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Ibiza Beach Ultimate Guide

Ibiza – what a wonderful place to go for a vacation. Isn’t it amazing how, with its buzzing nightlife, a huge number of hotels for every taste and budget, white sands, and azure waters, this miracle island has become a haven for everyone who is looking for boundless rest and joy in the sunrays.

Beyond the pulsating beats and neon lights, Ibiza unveils another captivating facet—the beauty of its beaches. With a coastline adorned by pristine shores, hidden coves, and crystalline waters, Ibiza offers a beach paradise like no other. Whether you seek serene seclusion, family-friendly sands, or the trendy beach club scene, the island’s beaches cater to every desire. Join us as we embark on a journey to discover the very best of Ibiza’s sun-kissed shores, where relaxation, natural beauty, and Mediterranean charm converge.

Let’s dive straight  into some of the best beaches in Ibiza, Spain!


Top 12 Beautiful Beaches in Ibiza You Need To Visit Once In Your Life

1. Cala Benirrás

Cala Benirras is a captivating cove nestled on the northern coast of Ibiza, renowned for its natural beauty and distinctive bohemian atmosphere. Approximately 150m of hippie parties and the wild spirit of the island! No doubt, this place is one of the best beaches to visit in Ibiza. With its breath-taking sunsets, rocky landscapes, rich aquatic fauna, and proximity to the San Miguel resort, Cala Benirrás was literally made for snorkelling.

This crescent-shaped beach is surrounded by rugged cliffs and lush greenery, creating a picturesque backdrop for sun-seekers and wanderers alike. What sets Cala Benirras apart is its cultural significance as a hub for drumming ceremonies during sunset. As the sun dips below the horizon, the rhythmic beats of drums fill the air, creating a mesmerizing and spiritual experience.

It is also popular among those who desire to moor their private yachts in the turquoise water and surrender themselves to the rhythm of ‘drum down the sun’ dances. To top that off, two restaurants and a bar won’t let you go home hungry or sober!

Whether you come to soak in the tranquil waters, join in the sunset drum circle, or simply revel in the boho vibes, Cala Benirras is a must-visit destination that captures the essence of Ibiza’s free-spirited soul.

Although Cala Benirrás is famous for being authentic, we recommend continuing to read our list of the best beaches in Ibiza to find something secluded if you’re looking for something less crowded.

Cala Benirras Beach, Ibiza

Cala Talamanca is a paradise for people who don’t want to go too far from Ibiza Town since it is only a 15-minute drive away. These 900m of pure leisure are located in the Talamanca Resort. With its soft golden sands and crystal-clear waters, it offers a tranquil escape just a stone’s throw from the island’s bustling capital. This family-friendly beach is renowned for its shallow and calm waters, making it a safe haven for children to swim. Adored by both locals and tourists, it is not only one of the coolest beaches in Ibiza Spain but a great option for families to visit.

Let’s talk about the water – it’s like a giant, natural swimming pool, shallow and calm. Perfect for little ones to splash around and for you to enjoy a carefree swim without a worry in the world. But here’s the thing, Cala Talamanca isn’t just for the kiddos; it’s a beachy paradise for everyone.

Picture yourself strolling along the shoreline, the warm sand underfoot, and the Mediterranean sun kissing your skin. It’s the kind of place that makes you forget all your worries. Hungry? Thirsty? No problem! There’s a lineup of beachfront restaurants and bars that serve up mouth-watering meals and cocktails that are practically an Ibiza tradition.

Now, here’s the best part: Cala Talamanca is like the cool neighbour of Ibiza Town, which means you can combine your beach adventures with some urban exploration. One more big plus of Talamanca is its pet-friendliness. If you are going to take your furry friend on a vacation with you, consider that pets are allowed in the off-season on weekdays. So, whether you’re up for a relaxing day by the sea, family fun that’ll create lasting memories, or you just want to indulge in Ibiza’s legendary cuisine, Cala Talamanca is where the good times roll!

Cala Talamanca Beach, Ibiza

Cala Jondal, a trendy hideaway on Ibiza’s southern coast, is where beach bliss meets chic sophistication. This beach isn’t just a slice of paradise; it’s the VIP section of the Mediterranean’s playground. You won’t find much sand here, as it mostly consists of pebbles, and it is reachable only by car or a private yacht, but the piny views and luxury beach clubs are totally worth it.

In comparison with the other best beaches on Ibiza, Cala Jondal is far from the longest one, 225m in length. However, it will greet you with the most beautiful scenery on the whole island.

Let’s talk turquoise – the waters here are so blue it’s like they borrowed their shade from the sky. Perfect for a refreshing dip or flaunting your snorkelling skills among colourful marine life. But Cala Jondal isn’t just about getting wet; it’s about soaking up the good life.

Here, beach clubs reign supreme, serving up world-class cuisine and cocktails that could rival any A-list hotspot. It’s where bronzed sunbathers lounge on plush beach beds while sipping on exotic drinks, and the DJ sets the soundtrack for your beach day in the Balearics. Cala Jondal is where you’ll find the ultimate beach party duo, with the famous Blue Marlin and Tropicana Beach Club serving up sun-soaked fun and top-notch beats. As beach clubs and restaurants here are quite exclusive, make sure to book anything in advance.

So, whether you’re in the mood for seaside sophistication, dancing in the shallows, or simply basking in the sun like a star, Cala Jondal promises an unforgettable beach experience that’s the epitome of Ibiza’s chic charm.

Cala Jondal Beach, Ibiza

4. Cala Bassa

Ok, after reviewing a couple of beaches, it’s hard not to notice that some of them are quite difficult to reach. If you’re one who doesn’t want to figure out how to get here and there, Cala Bassa might be a perfect option for you!

Located on the West Coast, it is definitely one of the best beaches near San Antonio Ibiza. The water here is as inviting as it gets, making it perfect for swimming or simply cooling off with a dip. But Cala Bassa isn’t just about soaking up the sun and sea; it’s a place for adventure too.

Water sports enthusiasts, this is your playground. Whether you’re into jet skiing, paddle boarding, or snorkelling among colourful marine life, Cala Bassa has it all. When it comes to facilities, be ready to have lots of fun at the Cala Bassa Beach Club, where you can find anything from a fancy restaurant to beach boutiques and massage areas.

And if you’re wondering about the vibe, it’s a mix of family-friendly fun, water sports excitement, and stylish relaxation. Cala Bassa truly offers a little something for everyone, making it one of the must-visit beaches in Ibiza. And from San Antonio, you can easily take a quick 20-minute ferry, car, or 25-30 min bus ride to get there!

Cala Bassa Beach, Ibiza

5. Cala Salada

Cala Salada is a magical place for tourists who are in search of an authentic experience. Tucked away on Ibiza’s western coast, this stunning beach is a hidden gem that promises a taste of unspoiled paradise. This serene cove is like a nature lover’s dream, surrounded by rugged cliffs cloaked in lush greenery.

What makes this beach so special is an opportunity to visit the Caves at Ses Fontanelles with their Bronze Age cave paintings. The long walk there will pay off with gorgeous views from the cliffs covered in pines. If the connection with the ancient world doesn’t excite you, don’t hesitate to opt for riding pedaloos or basking in the sun on the best sandy beach in Ibiza. You can also watch a stunning sunset in Cala Salada’s twin cove, Cala Saladeta.

Also What sets Cala Salada apart is its emerald-green waters that beckon you to dive right in. Snorkelling here is a must, as the underwater world teems with rich aquatic life. It’s a haven for explorers and those seeking a connection with the island’s natural beauty.

While you won’t find the hustle and bustle of some of Ibiza’s busier beaches, you will discover tranquillity in abundance. The beach’s laid-back atmosphere makes it an ideal spot for a leisurely day by the sea.

While there may not be an array of beachfront bars and restaurants, there is a charming beachside eatery that serves up fresh seafood and local delicacies, adding to the beach’s authentic charm. If you are planning a beach day, we strongly recommend packing all your essentials as there are no shops around.

Whether you’re looking to explore underwater wonders or bask in the serenity of the surroundings, Cala Salada and Saladeta offers an enchanting and unspoiled slice of Ibiza’s coastal beauty.

P.S. We haven’t mentioned Cala Saladeta too much because we don’t want to spoil the gorgeous surprise. All we are going to say is that it is the king of hidden gems, and we’ll leave it up to you to explore, it’s only a short 5 minute walk from Cala Salada.

Cala Salada Beach, Ibiza

6. Cala D'Hort

This place will definitely be at the top of the 10 best beaches on Ibiza! Clear, warm water and 150m of white sand to sunbathe on. Like many other Ibiza beaches, Cala D’Hort offers its visitors a myriad of recreational facilities, with flawless service and a lovely panorama. It’s not just a beach; it’s a breath-taking vista of nature’s grandeur.

As you step onto its golden sands, you’ll be greeted by the sight of the mystical Es Vedrà island, rising dramatically from the azure waters. This legendary islet has long been shrouded in myth and mystique, making Cala D’Hort a spot for both relaxation and wonder. Es Vedra, is located about 2.5 km away from the coastline and is 413 meters of fully uninhabited, rocky land towering above the water. To take a closer look at its outstanding beauty, we highly recommend renting a kayak or a jet boat. This is truly the best place to stay in Ibiza for beaches!

Cala D’Hort is also home to a couple of beachfront restaurants where you can savor delectable seafood dishes while soaking in the mesmerizing view of Es Vedrà. These dining spots add a touch of culinary delight to your beach day. Also, keep in mind that the beach at Cala D’Hort is completely smoking-free, so if it is something bothersome for you, keep reading to find more options.

The atmosphere at Cala D’Hort is one of reverence for nature’s splendor. It’s a place to sit back, relax, and let the awe-inspiring surroundings take center stage. Whether you’re here to bask in the sun, explore the underwater wonders, or simply gaze at Es Vedrà’s enigmatic presence, Cala D’Hort promises a truly magical and contemplative beach experience.

Cala DHort Beach, Ibiza

7. Cala Comte

For all lovers of gastronomic discoveries, Cala Comte is a must-see! Situated on the western shore of Ibiza, is like a canvas painted with the colours of paradise. This beach is a true gem that captures the essence of Mediterranean beauty. Besides a basic set of amenities, such as bathrooms, sunbeds, parasols, and a lifeguard watchtower, this place is famous for its restaurants.

Families with children are regular visitors here as well because this beach is an heaven for fans of just lying under the gentle sun and taking a swim in the salty water from time to time.

What sets Cala Comte apart is its spellbinding sunset views. As the day winds down, the sky transforms into a masterpiece of oranges and pinks, creating a magical atmosphere that draws visitors from all over the island. One of the most famous places to enjoy the sunset is Sunset Ashram.

A trip to Cala Comte wouldn’t be complete without visiting A trip to Cala Comte wouldn’t be complete without visiting Cala Escondida, which is just a couple of minutes’ walk away. Here, you can relax and snorkel, as there is a little more space. You can also sit at the beach bar, which is entirely made of eco-friendly materials such as palm leaves and wood, with a roof fitted with solar panels. One word of warning, Cala Escondida is a nudist beach, and although most people don’t adhere to these rules, you may still encounter a few individuals walking around naked, so you have been warned.

Please note that Cala Comte is considered as one of the most popular beaches in Ibiza, and therefore it can get crowded most of the time during peak season. So, the best months to come here are June or September.

Check the best time to visit Ibiza!!

Cala Compte Beach, Ibiza

8. Cala Portinatx

Cala Portinatx Beach, Ibiza

9. Playa D'en Bossa

Situated on the eastern coast of the stunning island of Ibiza, Playa d’en Bossa holds the title of the island’s party epicentre. With the world’s largest and most renowned nightclubs in its vicinity, this location has long been the top choice for party enthusiasts worldwide.  Here you will find the super popular Ushuaïa Club and Hi Ibiza, where you can dance to live performances from the world’s best DJs and producers, as well as book a table to enjoy mouth-watering dishes and exquisite drinks, and that’s why Playa Den Bossa in considered one of the best party beaches in Ibiza!

The beach itself boasts fine, golden sands that extend for nearly three kilometres, providing ample space for sunbathing, beach games, and relaxation. The water is calm and inviting, making it a popular choice for swimming and water sports. You will find plenty of beach clubs, beachfront bars and restaurants stretched across the beach such as Beachouse Ibiza, Coco Beach, Tanit Beach and Nassau Beach Club. Each one offers slightly different vibes and experiences, but all of them guarantee delicious food and exotic cocktails.

The atmosphere at Playa D’en Bossa is a lively blend of beach fun, music, and high-energy entertainment, making it a top choice for those seeking a lively beach experience. Whether you’re dancing to the beats of a world-famous DJ or simply enjoying a beachfront meal with friends, Playa D’en Bossa promises an unforgettable beach day that’s synonymous with the vibrant spirit of Ibiza.

Playa Den Bossa Beach, Ibiza

10. Cala Gració

Cala Gració is one of the best beaches around San Antonio area for those who are seeking a connection with nature. It is famous for its endless green spaces and a wide range of services for everyone. Anything from loungers and parasols to special amenities for people with disabilities.

The beach boasts soft, golden sands that gently meet the crystal-clear waters, making it ideal for swimming. Cala Gració is also known for its excellent snorkelling opportunities, allowing you to discover the vibrant marine life that thrives beneath the surface. Surrounded by lush Mediterranean vegetation and rocky outcrops, this beach provides a picturesque backdrop for your beach day. There’s plenty of natural shade, making it perfect for a leisurely picnic or simply lounging with a good book.

Getting there is as easy as just taking an afternoon walk because Cala Gració is located about 2 km away from the centre of San Antonio. Or if you feel like going there by car, finding space for parking will not be a problem.

Just around the corner, you will find Cala Gracioneta – a small but enchanting cove that is a hidden gem, offering a more intimate and serene beach experience.

If you get hungry or have a taste for some Mediterranean cuisine, then not to worry. Both of the beaches have a beach bar and restaurant that provide mouth watering dishes from seafood to Spanish specialties

Cala Gracio Beach, Ibiza

11. Cala de Sant Vicent

Cala de Sant Vicent is a leader among the best quiet beaches in Ibiza. It is heaven on earth for fans of slow and peaceful leisure. If you are not looking for loud music and clubs, or just need a short break from dancing all night long, take a look at this undisturbed cove. Surrounded by lush hills and pine forests, Cala de Sant Vicent is a postcard-perfect setting for a day at the beach. The natural beauty of the landscape adds to the tranquil atmosphere, making it a perfect spot for relaxation and sunbathing.

Cala de Sant Vicent offers the opportunity to go for a stroll along the promenade by the seaside. Kayaks, boats, and banana boats are available to book too for the not-a-walker type of tourist. 

In addition, the beach is equipped with chargers for mobiles, wheelchairs, and other devices, along with a Hi Point. It is an interactive point that shows information about the solar intensity, adequate protection, and emergencies such as stings, drowning, cardiac arrest, etc.

The atmosphere at Cala de Sant Vicent is one of relaxation and family-friendly fun, making it an ideal choice for those seeking a quieter beach experience. Whether you’re building sandcastles with the kids, exploring the underwater wonders, or simply enjoying a seaside meal, Cala de Sant Vicent promises a tranquil and memorable day by the sea.

Cala De San Vicent Beach, Ibiza

12. Ses Figueretes

You can find this urban spot on the map of the best beaches in Ibiza! Ses Figueretes is 500m of sandy beach and unrestrained fun, located right next to Ibiza TownThe beachfront promenade is lined with charming and respectable hotels, good bars, high-quality restaurants, kayaks, excursions, yoga, and many more are to your service.

Spending a whole day couldn’t be more perfect, with restaurants and bars just a few steps away, you will never get thirsty or hungry. Additionally, if you’re staying in a nearby hotel or villa, it’s incredibly convenient to swiftly change after your day at the beach and seamlessly transition to one of the beach clubs or nightclubs for an evening of entertainment.

What is interesting about this place is that it allows you not only to feed your stomach but also to fill the soul. Many artists come here to capture the beauty of a small island seen from the shore called Isla de las Ratas.

As for regular visitors, we highly recommend not skipping this islet as it often gets lit up by fireworks during different festivities. With its picturesque views and bright flashes in the sky, Isla de las Ratas becomes a miracle in real life!

Ses Figueretes Beach, Ibiza


After all, Ibiza is a perfect place to come to during any season. This place is very unique and multifaceted, so everyone can find something for themselves on this beautiful island. Whether you want to party hard or just unplug from your daily issues, the variety of options is always at your service. The only problem with Ibiza is that once you come here, you will never want to go back home!

We hope that you managed to discover your favourites among our top of the best Ibiza beaches. If you want to find out more about recent and future events, check out our Party Calendar


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A small yet wonderful piece of land in the northern part of the island. Unlike many other Ibiza beaches, this one is distinct. You won’t notice anything special at first sight, but luckily you have our guide to spotting this nugget! serene haven known for its natural beauty and family-friendly atmosphere. This charming cove boasts soft, golden sands and crystal-clear waters that gently lap the shoreline, making it an ideal spot for families and those seeking a peaceful escape.

The water at Cala Portinatx is calm and shallow, creating a safe and inviting environment for young swimmers. It’s also excellent for snorkeling, allowing you to explore the vibrant marine life that calls this cove home.

Surrounded by lush Mediterranean greenery and cliffs, Cala Portinatx offers a picturesque setting for a day at the beach. While it may not be the liveliest beach on the island, it’s perfect for leisurely sunbathing, beachcombing, or simply enjoying a good book under the shade of an umbrella.

Cala Portinatx has a selection of restaurants and bars where you can savour delicious local dishes and refreshing drinks while taking in the tranquil sea views. It’s a place where you can unwind and recharge amidst the natural beauty of Ibiza.

The magnificent sea, golden sands, restaurants, and other standard amenities are not the things that draw people here. Cala Portinaxt’s affordable accommodation and remoteness make it unquestionably the king of the best beaches in Ibiza for couples. Thus, if you and your beloved one have been planning to visit the magical world of Ibiza for a while, you should definitely check this out. Who knows, maybe your perfect adults-only hotel is right around the corner.

The atmosphere here is one of relaxation and family-friendly fun, making it a beloved destination for those seeking a more laid-back beach experience. Whether you’re building sandcastles with the little ones, snorkelling in the clear waters, or enjoying a seaside meal, Cala Portinatx promises a serene and welcoming beach day for all ages.



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