Top 14 Sunset Hotels in Ibiza

Many things make Ibiza an exceptional place to go on a vacation, and what matters the most is that there is definitely something for everyone. If one seeks wild nightlife and buzzing ambiance, they got it, while on the other hand, even those seeking a bit quieter place can find many places, hotels, restaurants, and bars where they can enjoy in positive ambiance yet still have the best time. Of course, besides these things, Ibiza is also well known for its sunsets, as some of the most popular sunset photos you can often find online are made on this island. Now, it’s also about where to stay, and to make things easier for you, let’s go through the list of the best sunset hotels in Ibiza.

Where to Watch the Sunset in Ibiza?

When you hear the word Ibiza, another thing that crosses your mind besides partying all the time is the breathtaking sunset this beautiful island is famous for. Well, watching a sunset in Ibiza is one of a kind experience, and the more of them you see, the more challenging it will be to decide which of them the prettiest one is. Whenever you think the one you have just seen is simply perfect, and it is impossible for the sunset to be prettier, the next one you see will seem even better. The question arises where to watch the most beautiful Ibiza sunset, and our best recommendation is to watch it in San Antonio, on the West side of the island, although there are plenty of places which we will go into in the next section.

Best Sunset Hotels in Ibiza

Although Ibiza has some great sights, locations, and restaurants for a perfect sunset watching, we recommend staying in some of the most popular hotels, as it is the best way to have the best possible experience. Ibiza hotels are perfectly designed to catch the sunset, so all you need to do is sit near the window of your room or drink a glass of wine on a balcony and simply enjoy. Choosing the best one for your staying can be pretty challenging, especially for first-time visitors, and we will focus more on some of the best choices in the text below to make it easier for you.

1. Can Salia

People, luckily, have become more aware of how important it is for us to protect nature, and one of the best ways is to stay in sustainable hotels, such as Can Salia. Formerly known as Marina Palace Prestige, Can Salia started the renovation process and became one of the best sustainable hotels on the entire island, with the least ecological footprints on pearl white sandy beaches.

The green areas in the resort make a perfect contrast to the blue sky and water, and they remain as green as possible thanks to regular watering, but there is no need to worry about water consumption, as water from showers and toilets is recycled and reused for that purpose. Every item in the room is made of natural materials and manufacturers that use sustainable materials, and each plastic bottle you can see is made of recycled plastic.

The building is highly energy efficient, but it does not mean you need to worry about hot water or the heat while sleeping, as they have solar panels to warm up the water, and air conditioning systems work while you are in the room and all the windows are closed.

As for some of the most astonishing sunset you can see, choose the rooftop bar to wait for it, as there you can enjoy a cold drink while relaxing in the comfortable sunbed near the pool, which will certainly make the entire impression even more beautiful.

Can Salia Sunset Hotel Ibiza

2. 7Pines Resort IBIZA

Saying that this resort has everything one can wish for would be nothing new as if it weren’t for that, the resort would not be on this list. As for the things that make this resort stand out from the rest, it’s mostly about the friendliness of the staff with a high level of VIP service for each visitor, regardless of whether they picked a suite or a villa. 

Providing some general info about 7Pines Resort IBIZA must start with an amazing exterior and the huge space it spreads on. Namely, the entire resort spreads on more than 56 000 m2, but understandably, this area is not just about suits and villas, as there are other facilities like wellness, spa, restaurants, and bars.

Above all, parents planning to stay here will be even more delighted knowing that there is also a kids club designed with various activities and fun rooms where your children will definitely have lots of fun. 

Another thing we must highlight is the view, as this resort is placed ideally so that on one side you have a magnificent view of the ocean while on the other you have probably the best view of the Es Vedra, one of the most picturesque islands on the planet. Knowing all this, sunsets in Ibiza here are one of a kind and something that simply cannot be compared to anything else. Even if your room does not have a sea view, there is no need to worry, as you can watch the sunset from the pool, which is perfectly located to provide guests with an amazing view.

7Pines Ibiza

3. Hostal La Torre

This list simply wouldn’t be complete if we didn’t mention Hostal La Torre, as this resort is probably the most famous for its view of the beach and sunsets, which makes it one of the best Ibiza hotels to catch the sunset. Namely, some of the most iconic sunset photos are made here, and what once was a place where people just passed by has become the tourist hub precisely for this reason.

Besides that, another thing that makes this resort so popular is the musical performances by some of the most renowned artists, and it’s well known that they leave guest superstars unknown to the public until they appear, so if you hear a rumour that some big name will perform here, it’s probably the truth. Everything happens on a big terrace where guests can enjoy their favourite drinks, tasteful meals, great music, and, most important, Ibiza’s most beautiful sunsets.

Hostal La Torre

4. Hotel INNSiDE Ibiza

If you are of the people who do not want to leave their pets behind even when going on a holiday, you would love to know that in INNSiDE Ibiza, pets are welcome and can enjoy a holiday with you. They will even get a bowl, bed, food, and an extra gift, so they will surely feel special. 

Thanks to the access to the beach, you can choose whether you will swim in the sea or the swimming pool and choose the best destination to watch the sunset to end the day perfectly. The best place for that surely is the swimming pool where you can swim during the sunset and take some breath-taking photos, or simply relax in a sunbed with a delicious cocktail and enjoy the view of the sun going down. If you want to stay active, there is no need to change daily routines, as in INNSiDE, you can find a fitness center and stay active during the entire holiday.

Hotel INNSiDE Ibiza

5. Wi-Ki Woo Hotel

There is no place like the Wi-Ki-Woo hotel in Ibiza, and choosing to spend your vacation there will definitely bring you to another universe or, at least, make you feel that way. Pink palms around the swimming pool are perfect for catching some shade and enjoying drinking your favourite cocktail while relaxing on some of the designed pieces of furniture while the friendly staff keeps bringing them. The rooms are perfectly designed, spacious, and colourful, so do not make the fact that this hotel has two stars make you think it should be avoided, as this place is more than perfect for adults who want to have some fun and enjoy parties and sunsets. 

Some of the rooms have a sea view, which means you do not need to leave them if you want to enjoy the sunset in a more intimate atmosphere, but if your room does not have it, you can simply go to the bar with the swimming pool and enjoy in more than just the sunset, as all the fun is there.

6. Sol Bahía Ibiza Suites

Placed ideally on the sunset strip in San Antonio, make Sol Bahia hotel as one of the best places to stay while in Ibiza, as you don’t have to move a muscle to enjoy some of the most gorgeous sunsets in the world. Of course, it goes without saying that the entire hotel is equipped with various things and facilities, but what you might enjoy the most is the pool, as it’s placed ideally, overlooking the Mediterranean.

Another hint is to try and book a suit with a view of the sea because even though there are plenty of rooms facing the sea, they are all booked way upfront, and once you enter this room and check the view, you will understand why.

7. Six Senses

There isn’t a thing about this resort that will now leave visitors in awe. Everything from the trail that leads to this resort to the magical ambiance and rustic and authentic exterior and interior of the place will make you want to stay much longer than you planned. Even though there are more than 110 rooms, the complex is big enough so that even those seeking peace and quiet can enjoy it. It’s because this entire hotel is designed in a way that the emphasis is on getting rest while in a relaxing atmosphere. 

Everything is set to welcome visitors and provide an authentic Ibiza experience, from the bamboo-clad roofs to specially designed mini bars. It’s needless to say that the view from the suits is amazing, which is why this resort is one of the best Ibiza hotels to catch the sunset. And the best place to do that is from the intimate balconies for people who love a bit of peace and quiet, or maybe head to the swimming pool where many friendships started, as watching the sunset together is the best way to a conversation.

8. TRS (The Royal Suites) Ibiza

Although this is a relatively new hotel, as it opened in 2022, it offers a completely different experience to its visitors. Of course, it is a five-star hotel placed ideally so that the view goes over the west coast, which makes it the best Ibiza sunset San Antonio hotel. It goes without saying that the service at this resort is outstanding, and people mostly are fond of relaxing on Balinese beds in a luxurious bar called Gravity while sipping one of the signature cocktails. 

Another thing worth highlighting is the music, as every night there is DJ with a role to provide a romantic and ideal mood to watch the sunset. Whether you decide to watch it from the comfort of your room with the perfect sea view, rooftop pool, or a big terrace, one thing is certain – you will have a great time and see something remarkable every evening, as there are no two completely the same sunsets.

9. Blau Parc Aparthotel

If you love staying in freshly renovated places, search no more, as Blau Parc is renovated in 2022 and has become better than ever. All the rooms look much bigger and brighter than ever before, and if you decide to take one with a sea view, you will wake up with the world’s most beautiful view every morning. All the materials used for the renovation perfectly fit into Ibiza’s landscape, and the infinity pool located on the roof with a solarium will surely blow your mind and become your favourite place. 

Blau Parc is a proud owner of the 4 stars and offers various features to their guests, such as a private garage, charging point for electric cars, and free WiFi on the entire property. For gourmands who adore quality food, Ample32 restaurant has a perfect dish even for the pickiest ones. Regarding that, the best place to watch the sunset is the sea view room or the rooftop swimming pool with a solarium where you can have fun while waiting for the most beautiful time of the day.

10. Amàre Beach Hotel

Amàre Beach Hotel is a synonym for a modern place and a memorable vacation, and if you are searching for a vacation of your dreams, it is a perfect place for you. It looks absolutely stunning, and the rooms with a sea view are something you cannot even imagine until seeing it, as they guarantee waking up with a dream view. The food served in a hotel restaurant is so good that even the pickiest people can find their favourite dish, and the rooftop is great for enjoying the sunset and continuing partying after that with the sounds of great DJs. It is perfect for adults who want to get a maximum of their Ibiza holiday and return home full of stories.

Amare Beach Hotel

11. Hotel Gran Sol Ibiza

For Hotel Gran Sol Ibiza, we simply must start with affordable prices, as this is probably the best hotel where you can expect a high level of service yet not have to pay that much. It’s also great for kids, as there is a big pool with a huge shallow section for kids so that your entire family can enjoy staying here. 

Besides that, it’s within walking distance of many popular beaches and, above all, the sunset strip, and that is why it is one of the most popular hotels on the sunset strip of Ibiza. Its location is ideal for those seeking a bit more quiet, yet if you want to party, there are popular bars and clubs where famous DJs perform every night. Rooms with a sea view will provide guests with the most iconic sunset for an affordable price, and people who couldn’t find a free sea view room can enjoy the sunset too, as all they need to do is to go to the swimming pool.

Hotel Gran Sol Ibiza

12. OKU Ibiza

OKU Ibiza really has a lot to offer, and even the most demanding guests cannot find something to complain about. The building itself is extremely classy, also the rooms, as guests can choose between regular ones, swim-up pool rooms, rooftop rooms that have the best view of the Ibiza sunset, and private villas for people who value their privacy. It truly is a place where you can wake up all your senses thanks to organic fresh food cooked with natural ingredients. 

Morning energizers and yoga classes can help you find a perfect balance in this crazy world and return home feeling better than ever. The end of the day should be reserved for the amazing sunset and a good night’s sleep in perfectly designed rooms decorated with natural materials. If you want to have more fun and watch the sunset with other guests, we highly recommend the bar with the big swimming pool where you can enjoy a fresh cold drink and great music, thanks to DJs, while watching the sunset.

OKU Ibiza

13. Hotel Abrat

If you are searching for a perfect place to watch the popular Ibiza sunset in San Antonio, hotel Abrat can be the best solution. It is located near the beach, and the guests can choose whether they want to cool off in the sea or in a private swimming pool or hide from the sun in one of the two bars. 

People who love to stay active during their holidays can continue their daily workout routine in a gym, or choose cycling, as this area is perfect for this sport. The three stars that this hotel is a proud owner of guarantee a great accommodation, and each room has air conditioning and WiFi, which is also available on the entire property. The most important amenity Abrat has to offer is a rooftop terrace, perfect for enjoying a sunset with the people you love.

Hotel Abrat

14. Hotel Hacienda Na Xamena

Hotel Hacienda Na Xamena is a luxurious and iconic hotel located on the northern coast of Ibiza, Spain. Perched on the edge of a rugged cliff, this luxury hotel offers breath-taking sunset views from its infinity pool and many of its rooms that is nothing short of spectacular. With sweeping panoramic views of the azure Mediterranean Sea, it has earned its reputation as one of the most beautiful and romantic hotels on the island.

The hotel’s infinity pools seem to merge seamlessly with the horizon, providing a sense of serenity and luxury that is unparalleled. Its luxurious accommodations, many featuring private terraces or balconies overlooking the sea, offer a perfect blend of comfort and style. This oasis also boasts an award-winning spa, La Posidonia Spa, where guests can indulge in therapeutic treatments amidst the natural beauty of the island.

It’s important to note that Hacienda Na Xamena is a high-end, luxury hotel, so it comes with a price tag to match. It’s advisable to make reservations well in advance, especially during the peak summer season when Ibiza is a popular destination. Additionally, the hotel often hosts events and special promotions, so it’s worth checking their website for the latest information.


From everything mentioned above, it’s pretty clear that you will enjoy staying at one of these hotels.  What matters the most is that you simply cannot make a mistake, and this list should only clarify certain things regarding specifics to make your choice easier. Of course, every hotel offers specific amenities, which we will leave for you to explore and find out. Above all, it’s all about getting a bit of rest and having a great time while on the island, which is why we strongly suggest taking time and soaking in every sunset while in Ibiza, as the memories you create there will last forever.


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