun.


The crystal clear water and the perfect location of this beach make it perfect for various water sports, and even many locals decide to spend their day this way. Now, while on vacation here, the goal is to learn and try something new, and luckily, you can try many different and even water sports and try yourself out at many activities that you may not find back home. That is why, after their visit to Ibiza, people are so fond of it and are already planning to come back next year as there is always something new going on or something new they didn’t have time to try.


The sand is probably the finest one you will find on the entire island, which makes it perfect for various sports, such as volleyball, or you can simply bring your frisbee and have some fun. Adrenaline junkies will not miss the opportunity to try a jet ski, but if you want just to cool off and swim, there is no need to worry, as there is a protected area only for that.


When you are making a Calla Bassa Beach Club reservation, do not forget to include one of the massages, as you will instantly regret it. Professional masseurs and one of the world’s most calming ambient will make you feel like you are born again, and you will feel completely relaxed. Just imagine feeling pressure in your body after sleeping for not so many hours or simply feeling like relaxed massage, that’s precisely what you will get here.


Every day from 10 AM to 9 PM, you can enjoy the exquisite cuisine of Calla Bassa beach club restaurant. You can order many authentic and traditional Ibiza dishes and have a mouth-watering experience. On the other hand, if chilling out is the goal, then tasting wine in the shades of the junipers is the one for you. This entire place is designed for pleasure, and it would be a shame not to check it out. Of course, when in Ibiza, it’s completely normal that a certain mix of dishes is expected, so here, you can enjoy eating Sushi and Iranian Beluga caviar or simply order crab and truly have a great astronomical experience.


Unlike other beach clubs that play their own playlists during the day and have live DJs in the evening, this beach club will provide you with a completely different experience. Calla Bassa Beach Club DJ is in charge of the good mood during the entire day, so you can enjoy the chill rhythm while drinking a favourite drink in a shade of a parasol, lying on the comfortable sun bed.


Regardless if you plan to make a small party for your friends and family or co-workers, this place grants a VIP service, and since this hidden gem grants a bit of anonymity and privacy, it is a great place for any celebration. The only thing to worry about is picking the right location, as there are several of them, but even that shouldn’t be that big of an issue as people working here will be of much help advise-wise. Since Calla Bassa is one of a kind location, it’s also perfect for weddings as it’s so romantic, and the atmosphere will make you feel like in the best and most romantic movie.

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CBBC is located in Cala Bassa, near San Antonio.

Taxi from San Antonio to CBBC a costs around €20 and takes around 15 minutes.

Taxi from Ibiza Town  is  around €40 and takes 30 minutes.

You can also take the bus from San Antonio, number 7.

Entrance to CBBC is free, however make sure to have a reservation.

Fill out the contact form at the top of the page and we will get back to you with availabilities. 

CBBC is open every day in the season from 10 AM - midnight.


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