Best Way To Buy Ibiza Club Tickets

Best Way To Buy Ibiza Club Tickets

Even if you just want to relax and enjoy crystal clear waters and sandy beaches in Ibiza, the music will definitely make you at least check out some clubs when the night comes. Music and positive vibes are what makes Ibiza so special and popular, and clubs here…well, they take the entire partying experience to a whole new level. So, to avoid spending too much time waiting in line to get a ticket, you should explore all the options on how to buy club tickets in Ibiza in advance. Of course, we are here to help you with that, but let’s first check out the most famous clubs in Ibiza.

Clubs in Ibiza

As we all know, Ibiza is a great place for all party lovers, as it is the place where the party never stops. It means that there are many clubs worth visiting, and some of the most popular are:

Ibiza Club Tickets Buying Guide

There are some factors to consider before the final decision to buy club tickets in Ibiza, like special deals, ways of buying it, performers in certain clubs and the price for different events.

Special deals

Before spending more money than you should on a ticket to enter some popular Ibiza club, it is a good idea to check whether there is a special offer that can help you save some money that you can use for more drinks. Namely, most clubs have special offers for their visitors, and usually, the tickets are much cheaper for those who decide to enter before 1AM. For example, to enjoy the Fisher performance in Hï Ibiza, you need to pay 50 euros, but if you decide to go before 1 AM, the ticket will be 35 euros, which is much cheaper.

3 different ways of buying tickets

Once you are sure you want to buy a ticket for a certain club, you need to decide on how to buy it, as there are three ways – online, on the doors, or through street vendors.

  • Buying tickets online is the cheapest and the easiest way, and you do not need to worry whether there will be enough space in the club, as you will have guaranteed entry.

  • Probably the way that no one would suggest is buying them at the doors, and no one can guarantee that there will be any tickets left once you get there, so it is much better to think in advance and get it before. Besides that, buying tickets at the doors is also the most expensive way, so keep that in mind as well.

  • Street vendors sell tickets all over the island, and buying them through them is cheaper than buying them at the doors, but the best way is to do it online.


Whether some popular musician performs in some club in Ibiza can be a huge factor price-wise. The logic behind this is simple, the more famous the DJ is, the higher their fee will get, meaning that the price to get into the club must also be higher. Of course, by purchasing your club ticket in Ibiza on time, you can spare a hefty sum, so make sure to check special deals and promo periods.

Consider extras

You don’t have to be famous to get a VIP service in Ibiza. Of course, the price for VIP table is higher than the standard ticket, compared to everything you will get and how much the regular tickets are, at times it’s not that big of a difference (if you are in a big group).

For example, the average price to get into the club is approximately €55- €80 euros, and the VIP tables start at around €800 which is for the whole group. While you still have to pay for drinks, with a VIP reservation, you will get drinks equal to the value of your table, also known as minimum spend. Needless to say, how much better the entire experience is with the VIP entry, which is why you should definitely consider it at least.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the BEst way to buy club tickets in Ibiza?

As we have already mentioned, the best way to buy Ibiza nightclub tickets is online through our party calendar, as it is the cheapest option and leaves you peace of mind, as entry is guaranteed. Another good way is through street vendors, which is great for those who like to turn off their phones while on vacation. Buying them at the doors should be avoided, as it is much more expensive.

Should you buy Ibiza club tickets on the island or online?

Buying a ticket in advance is always the best idea, but the question is whether you should do it online or once you get to the island. We highly recommend checking the Ibiza club ticket prices before getting there in order to make the best possible party plan. However, there is no need to rush purchasing them, as you can do it online once you get to the island, and it will be sent to your email. Remember though, if you get them a lot sooner then you can catch early bird deals.

What are the advantages of buying Ibiza club tickets online?

The advantages of buying an Ibiza disco ticket online are numerous, and because of that, it is surely the best way of doing it. Besides being the cheapest way, online purchasing is also the easiest and fastest way, as you can finish it in a few minutes. All you need is your mobile phone and an internet connection, and you can do it from the beach or the hotel room. It is also environmentally friendly, as you won’t need paper to print it, since it is enough just to show the ticket at the entrance.

Is it better to buy tickets in advance?

The short answer is yes. It’s much better to book and buy Ibiza club tickets in advance. The main reason is that you can take advantage of the early bird deals and save a lot of money. Now, the thing is that you simply cannot plan how every day will go while in Ibiza, meaning that plans can quickly change, you can meet some new people while pre-drinking and next thing you know you are at an after party on the other side of the island. So, the best advice here is to avoid buying tickets for all the events and focus on parties that you don’t want to miss at all cause, and purchase tickets for those events. The good thing is that you can always buy tickets online before the party starts via phone or tablet, meaning that you will definitely not miss anything while on vacation.

Do club tickets in Ibiza sell out?

Yes, during the 2023 season, many popular parties sold out every week. Some of the parties were – Marco Carola and Solomun at Pacha and Destino, Elrow at Amnesia, Calvin Harris at Ushuaia, David Guetta at Hi Ibiza, Circoloco at DC10, and several events at O Beach. This is why we strongly recommend purchasing your tickets in advance.

How much does it cost to get into an Ibiza club?

The Ibiza club ticket price range varies, but the good thing is that there is something for everyone’s pocket. Everyone who has ever visited Ibiza will surely highlight that the biggest expense here is the club entry, as the tickets price range from a modest €25 up to €95. Understandably, several factors dictate the price, like who the performer is on that precise evening and how popular the event is.

On the other hand, you surely don’t want to miss out while in Ibiza, which is why by finding and buying a ticket in advance, you can save a few bucks, enjoy the party and get an experience you will cherish for the rest of your life.


Wild nightlife and clubbing are two main reasons people go to Ibiza, and even though this place has much more to offer, having a great time partying is something we cannot overlook. The atmosphere in Ibiza can only be compared to the one at some famous music festival or concert, but the difference is that, in Ibiza, it lasts for the whole summer plus a bit longer. Now, purchasing Ibiza club tickets so that you don’t miss out is the key, and factors and ways to do so should be of much help, but we must mention it again that the best possible way to get the best deal is by purchasing your tickets in advance online.


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