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If the goal is to find a gastronomic heaven in the middle of the ocean well, this is the place for you. Here, it’s all about the overall experience, as it is definitely one of a kind because the sea view mixed with the highest possible luxury experience that you have at Nassau beach club simply cannot be compared to any other. All in all, everyone who comes to Ibiza should at least save a few days to enjoy everything this place has to offer, and as for the specifics, let’s explore all the main options that make this beach club stand out.


Nassau Beach Club is one of a kind because it has something to offer to any person who decides to visit this unique venue, thanks to three different spaces. The entire concept of this club is perfectly designed, and one can spend the entire day there without any need to leave it until the close time. Guests can enjoy the day on the glamorous sandy beach, eat some of the best meals in the restaurant, and dance their hearts out in the dance floor, as the Nassau Beach Club Ibiza playlist is one of the best.


Just the fact that world-known chefs that have been working here for more than ten years will be in charge of preparing your meals speaks volumes about what one can expect from the quality of the food here.


The cuisine is based on traditional Mediterranean dishes mixed with blends from all over the world, and all that gives the food that authentic taste you cannot find anywhere else. All chefs have vast experience and are well aware that flavour is not the only thing modern chefs should be in charge of, meaning that you are also looking to have a great time while dining at Nassau beach club restaurant area. Overall, the restaurant will take you on a special gastronomic voyage, and just to enhance the entire experience, cocktails will fit perfectly with any dish you pick.


Some people prefer spending more time soaking in everything this place has to offer, which is why the Lounge area is ideal. Namely, it’s here where you can enjoy some of the picturesque sights while sipping your favourite cocktail and dancing to some of the best Nassau beach club music. Of course, it’s not like there isn’t any food here, but unlike at the restaurant, this is more of a place where grabbing a quick bite is preferred, as the goal is to dance, relax, and have a quality and fun time. That is why Lounge is looked upon as a great place to gather with friends, and the vibrant ambiance is there to make everyone dance.


The bar is at the very centre, but the DJ booth is definitely the highlight of the Lounge, and everything is so well arranged that those who come here for the first time are in awe in the first couple of minutes. The lively atmosphere of the place, some of the best drinks, and the overall design of the Lounge area make it an ideal place to relax and experience everything Ibiza has to offer, regardless if you have come alone, with family, or with a group of friends.


As we all know, Ibiza is famous because of parties that cannot leave anyone indifferent, and Nassau Beach Club events are something that every party lover must experience at least once in a lifetime. Thursdays are reserved for Disorder and the rhythm that will bring you back right to the 80s, so be prepared for some of the craziest outlooks on the island with many neon colours around.


Hippie people should not miss at least one Flower Night which is held every Saturday and promote peace and love for every person who enters Nassau Beach Club Ibiza in 2023. Everything is the same as it was back in the 60s, and one of the best opportunities to see Ibiza’s hippy legacy and learn more about this culture while enjoying some of the best songs, drinks and meeting new friends.


Those who want to experience something different should visit Full Moon, which truly provides a unique experience thanks to the perfect mixture of food, drinks, music, performance, and, as the name suggests – the full moon influence. Sunsets and sunrises in Ibiza are remarkable and breath-taking, but having fun under the full moon and enjoying the way it reflects in the peaceful Mediterranean Sea is once in a lifetime experience. It is held once a month, during the full moon, which is July the 3rd and 31st, August 30th, and October 1st, so make sure to book your table on time.


Another event held once a month but surely worth visiting is Nassau XV Anniversary, which celebrates fifteen years of this unique club, and there is no doubt that there will be much more. The dates to remember are June 9th, July 7th, August 4th, and September 8th.


Nassau Beach Club is located in Playa d’en Bossa.

Taxi from San Antonio to Beachouse Ibiza costs around €30 and takes around 25 minutes.

Taxi from Ibiza Town is around €10-€15 and takes under 10 minutes.

Entrance to Nassau Beach Club is free, however make sure to have a reservation.

Fill out the contact form at the top of the page and we will get back to you with availabilities. 

Nassau Beach Club is open every day in the season from 10am - 2am.


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