Top 11 DJ Sets From Ibiza

Ibiza, the White Isle, is a legendary destination that needs no introduction for electronic music enthusiasts. It’s a place where the world’s most renowned DJs and producers gather to create sonic landscapes that transport you to another dimension. The sunsets are legendary, the dance floors iconic, and the music, well, it’s nothing short of extraordinary.

In the world of electronic dance music, Ibiza is more than just an island; it’s a global phenomenon and a pilgrimage site for anyone seeking the ultimate clubbing experience. And at the heart of this musical Mecca are the DJ sets that have become the stuff of legends. These sets aren’t just performances; they’re a journey, a testament to the power of music to connect people and transcend the boundaries of time and space.

In this blog post, we’ll take you on a journey through the archives of Ibiza’s musical history, exploring some of the best DJ sets of all time. From iconic moments at DC10, Space and Amnesia to the sunset sessions at Es Vedra, we’ll relive the magic and energy that makes Ibiza a true paradise for electronic music aficionados. So, get ready to immerse yourself in the beats, melodies, and memories that have made Ibiza sets the stuff of legends. Let the music play and the memories flow as we dive into the world of DJ sets from Ibiza.

Best Ibiza DJ Sets

1. Carl Cox Boiler Room Ibiza Villa Takeovers

Let’s kick things off with an absolute classic– Carl Cox at a Villa party in Ibiza! Many of you may already be familiar with this set, but if you aren’t, now’s the perfect time to put on your speakers or headphones and treat yourself as the legendary Carl Cox takes you on a mesmerizing journey through timeless House classics, and more!

This extraordinary set may have graced the Ibiza scene 10 years ago, but its enduring appeal and magnetic energy ensure it still holds its place as one of the finest DJ sets to ever grace the shores of Ibiza!

2. Hot Since 82 - Live From A Pirate Ship in Ibiza

Picture this – another exclusive private gathering, but this time, it’s set against the backdrop of the boundless sea. What’s more exhilarating than that? Well, it’s all happening on a pirate ship, with none other than Hot Since 82 taking over the decks!

Prepare to be enchanted as Padley guides you through a captivating journey of deep house and house tracks that will leave you utterly hypnotized!

3. Andrea Oliva, Closing Ants at Ushuaia

Now, let’s transition to the mainland, where we find Andrea Oliva taking the stage to close out the legendary ANTS party at the iconic open-air venue, Ushuaia!

This house set was nothing short of spectacular, making it the perfect culmination for the 2013 season. Andrea dropped some absolute classics in this set, including tracks like Donna Summer’s ‘I Feel Love,’ Dj Rolando’s ‘Knight of the Jaguar,’ and many more!

Andrea Oliva, renowned for his ability to seamlessly blend house and tech house, graced the esteemed Ibiza venue with his unique energy, showcasing his mastery of the decks.

4. Carl Cox Nine Hour Marathon Space Ibiza Closing Party

One of the most iconic sets that will always be remembered is Carl Cox’s Closing Party at Space in 2016. However, it’s not just any closing party; what makes this set so special is that it marked the very last event at Space before the venue closed its doors. Carl Cox treated the audience to an extraordinary all-night-long, 9-hour set.

Indulge as Carl Cox takes you on a trip through the realms of house, tech house, a bit of techno, and back to house! You’ll experience not only classic tracks from Carl Cox himself but also selections from renowned DJs like Loco Dice, Pan Pot, Danny Tenaglia, Pig & Dan, Jeff Mills, Masters at Work, Green Velvet, Guy Gerber, Slam, and many more

5. Marco Carola B2B Richie Hawtin - Amnesia Closing Party

When two legends unite for a back-to-back set, you know you’re in for something truly extraordinary. Such was the case when Marco Carola and Richie Hawtin graced the stage together at the Amnesia Closing Party back in 2009.

Picture this: the early hours of the morning, the sun gently streaming in through the transparent roof, and a mesmerizing minimal set blasting from a world class sound system! These are the moments that remind us why Amnesia Closing Parties are legendary. They’ve endured the test of time and still continue to amaze us to this day.

6. Solomun Live From Destino

At Destino, Solomun impresses with a deep and diverse music set. He blends different music styles, making it an enjoyable experience for everyone. From deep house to techno and more, Solomun’s performance takes you on a musical journey that’s exciting and full of emotions.

Part I

Part II

7. Joseph Capriati B2B Adam Beyer at Resistance – Privilege

Get ready for an incredible set with Joseph Capriati and Adam Beyer at Resistance in Privilege. These techno legends took us on a journey with powerful beats. The music was electrifying, and everyone had an unforgettable time. It’s a perfect example of how music can unite people and take them to a different world through beats.

8. Jamie Jones Boiler Room Ibiza Villa Takeovers DJ Set

Get ready to be transported to a sun-soaked Ibiza villa takeover as Jamie Jones, the maestro of electronic music, graces the decks. With his unique touch, Jamie Jones delivers a timeless performance that blends the finest elements of deep and tech house, setting the stage for a truly memorable musical journey.

9. J.E.S.u.S. (Jackmaster, Eats Everything, Skream & Seth Troxler) Boiler Room Ibiza DJ Set

A remarkable and unforgettable moment unfolded at Boiler Room Ibiza, as not one, two, or three, but four incredible DJs joined forces to craft an extraordinary set. The collaboration showcased their unique styles and energies, resulting in a harmonious and diverse musical journey that delighted the audience.

This event served as a powerful reminder of music’s ability to bring people together and create something truly special.

10. Giorgia Angiuli Live At Es Vedrà

Imagine one of the most beautiful places in the world – the mirador of Es Vedrà in Ibiza. There, Giorgia Angiuli performed live for Cercle, creating a magical experience. In this extraordinary setting, Giorgia worked her magic, creating an unforgettable live set. She seamlessly wove her talents with an array of musical equipment, from keyboards to drum machines, even gracing us with her live vocals.

11. Ricardo Villalobos, Pedro, Rhadoo & Raresh at Circoloco, DC10

Prepare to be mesmerized as the iconic talents of Ricardo Villalobos, Pedro, Rhadoo, and Raresh come together to craft an exceptional minimal techno set. This electrifying performance took place at none other than the renowned Circoloco at DC10, making it an evening to remember.


In the world of electronic music, Ibiza is a special place. As we wrap up our journey through its amazing DJ sets, we’re reminded of the island’s unique charm where the music has left a mark on people all around the world. Ibiza’s DJ sets aren’t just performances; they’re like journeys that connect people through the power of music.

As we finish our trip through Ibiza’s musical history, we hope you’ve enjoyed the stories of these legendary DJ sets. Ibiza’s magic is still alive, and everyone is welcome to be part of its musical adventure, where music brings people together and brings joy to all. If you want to check out more sets then head over to our DJ section where you can find your favourite DJs and their sets!

So let yourself immerse in the music and make sure to see some of these DJs performing next time you’re on the island, most of them are here every year!


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