#4 Best Techno Parties in Ibiza

Talking about Ibiza and not mentioning wild nightlife and parties that last for an entire night is simply not possible, and when you add some of the biggest artists performing here, the entire experience gets to another level. Understandably, techno sounds are something Ibiza is famous for worldwide, as techno parties on this island are not just one of the best but one of the craziest as well. Besides having lots of fun, in order to check out everything and truly have an authentic Ibiza experience, knowing where and when to go is preferable. That is why certain clubs and parties are simply a must while others are optional. Of course, that’s also something this list should help a lot with, as it will guide you through the best techno clubs in Ibiza.

Best Techno Parties in Ibiza

We all know that Ibiza is a place where the party never stops, and because of that, it is on the bucket list of every person who wants to experience the ultimate partying experience. Although there is something for every music genre lover, techno events in Ibiza are among the most popular in the world, which is why every techno music lover must visit this amazing island at least once in a lifetime. Of course, people who decide to travel to Ibiza for the first time will need some help with finding the best parties to visit, and if you are one of them, continue reading, as we will describe some of them in the text below.

1. Pyramid

Each Sunday from 11th June to 8th October is reserved for Pyramid in one of the most popular clubs in Ibiza – Amnesia. The club itself is one of the reasons why many party lovers decide to visit Ibiza, thanks to its modern design and huge influence. It has an amazing sound system, and anyone who has ever visited it has only complementary things to say, as Amnesia is one of the highly looked upon clubs.

As for the party, it will bring you back to some better times when the only thing you thought about was a good rhythm and dancing until the morning. The production, lighting, and performances are simply breath-taking, and you will feel like you are in another dimension, without any worries except whether you will have enough energy for all-night dancing. 

Performers in charge of a great atmosphere are some of the world’s best underground DJs. In the Main Room you will find harder techno sounds from DJs such as Nina KravizKobosilDeborah De LucaReinier ZonneveldLuca Donzelli and many others. Whereas The Terrace is reserved for slight slower and deeper sounds, here you can listen to Ricardo VillalobosMaceo PlexRichie HawtinMarco Faraone and Enzo Siragusa. If you love techno sounds then we are sure you find something for yourself at Pyramid!

Pyramid | Best Techno Parties in Ibiza

2. Exhale

Amelie Lens, a Belgium techno DJ, is yet again bringing Exhale to Ibiza, which can only mean one thing-hard and fast techno in dark rooms! If you’re thinking if Wednesdays are quiet days in Ibiza? For sure not anymore! It is the best time to enjoy techno at DC10 throughout July, August and September. If we had to pick one term to describe Amelie’s performance, it would be “heavy techno sounds that make everyone move.” 

Understandably, world-star guests are also something you can expect, as the names like Kobosil, Dax J, Pan PotBen Klock, Chris Liebing, Klangkuenstler, Marcel Dettmann will be there to make the entire atmosphere even greater. Once again, if you plan to visit Ibiza this summer, make sure to reserve Wednesday to check out Exhale, as even those not that fond of techno will undoubtedly have a lot of fun. This is an excellent chance to witness some of the world-class tech DJs performing live in a one of a kind place.

The event begins on the 26th of  July until the 13th of September, 2023, at DC-10!

Exhale | Techno Party in Ibiza

3. Afterlife

Some people might think that weekends are reserved for partying, while weekdays can be kind of boring, but not in Ibiza, as it is the place where the party never stops, and each day of the week is a new chance for enjoying something different. The club you would love to visit on Thursdays in the period between 22 June and 5 October is Hï Ibiza, as the Afterlife is the event that every techno lover must experience. The phrase “you need to witness in order to understand” it is a great way to describe the Afterlife, and once you get here, you will perfectly understand why.


The design of the club makes it attractive to the guests, and it is inspired by Italian amphitheatres with a large dance floor in the middle, surrounded by high terraces. It definitely is a unique way to experience Ibiza nightlife and enjoy techno sounds. Besides that, it has one of a kind bathroom where guests can meet each other while listening to the great Ibiza rhythm.


Besides the look of the club, an Italian duo named Tale Of Us made this club one of the most visited in Ibiza, thanks to their Afterlife party, which was first presented in 2016. It was one the most popular techno party in Ibiza in 2022, and there is no doubt it will have the same status this year. Yes, every club and every party has something different to offer, but great techno sounds at Afterlife will enhance your entire Ibiza experience. 

As always, Tale Of Us will be taking over The Theatre room of Hi with the minimal techno sounds while in The Club Room you can experience more harder techno sounds. Some of the DJ’s that will appear this year are AdriatiqueMind AgainstCamelphat, Massano, Stephan Bodzin, ANNA, Maceo PlexSven Vath, Ellen Allien and may more! And for all the hard techno lovers Kobosil’s label 44 Label Group will be taking over the Club Room on 3 dates – 29 June, 27 July and 14 September!

Afterlife - Hï Ibiza | Afterlife Party Info, DJ Listings, Tours & Tickets | Magic-Ibiza

4. Music On

The party of the century is probably the best way to describe this techno party called Music On in Ibiza. It all started in 2012 when the techno legend Marco Carola founded this party at Amnesia, and it didn’t have to pass much time in order for Music On to become one of the most admired parties on this island. Checking it out is simply a must while in Ibiza, and the fact that it is one of the most popular and famous parties speaks volumes about the ambiance and atmosphere. Since 2019, the famous super club Pacha has been the home of the Music On party.

In general, everyone who is someone in the electronic music world has performed here, which speaks volumes about how important Music On is, and also how awesome the partying is. As for events in Ibiza 2023, Music On stands out as one of the best ways to experience everything Ibiza has to offer and enjoy techno sounds by some of the world-class DJs like Maceo PlexLoco DiceLucianoJoris VoornPaco Osuna and of course the man himself Marco Carola will headline every week. So, make sure to reserve your Fridays for Pacha and Music On, as it all starts from May 12th till 13th October.

Although the Music On sounds have slightly changed over the years and nowadays the music is more towards the tech side with a bit of vocal tracks here are there, we still believe that Music On should appear on the list of best techno parties in Ibiza!

Pacha, Ibiza


Exploring Ibiza and learning more about this island and its rich history is one thing, but when there are so many night events and live music performances across the island, not checking out at least some of them would be a shame. Besides that, since Ibiza is considered the heart and soul of electronic parties, techno music lovers will find it extremely attractive to check out some of the best techno clubs in Ibiza. The great thing is that within one week, you can check out all the famous parties and get a great insight into where to go next week, as every day is a party day in Ibiza, and luckily, you will have a ton of options.

As the curtains close on the 2023 season, we’re excited to announce that these parties will be back in 2024 without a doubt! Stay tuned for more updates on our party calendar.


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