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Nikki Beach Ibiza Resort is one of the most luxurious places on the island, and spending a day at this fabulous venue will be one to remember. Recognizable by white coloured theme, it provides a unique experience to any person who visits it. Nikki Beach Ibiza’s opening in 2023 was on April 27th, but there is no need to worry if you have missed it, as this venue is open until October 1st, so there is still a lot of time to visit it.


Even in Ibiza, there are only a few places with such well-organized service, regardless if you are in a restaurant or at the beach. Yes, that’s one of the perks of being a luxurious resort, but the fact that employees are extremely friendly and nice is yet another aspect worth mentioning.


As for the resort, there are two main areas, the beach and the restaurant, and once you come here, the first thought will be that you are in paradise on earth, and the second one is that you will have some of the best times here. Above all, since this place has everything one might need during their vacation, don’t be surprised if you end up spending longer than intended. Nikki Beach Ibiza’s opening in 2023 was in April, and the season will last up to October 1st.


The restaurant is open every day from 12 pm to 6 pm, and since this is a bit short time frame, make sure to book in advance if you plan to eat here. Another reason you should do so is that this restaurant is so popular due to the high-quality products they use and, of course, exquisite dishes, where some of which you can only try here.


Besides the food, the view across the Balearic Sea is also something that enhances the entire dining experience. The atmosphere is vibrant and will make you crave more, but luckily, there are many other activities and features available that you can also enjoy. Nikki Beach Ibiza’s table price might be a bit higher than at some other restaurants, but it’s here where you will often find famous athletes, artists, influencers, movie stars, and many other famous people.


As already stated, the beach is ideally located, and the crystal clear waters are there just to enhance the entire experience. Features that you can choose from make this beach the best organized one, as everything from classic yet classy sun beds to opium and full beach beds are available. Of course, the price is something to keep in mind before booking, but you only live once, so why not make the most out of your visit to Ibiza?


The surroundings are perfect for those who seek relaxation, but many events throughout the week also grant having lots of fun. The beach is open every day from 11 am to 19 pm, which leaves enough room to go to the restaurant and still have enough time for other activities to make a full-day Ibiza experience and take some iconic Nikki Beach Ibiza photos.


Guests can also enjoy cooling off in the swimming pool instead of spending their time on the beach, which is also equipped with chic white sun beds and umbrellas. We need to mention that due to safety reasons, the swimming pool is only open to adults, but if you are on vacation with kids, they can still have fun on the beach and enjoy the restaurant.


Every person who has ever seen the Nikki Beach Ibiza photos can see that the luxurious ambiance of this resort makes it perfect for every type of celebration. The white theme of the venue, in combination with the blue colour of the sea and the sky coloured by the sunset, guarantees the perfect wedding that newlyweds and their guests will never forget. It is also great for any other corporative event, and thanks to the great organization team, each of them will be successful.


Thursdays in Nikki Beach Resort in Ibiza are reserved for Roots and Bites Farmers’ Market, which starts at noon and ends at 6 pm. During that time, you can try some of the dishes made of organic products from Terra Massia farm. The fact that this organic farm is now in the ownership of the popular Calvin Harris guarantees great music and Chef Thierry Zaragoza is in charge of good food, which is presented in a four-course meal.


Sundays are another day when it is great to try Nikki Beach Ibiza’s menu, as they are reserved for Amazing Sundays Brunch, which can be easily prolonged to the all-day fun. Namely, although the brunch is served from noon until 3 pm, the Taittinger Champagne continues to be served until 9 pm. The entire event is accompanied by the music of the resident DJs, who are in charge of a good mood and great fun.

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Nikki Beach Club is located between Santa Eulalia and Es Canar.

Taxi from Santa Eulalia to Nikki Beach Club costs around €15 and takes under 10 minutes.

Taxi from Ibiza Town  is  around €30-€35 and takes around 25 minutes.

Entrance to Nikki Beach Club is free, however make sure to have a reservation.

Fill out the contact form at the top of the page and we will get back to you with availabilities. 

Nikki Beach is open every day in the season from 11am - 7pm


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