#4 Best House Parties in Ibiza

Best House Parties in Ibiza

Every party needs a DJ, and when the party is set on an island like Ibiza, it just makes it a never ending party that lasts the entire summer. Many famous artists perform here during the season, but if you want to get an authentic Ibiza experience, house parties in Ibiza are something that should be on everyone’s list. The reason why is simple – having a blast and creating memories that will last is granted, and the fact that so many famous DJs perform on this island just takes everything to a whole new level. Understandably, picking the best moment to get to Ibiza so that you wouldn’t miss anything is important, which is why this schedule of best house parties in Ibiza should help ease decision making.

Best House Parties in Ibiza

If you want to listen to the great house music in Ibiza, you must do some research and find out which are some of the best house parties, and luckily, this vivid island is the home of many of them. Each Ibiza house party is unique and worth visiting, but there is one thing they all have in common – no matter which of them you decide to attend, a great time and dancing until the morning is guaranteed. Since we know that party lovers are eager to dance and not to spend hours researching for the best place for dancing, we will save you a lot of time by presenting you with some of the best Ibiza house parties in the text below.

1. Defected

Every person loves the feeling of belonging somewhere, and since the slogan of Defected is “In Our House, We Are All Equal,” there is no better way to spend the night in Ibiza than visiting Eden club. It is all about the music, and Eden is the place where everyone is welcome to dance their heart out and make some new friendships with people from all over the world.

It is the perfect way to start the weekend since Defected is held each Friday from 28 April to 29 September, and the best thing is that this party is highly affordable and yet one of the best ones on the island. The number of performers who will take care that every guest has a great time with classic and modern hits is large, we will not mention them all, but some of them are Hannah Wants, Low Steppa, Riva Starr, Monki, Prunk, Sam Divine, Groove Armada, Mele and many more!

Eden, Ibiza | Club Information, DJs, Schedule & Tickets

2. Black Coffee

We all know that every day is a party day in Ibiza, but make sure to reserve Saturdays from 27th May through to 30th September at Hi Ibiza, as Black Coffee performance is something you wouldn’t want to miss. Alongside him, Damian Lazarus will also make sure that everyone who wants to enjoy pure house music in Ibiza gets an authentic Ibiza partying experience. Understandably, other great artists like DJ Harvey, The Martinez BrothersMarco Carola, Temba, and many others will also be in charge of a great atmosphere, so make sure to check for tickets in time, and luckily you can buy them online and order everything in advance.

There is a huge history behind Black Coffee performing on this island, as it all started back in 2007. Of course, this just means that if anyone knows how to make the crowd dance, it’s him, as his DJing skills perfectly integrate clubbing with South African beats. It truly is one of a kind house beat that will make the partying one you will remember.

Black Coffee - Hï Ibiza | Black Coffee Party, DJ Listings, Tours & Tickets

3. Glitterbox

Hï Ibiza is considered a temple of music in Ibiza, and the reason for that is simple – Glitterbox party. As the name says, you can expect a lot of colours, glitter, tinsel, and it is the place where every person can be themselves and experience the highest level of freedom while on a large dance floor. There are no limits and prejudices, as it is the place where every person is welcomed and accepted, with the simple motto “Express yourself.”

You can expect to hear various songs from the ’70s to modern times, and some of the performers who will be in charge of a good mood are Honey Dijon, Roger SanchezBasement Jaxx, Todd Terry, Carl CraigFatboy SlimPurple Disco Machine and many others. The best thing is that Glitterbox lasts for 22 weeks and it is held every Sunday from 7 May to 1 October, which means there is plenty of time for a good party, but make sure to book the ticket in time, as Hï Ibiza is one of the most visited clubs in Ibiza.

Glitterbox, Hï Ibiza

4. Solomun +1

Electronic music would not be the same without Solomun, and summer in Ibiza would be much different if it weren’t for his DJing skills to set the mood and create an amazing atmosphere. This Bosnian DJ is loved by many on this island, and rightfully so, as his role in defining the new and authentic sound of European house music is immeasurable. Soloum is known for a range of music genres, from deep house, house all up to techno therefore expect a mix of genres at this party.

As for what to expect, the fact that it is one of Ibiza’s leading parties speaks volumes, and a guest star performing each week is there to make the entire experience even greater. This year, many great artists like Dixon, Four Tet, Dom Dolla, Catz ‘N Dogs will share the stage with Solomun at Pacha. The thing that makes Solomun one of the best Ibiza House parties is that special vibe that comes from the closeness between people dancing and DJs.

Keep in mind that these artists also have a ton of experience, meaning that they know how to read the room and time perfectly when it is time to make the crowd go wild. So, if you don’t want to miss this six-hour special, make sure to buy tickets in time, as the party starts on the 28th of May until 15th of October 2023.

Pacha, Ibiza


If the beats of house music are what you seek, then search no more, as you will not find a better place or a chance to enjoy listening to hits by some of the most renowned house music artists than on this island. Namely, Ibiza is the only place where you can truly be free, as everything from the accommodation to live events is set to make you feel the best and get the best possible experience. Of course, just make sure not to party too much, if that’s even possible, but in essence, the Ibiza house music scene is vivid and will definitely leave you amazed.

The 2023 season is officially over, but rest assured, we expect these parties to make a grand return in 2024! Be sure to keep an eye on our party calendar for upcoming updates.


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