Best Time To Go To Ibiza

Best time to visit ibiza 2023

As you probably might know, Ibiza season runs from end of April / beginning of May until mid / late October. If you are looking to party or planning a relaxed gateway then it is highly advised to visit the island during these moths as there are plenty of events happening and the temperatures are high. Here’s a breakdown of the months.

ibiza in May & June

The ideal months to enjoy the holistic Ibiza party experience are May and June since, during this time, almost all of the clubs host opening parties. These famously intense parties bring together wild party fans who love to party like there’s no tomorrow and DJs from all over the world.


During this time, you can get to have your very first Ibiza party experience in the dazzling early summer-like weather, and you can sunbathe at the beautiful Ibiza beaches, which are usually less crowded during this time of the year. Also, the flight and hotel prices are comparatively lower than in July/August.

ibiza in July & August

If you genuinely want to witness the island in its full glory and splendour, it is recommended that you travel in these high-season months. July and August mark the peak of Ibiza’s party scene, as during this time, it is the most energetic and has the best and most events all over the island. The island’s atmosphere is electric, filled with famous and unique parties as well as outdoor fun. 


There is so much happening, that it can be difficult deciding what to do! Please note the high demand during these months also implies a surge in prices, meaning that it becomes an expensive destination. Some nightclubs may be overcrowded, and it may be difficult finding a taxi back after your night in one of the super-clubs. 

ibiza September & October

The months of September and October are another favourite time of year for party goers to visit the jaw-dropping island. This time is known to offer the best of winter and summer season in Ibiza. 

Almost all of the major party clubs on the island host closing parties during late September and early October to mark the termination of the energy-filled summer season. 


Additionally, the weather during these times is fresher than during the summer season, which means you can easily take long, relaxing walks on the beach or even the old town. Prices are relatively lower during these months and with fewer people visiting the island, the beaches and clubs are less crowded which means more space to yourself on the dancefloor, especially if you like that extra space for dancing. 

Best time to go to Ibiza for partying

All the months listed above are great times to go for parties. Going for the opening and closing parties in May and October will be a lot cheaper and less crowded however there will less events going on. Whereas going in peak season in July and August, there will be plenty of events to choose from however it will also be quite expensive and crowded. However no matter what month you choose to go to Ibiza, you will have a great time for sure!


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