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Visiting Ibiza is something that every person should do at least once in a lifetime, and there are plenty of reasons to do that. Crystal-clear water, rich history, long sandy beaches, and breath-taking sunsets are just some of them, but most people decide to visit Ibiza because of its vibe and parties that last all night.

It is the place that has it all, and you can dance all night in some of the world-famous clubs, relax under the parasol while drinking your favourite cocktails during the day, and refill batteries for the next evening. Knowing this, it’s no wonder that people from all over the globe come to this island, as it definitely has something for everyone. Taste in music aside, tech house parties in Ibiza are something this island is known for worldwide, and checking these five we will mention is simply a must while enjoying your vacation here.

Best Tech House Parties in Ibiza

Even though Ibiza is famous for parties, and plenty of famous DJs from every genre performing here live, it can be a bit difficult to pick the best parties, especially when it comes to tech-house parties in Ibiza as there is so many of them. Going with the most popular ones is always the best choice as they grant having the best time here, and the only thing left is to check when the best parties start.

1. Circoloco

Circoloco Club

Circoloco is not just a party, it is a brand that organizes parties all around the world, but there is no doubt that the most popular one is located in Ibiza at DC10 club. This club first opened in 1999, proudly stands shoulder to shoulder with many modern ones, and attracts the biggest tech house music lovers. It hosts various events during the year, but there is no doubt that the most visited and the most popular one is Circoloco.

Circoloco is the reason why no one hates Mondays in Ibiza 29 April – 14 October 2024! , which is concurrently the longest season since its establishment in 1999. It is known as the most notorious party in the entire world, and the party maniacs will be happy to know that party starts at 6 PM and lasts until the early morning, so be prepared to dance your heart out. It will not be a difficult task, thanks to amazing performers such as Seth TroxlerLoco DiceJoseph CapriatiMichael BibiMarco Carola and many other popular names from this world.


ANTS - Ushuaïa | ANTS Party Ibiza, DJ Listings, Tours & Tickets | Magic-Ibiza

If you want to be part of something spectacular and looking for a tech house party that will surely be one of a kind, you need to attend ANTS in Ushuaïa. Forget everything you know about Ushuaïa, as it will be transformed completely to host this amazing party which is on the program every Saturday from 4 May – 5 October, 2024.

ANTS are perfect for people who love to party all day, as their daytime parties around the pool are the best ones on the island. The parties run from 3PM-11PM, and once the sun goes down, the party continues, and it is reserved only for the most resilient people, as the rhythm will not let you take a break and rest. The main DJs for those parties are Andrea OlivaHot Since 82Ilario AlicanteJoris VoornNic FanciulliVintage CulturePaco Osuna, Syreeta, and many other DJs with enough experience to make you dance until you drop.

3. Fisher

Guess whose back-back again in Ibiza this year? Yes, one of the most famous tech house DJs, once again in charge of having a good time at this long standing residency. It all starts from from 5 June to 25 September., so make sure to book your trip during this time frame. FISHER will perform some of his biggest hits, but understandably, that’s not all, as many famous tech house DJs will be guest stars, and if you want to listen to the greats performing live, there is no better party than this one. Losing It is just one hit that everyone familiar with this type of music knows, and you can listen to it live in the Hï Ibiza Theatre.

In the Club Room, Vintage Culture, a Brazilian DJ is there to make sure everyone has a great time, and this artist, along with many talented DJs, will make it a one-of-a-kind musical summer this year in Ibiza. As for the guests, well, Fatboy Slim, Mall Grab, Paco OsunaBasement Jaxx, and Wade are just some of the big names that you can expect to see performing, and if anything is granted, it’s that these names will make it a pretty chunky Ibiza tech house party this year.

FISHER - Hï Ibiza | FISHER DJ Info, DJ Tour, Listings & Tickets

4. Elrow

There is nothing ordinary about Elrow at Amnesia, and people who have visited it, speak about the entire atmosphere even after many years. Namely, it is more a festival of music and street theatre than just a regular Ibiza tech house party, as there are various performers in charge of a great show. Of course, the music is at the forefront, and Eats Everything, John Summit, Dennis Ferrer, Fatboy Slim, and other popular names will make sure that every guest experiences the great vibe of this party.

Besides the music, there are many thematic performances, and you can expect acrobats, surfing in a rubber dinghy, Rowgelia, which is a man in a chicken costume, canon confetti and much more. Thanks to the fact that Elrow is held on the busiest day of the week, Saturday, in the busiest club, Amnesia, during the busiest period from 25th May to 28th of September, 2024– you will surely have an unforgettable time there.

5. The Martinez Brothers

Many things change over time, but The Martinez Brothers performing in Ibiza is not one of those things. Their entire musical journey is a pretty vivid one, just like their music, which is one of the reasons why they are so successful and popular. Luckily, they think of Ibiza as a home, and they have become the most sought-after superstars in Ibiza. The only thing that changed is the location, as, after many years of partnering up with DC10, they now have their residency at Hi Ibiza every Tuesday from 18 May – 24 September, 2024, which is why this year might be the one you wouldn’t want to miss.

Overall, the tech house scene in Ibiza leaves no one indifferent, as the vibe of the island mixed with amazing tech house sounds will simply make everyone move. Catch the boy from Brooklyn in the Theatre Room each week whereas the resident DJ Paco Osuna will be taking over the Club Room!

The Martinez Brothers - Hï Ibiza | Dates Info, DJ Listings, Tours & Tickets


All the big tech house names will, at some point, perform live on this island, leaving you just to pick the right time to book your trip. Of course, if it’s possible to reserve the entire summer so that you can truly experience everything this place has to offer, even better. On the other hand, if that’s not possible, checking out these five best tech house parties in Ibiza should be on your must-do list. Overall, the goal is to have a great time, and music always makes every experience that much better, so make sure not to miss anything while on this island. For check out this page for all parties and our party calendar for the events.


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