#4 Best EDM Parties in Ibiza

Ushuaia, Ibiza | Best EDM parties in Ibiza

It is impossible to call yourself a huge EDM fan if you have never partied in Ibiza, as this marvellous island is the temple of good parties and happy people. There is a lot to see and a lot to experience, but it is not a secret that many people decide to visit Ibiza because of the good rhythm and the party that never stops. EDM is a genre created to move people, as that special vibe simply makes everyone dance and be the best version of themselves. Of course, the entire experience gets even better when the setting is on an island designed so that everyone has the best time listening to the sounds of EDM. There are many parties across the globe where you can really have a blast, but none of them can compare to electronic parties in Ibiza.

Best EDM parties in Ibiza

It doesn’t matter if you are an EDM fan or not, as the vibe from Ibiza electronic music parties will enchant you. Understandably, those really into electronic sound will find this island a heaven on earth as every famous EDM artist will spend at least a bit of the summer performing here. Of course, there are some parties you shouldn’t miss, and to help you navigate your time and have enough of it so that you can truly enjoy the atmosphere, we picked the best of the best.

1. Calvin Harris - Ushuaia

Just imagine 7,000 people dancing as one in a large venue under the open sky to the rhythm of the best EDM music played by EDM Prince Calvin Harris alongside MK and many guests such as Ben Hemsley, John Summit, Tyson O’Brien, and many others. It is a dream come true for every EDM music lover and an extra reason to visit Ibiza, as this amazing party is held in Ushuaïa Ibiza, every Friday from 31 May to 13 September, 2024 (apart from 7 June), with a Special Sunday Show on 9 June .


Calvin Harris is not just a DJ, and since his nickname is EDM Prince, it says a lot about his career. He is also a producer, songwriter, and creator of many timeless hits during his successful career. The choice of guests is more than great, and thanks to that, this is a real Ibiza EDM festival visited by people from all over the globe. As we have already mentioned, Ushuaïa Ibiza is an open-air venue with a large capacity, so book the ticket in advance because it can be pretty challenging to find a place at the last moment.

Calvin Harris Ibiza - Ushuaïa | DJ Info, Listings, Tours & Tickets

2. Martin Garrix - Ushuaia

You don’t get to be the best at something just like that, and Martin Garrix has proven to everyone that he is one of the top EDM artist for many years now. So, if you plan to come to Ibiza between June and Septembe, you can feel lucky as Martin will take control over electronic beats during this time frame.

It will undoubtedly be a summer to remember as he celebrates the 10-year anniversary of his breaking hit “Animals” this year, which simply grants having a great time.

The White Isle, another name for Ibiza, is the home of many famous DJs like Calvin Harris and David Guetta, but it is also reserved for Martin Garrix to showcase his DJing skills and remind everyone why he of the top DJs in the world. Those wonderful sounds of electronic music leave no one indifferent, and listening live to some of Martin’s biggest hits like Animals, Wizard, Won’t let you go or Diamonds is a chance that comes once in a lifetime and the one you simply must take.

Ushuaia, Ibiza

3. David Guetta Future Rave - hi ibiza

Summer nights at Hï Ibiza are something that each person who has experienced them talks about for a long time. It is a breath-taking club in Ibiza with three rooms that provides a unique experience every Friday during this period thanks to world-famous performers who take care of the music.

The Theatre room is reserved for one of the biggest names in the electronic music world, David Guetta, and his great friend MORTEN who presents the visitors with the Future Rave, a perfect mix of festival energy and electronic sounds, which is never heard before. Just next room the Club Room, you can hear something different, as the performers in charge of the great party are Italian trio Meduza and James Hype.

The modern design of the club, huge capacity, a large number of visitors and world-famous music stars make the ticket for this party one of the most wanted ones, which is why it is important to book yours in advance, or you can easily miss the opportunity to experience this unique event. Here’s more about David!

Hi Ibiza

4. Eric Prydz - Hi Ibiza

Hï Ibiza is a to-go option for many who come to this island, as it is home to some amazing artists and a place with a great vibe, which is why it is also one of the best edm clubs in Ibiza, it is no surprise why Hi Ibiza got voted number one club in the world. One of those greats that will perform live is Eric Prydz, and his renowned CELL show will be one of the highlights of the summer.

Those unfamiliar with what to expect from this show, well, you will definitely be surprised and amazed, as it is looked upon as one of the most iconic and forward-thinking shows in the world. The best way to find out is by checking it out yourself, as some things you simply cannot describe. Although this party is not pure EDM and will be a mix of many electronic genres, from electro, tech house to techno.

Now, you may thing that Mondays aren’t usually reserved for partying all night, but since it’s then when Eric Prydz performs at Hï Ibiza along Adam Beyer, and Patrick Topping, you will want your weekend to start early. There will also be some great names like Eats Everything, Dom Dolla, Andres Campo, Alan Fitzpatrick and many more, which will just enhance your entire experience while listening to the best Ibiza electronic music.

Eric Prydz, DJ in biza


The biggest problem that every electronic music lover has once they get to Ibiza is which party to choose because it is not an exaggeration when someone says that this island is a paradise for party maniacs. We have mentioned some of the most popular ones, but since each is a unique and amazing experience, it is pretty challenging to advise you on which of them to choose. Because of that, instead of trying to decide which of them to visit, maybe it is better to think about how to attend them all and have a memorable vacation. Luckily, these parties last the entire summer, which leaves enough time to check out all the famous clubs and enjoy the best electronic parties in Ibiza.

Check out our party calendar for more updates.


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