A Definitive Guide To Do Ibiza On A Budget | Best Ibiza Travel Tips

Ibiza is a dreamland of leisure and amusement. Many people come here every year, and many desire to visit this otherworldly beautiful island at least once in a lifetime. It lures its visitors with its lush nature and a huge number of opportunities to have fun.

This place is so multifaceted that loud music coexists here with the ambient sounds of swirling waves, and the crowd of dancing people gets along with the serenity inherent to island life. We’ve mentioned it many times, but it is true that Ibiza is for everyone. And to prove it to you, in today’s post we will cover the topic of traveling to Ibiza on a budget. Let’s get into it!

Why is Ibiza So Popular?

Ibiza is popular because it has everything for the best leisure experience! Ibiza offers a wide range of amenities, starting with a vibrant nightlife in world-famous clubs and finishing with big hotels, delicious food, and sunny resorts. It has become an escape island for those who want to unplug from the mundanity of daily life and simply get lost in the rhythms of electronic music.

Cocoon - Amnesia | Cocoon Party Ibiza Info, DJ Listings, Tours & Tickets | Magic-Ibiza

On Average, How Much Does a Trip to Ibiza Cost?

Ibiza trip cost depends on many factors such as what kind of vacation you are looking for in general, which hotel you are opting for, which places you are going to visit, which clubs you want to go to. But the average amount of money that one person spends here per week is about from 1 thousand to a couple of thousand pounds or euros. If you are going to the island with your partner or the whole family, expect to spend more. And of course, if you are in search of something luxurious, the cost will be entirely up to you.

Nonetheless, for people who would like to spare some cash, we recommend reading further to learn a few tips and tricks related to enjoying Ibiza to the fullest and spending less at the same time.

Is Ibiza Too Expensive to travel?

Well, it can be pricey, just like any other popular tourist attraction. It fully hinges on what you really expect from your stay here. No doubt, if you come to Ibiza to enjoy clubbing every night, eating in restaurants, hanging out in the VIP area, and so on, you’ll need to have deep pockets to fulfill all you’ve planned. But in fact, this magical island is so much more than all of that. So, for those who ask themselves if Ibiza is really expensive or not, we answer – there’s always a way to make the most miraculous memories here.

Is Ibiza Worth Visiting?

This place is one-of-a-kind. You will not find anything like that in the whole world. It’s not just a huge party resort, but also full of poo, clear azure water of the Mediterranean Sea, unforgettable sunsets, and a lot of authenticities! It actually does have a lot to offer. It is up to you to decide whether is Ibiza worth visiting – or if it’s better to travel somewhere else. However, we promise, it’s impossible not to fall in love with this island.

When is the Best time to visit Ibiza?

Ibiza welcomes its visitors from May to October. During that period of time, the weather on the island is splendid and all the facilities are open. For fans of rather mild temperatures, May will be perfect for your getaway. And for heat lovers, July and August are the hottest months, which were made for sunbathing and boat trips!

Is Ibiza safe for tourists?

Yes, it is very safe! However, petty crimes still take place during the busiest months. To protect yourself from such unpleasant situations, make sure to follow some simple safety rules:

  1. It’s better not to carry an excessive amount of cash with you. It applies to expensive things as well.
  2. One of the reasons why Ibiza is so popular is that hotel services here are flawless. So, many accommodations offer to use their safety box for keeping your valuables. Don’t hesitate to utilize it!
  3. Keep an eye on your things while hanging out by the pool or beach.
  4. Don’t invite strangers to your hotel room.
  5. Always double-check if the place you are staying at is locked properly before you’re going to head somewhere or go to bed.

How To Do Ibiza On A Budget?

Ibiza is known for being quite expensive to come to, although it is not true that you can’t enjoy it for a small amount of money. But how to do it, where to stay and where to go? Don’t worry about that as we have the best Ibiza budget tips for you!

Cheap Accommodation in Ibiza

Ibiza is home to a lot of great hotels, villas, and apartments. The service here is always top-notch and the variety is unbelievable. Nevertheless, if you are planning to not sped a fortune here, you’ll need to narrow down your choices to more affordable but still awesome places.

Budget Hostels in Ibiza

As we said, there are plenty of dwellings in Ibiza, so whether you’d like to have a lavish vacation or explore Ibiza on a shoestring, finding a good spot to stay shouldn’t be a problem.

Amistat Island Hostel

This one is very popular among young people in particular. The hostel offers both private rooms and shared dorms for social butterflies. Of course, there’s also WiFi, air conditioning, individual lockers, and comfortable beds – all you need to recharge. Amistat also has an outdoor pool and a great bar, as well as a shuttle from the airport. A great plus is that it’s equipped for people with disabilities. Nice and friendly. What else is needed?

Prices start from € 24 per night

Amistat Hotel in Ibiza

Hostal Ripoll

f you are looking for something in Ibiza Town, we’ve found an ideal match for you! This Ibiza budget accommodation is situated right in the heart of the capital. It boasts a guest house, which you can find only 150 m away from the main port, where you can catch a ferry to Barcelona, Mallorca, and Formentera. What is even cooler is that the famous Pacha Nightclub can be reached on foot by taking a 20-minute walk. Note that there are non-smoking rooms available.

Prices start from € 103 per night.

Hostal Baleàric

Coming to Ibiza to see the most beautiful sunsets on earth? Welcome to Hostal Balearic! Located only 300 m from the breathtaking Cala des Moro Beach, San Antonio, it is a great place for those who are willing to live in comfort and quiet. What do you get by booking a room here? A cozy bed, an airport shuttle, the best bar, and a restaurant. To top that off, there is free parking near the complex and an ATM machine in case you need cash.

Prices start from € 120 per night

Hostal Balearic in Ibiza

Cheap Hotels in Ibiza

For people who search for cheap places to stay in Ibiza but are still ready to pay a bit more, here you can find a bunch of hotels that are worth your attention. Undoubtedly, they are not as iconic as Ushuaїa or Hard Rock Hotel, but it would be unfair to underestimate them. Also, checkout the best party hotels in Ibiza.

Hotel Garbi Ibiza & Spa

Your vacation can’t go wrong in this small paradise! Being situated right on the beach of Playa d’en Bossa, Gabri gives a chance to learn what heaven feels like. It features not only modernly decorated rooms but also a stylish SPA for adults only. There you can spoil yourself by chilling out in the hydromassage pool, Turkish bath, sauna, hot tub, ice tub, and aroma showers. What’s even better, Hï Ibiza is only 600 m away, so nights full of fun are ensured!

Prices start from € 140 per night.

Hotel Florencio

Florencio is a king among Ibiza budget hotels. The majority of their rooms have private balconies. Air conditioning and free Wi-Fi are not even a question. There is a swimming pool, a sun terrace, and a 24-hour reception, along with a good restaurant that serves Mediterranean cuisine and English dishes from 08:00 to 01:00.

Florencio is very popular among couples with kids as it features special family rooms.

Prices start from € 60 per night.

Hotel Tarba

Very bright and airy, Hotel Tarba is a cozy corner for anyone coming here. This is a family-run business, so you’ll definitely feel at home. What facilities are accessible for the guests of this wonderful accommodation? To start with, there is a cafeteria where you can treat yourself to a big, delicious breakfast (gluten-free options included). Then you can take a swim in their spacious pool and, after that, take a walk in a blooming garden. Sounds fantastic, doesn’t it? Wait for the main part! If by chance you’re traveling by bike, this great and cheap hotel in Ibiza has a garage with all the needed tools.

There’s no way of getting bored at Tarba in the evening, as it is super close to San Antonio’s shopping and nightlife.

Prices start from € 56 per night

Private Villas in Ibiza

Some people like crowded places where the music is playing loudly, and some of them might not be the biggest fans of all that fuss. If you are leaning toward being the second type, congratulations! A private villa will be a savior for you. “But they are so expensive!” one can say. Well, you’ve come to the right place because we are going to show you how to do Ibiza on a budget.

Villa Douglas

We present to your attention a small Villa Douglas. A proud owner who rents this dwelling has a fantastic opportunity to immerse themselves in country life while remaining close to the town of San Rafael. This lovely place features two bedrooms, spacious gardens, a large private pool, a barbecue, and an outdoor dining area. It’s an ideal match for small groups, although, for big groups, we highly recommend reading further to find the villa of your dreams.

Prices start from € 1,360 a week

Villa Douglas in Ibiza


This is a 3-bedroom villa set, situated not far from beautiful Cala Bassa. Besides all the facilities, it boasts a large roof terrace and magnificent views of the island of Conejera and the Mediterranean sea. Cooko fits 6 people, but it is possible to host up to 8 guests under the conditions of adding one extra bed to the biggest suite and using the sofa bed in the lounge. 

Prices start from € 1,703 a week.

Villa Cooko in Ibiza


Wild nature admirers, this one is for you! Only 10 minutes from Ibiza Town but with lush flora, this villa contains a double bedroom, a bathroom, a large living room, and an open kitchen with a dining area. It also has a great nighttime view and a huge patio laid around the swimming pool. The whole villa is surrounded by a fence, so you can feel 100% secure during your holiday. And the magnificent beach of Talamanca is no more than 3 km away.

Prices start from € 1,955 a week

Villa Jesus in Ibiza


Property Sa Fai is a four-bedroom, two-bathroom villa located approximately 15 minutes from San Antonio and 5 minutes from the lovely beach of Cala Gracio. The property is contemporary and completely furnished with everything you need for an enjoyable stay in Ibiza. The bedrooms are roomy, and the furniture is stylish and well-designed. The outdoor spaces, which include a private pool, an outdoor BBQ, a kitchen, and a spacious rooftop deck, are undoubtedly visitors’ favourites.

Prices start from € 2,160 a week.

If you want to learn how much does a week in Ibiza cost, or need our help to find more options for you, check out our website!

Transportation in Ibiza

When it comes to the transportation system, Ibiza is more than just convenient, it is literally made for moving around the island without extra effort. Public transport here is affordable and links the attractions all over this Mediterranean oasis of leisure.

Check out our Ultimate Guide For Transportation in Ibiza, or stay with us for a shorter overview.

Ferry Travel in Ibiza

Ferries are common in Ibiza, so it is not a problem to find one. They usually depart from the main port and run between the island’s locales or between the island and the mainland. The schedule has to be checked, but the majority of the boats are available every day. It is a good alternative for people moving by car, as some ferries’ capacity allows them to carry people along with their vehicles. The price of your ride will depend on the destination you are heading to (the most popular end locations are Denia, Valencia, Barcelona, Palma, and Formentera). A ferry ride is another enjoyable experience you may have in this lovely place.

Renting a Car in Ibiza

Independence seekers, renting a car is a great option for you. Of course, it will be a bit more pricey, but again, you can always choose something acceptable for you. If your Ibiza daily budget allows, go for it without a doubt because, with a rented car, your experience of visiting the island will be taken to a whole different level.


This is perhaps the cheapest way to get wherever you want in Ibiza. There are several buses that run from the airport to popular hotels and villas. Don’t forget to take cash with you, as it’s the only way to pay for the ride. As for masks, it will make more sense if you check the policy right before your trip. If you want some unique experiences, there are also a Disco Bus and a Water Bus to try out. The price for local buses ranges from €2-€3 and the disco bus is €4.

Renting A Bike in Ibiza

A bike rental is one of the greatest ways to explore this gorgeous island. Especially because there are numerous bike lanes that will make riding a pleasant experience throughout your trip. We’d say it is one of the best cheap things to do in Ibiza. Prepare to have sore muscles, as there are so many things you need to see! The average price for a whole day’s rental is between €10 and €15.


We can’t call taxis inexpensive and they are not always available, but in case of an emergency, it’s the fastest alternative to getting around Ibiza. You may book a cab through the phone or catch one on the street.


Scooters are cool. Who doesn’t want to drive one and feel like taking part in a romantic movie? Plus, their price and fuel efficiency are great benefits for travelers on a budget. However, there’s a pitfall that you should know about: in Ibiza, you must have a license and should have relevant experience to drive a scooter for your own safety. You can rent one for as low as €20 per day.


Ibiza has one airport which connects most destinations in Europe however if you cannot get a direct flight to Ibiza then you will have go via Barcelona.

When is the best time to book the flights and why are Ibiza flights so expensive? The short answer is the sooner you book the cheaper the flights will be, also note that July and August are the busiest months and therefore the flights will be more expensive than other months.

Cost of Food in Ibiza (Eating Out)

The food itself is not that expensive here, but when it comes to the restaurants, expect to fork out! Thankfully, it doesn’t refer to all places, and there are still plenty of cheap restaurants in Ibiza.

Where to Eat for Cheap in Ibiza

Trust us, there are many places, in fact. Whether you love continental cuisine or fast food, Ibiza won’t let you down by providing its guests with fresh and tasty meals! Some of the facilities offer a so-called Menu Del Dia, which refers to a set menu where you usually get 3 courses and a drink for paying barely anything.

David’s Pizzeria

Location: San Antonio

Cuisine: Italian

Exterior: cosy and friendly atmosphere.

This wonderful place offers its Menu Del Dia which includes 3 courses, a drink, and a shot for only €13.50!

David's Pizzeria in Ibiza

Pha Thu Thai

Location: Santa Eulalia

Cuisine: Thai

Exterior: welcoming and hard to pass by.

Pha Thu Thai is affordable, and unique, and makes the best traditional pad Thai recipe! Here you can get a decent lunch for about €12, which is great for tourists coming to Ibiza on a budget.

Pha Thu Thai in Ibiza

El Local

Location: Ibiza Town

Cuisine: Italian, Mediterranean, European, Fusion

Exterior: a nice restaurant with good music, multicultural

Who ordered a real mix of cultures? This stylish restaurant in Ibiza town is definitely worth visiting! The food is diverse, and the price range for a meal differs from €9 to €24.

El Local in Ibiza

Price of Alcohol in Ibiza

When it comes to alcohol, Ibiza’s clubs are very expensive. For example, in Amnesia, a vodka and coke costs around €15, a beer €12, and water €8. Hї Ibiza and Ushuaїa, the same drinks are €18, €15, and €12 (respectively). As you can see, it doesn’t fit the concept of Ibiza on a budget. If you want to figure out how to protect your wallet from becoming empty when buying alcohol in Ibiza, read further. 

Alcoholic Beverages in Ibiza

Attractions To Visit in Ibiza

The diversity of attractions here is amazing! And what’s even better, many of them can be visited for free. Ready to discover the coziest nooks of the island? Then let’s go!

Benirrás Beach

Approximately 150 m of beach clubs and the authenticity of the island! All the stunning sunsets live here. If you are a fan, Cala Benirras is perfect for diving.

In addition, two restaurants and a bar welcome any traveler coming here. Consider that this place is pretty crowded and loud, yet unbelievably beautiful! Checkout more top-tier beaches in Ibiza.

Cala Benirras Beach Ibiza

Museum of Contemporary Art

This interesting place was founded in 1969, and now it has become home to any imaginable piece of art, starting with paintings and photographs and finishing with sculpture. So, if you are planning cheap holidays in Ibiza 2022, pay attention to this cultural attraction. What about the entry fee? The art is free! The Museum is open all year round. Mondays and holidays are days off.

Museum of Contemporary Art in Ibiza

Hippy Markets

Ibiza’s famous hippie markets may provide a colorful and enjoyable day or night out, with the opportunity to search for handicrafts, eat, and listen to live music. From June through September, the Las Dalias night market is open every Monday and Tuesday night, and on Sundays in August.

Punta Arabi is the island’s most popular and oldest hippie market, open every Wednesday during the summer. This market not only includes wonderful food, amazing shopping, and a lot of musical performances and other activities, but it also has a special area for children where they can get their faces painted or design their own souvenirs or T-shirts out of recycled materials.

Hippy Market in Ibiza

Partying in Ibiza on Shoestring Budget

We all know that Ibiza is an island of freedom and vibrant nightlife. However, how much does a trip to Ibiza cost if you are willing to party hard? Or maybe you’re asking yourself is 1,000 euros enough for a week in Ibiza? Well, it depends… To get a really wild experience, it is highly recommended to attend at least one big event. Not to go bankrupt, just be mindful about which party you’d like to go to and use the opportunity to the fullest. See more on our Parties page.


It is the greatest party event at DC10. When people dance at Circoloco, it can be heard in every corner of Ibiza! Iconic DJs and an inspired crowd unite to enjoy the best beats on the globe. It starts from 6 pm to the very next morning, besides the opening and closing, which begin considerably earlier in the afternoon.

Circoloco Club

Black Coffee

Come here without a hint of hesitation to make unforgettable memories. This culture-related party at Hї Ibiza features the coolest rhythms of Afro-House. It is held each week and never fails to entertain its guests.

Music On

Music On is one of the most admired parties in Ibiza. This whole event is dedicated to fine techno and tech house lovers coming to the island. You’ll be amazed when you see the list of artists performing here: Marco Carola, Paco Osuna, Derrick May, The Martinez Brothers, Seth Troxler, Jamie Jones, Loco Dice, Lauren Lane, Stacey Pullen, Carl Craig, Apollonia, Marco Faraone, Joseph Capriati, Steve Lawler, Ilario Alicante, and many others. Even if you are moving around Ibiza on a shoestring, you won’t regret paying for this one!

Pacha, Ibiza

Clubbing in Ibiza On a Budget

Of course, when coming to this delightful island, you expect to pop up in at least one club. The only problem is that it might be way out of your budget… It may sound frustrating, but do not despair. We’ve got a solution, so stay tuned not to miss your chance to come off in full!

Café Del Mar

OK, yes, we know how it looks. A cafe and parties? You’re going to be surprised, but exactly! Cafe Mambo is a facility where you can sip on exotic cocktails, eat gourmet dishes, and dance to live DJ sets every night. The entry is free, just order something and you are all set.

Boat parties

We understand that the idea of the cafe is not for everyone. But what about lowering your trip to Ibiza price by finding a good deal among boat parties? There are so many of them here. Why is it beneficial? The cost of some onboard events includes entry to multiple well-liked superclubs. You should have a look at the Oceanbeat, IBZ Boat, and Ibiza Sea Party.


For party people on a budget, Eden is a nice alternative. For approximately €15–€30 (depending on the event), you’ll get access to the magical night of high-quality underground electronic music. The club is open from midnight to 6 am and hosts guests only from mid-May to October.

Eden, Ibiza | Club Information, DJs, Schedule & Tickets

Cost of Events in Ibiza

Again, it varies. There are countless events happening every season, and prices differ. Even though you are visiting Ibiza on a shoestring, some celebrations are worth every euro spent on them. To figure out where to go, look at our Party Calendar or read further.

Pukka Up Boat Party

Welcome on board! Ready to have fun and watch a golden sunset? The Pukka Up Boat Party serves up to three hours of floating with a saxophonist and headlining DJs! The price per person is about €69.


It needs no introduction. Epic, iconic, fierce – this all refers to the Ibiza Rocks Pool Party. You can’t miss one of the t. This one is an otherworldly experience for approximately €35.

Ibiza Rocks Hotel | Club Information, DJs, Schedule & Tickets


While traveling to Ibiza on a budget, don’t forget to go to this place. Es Paradis is claimed to be one of the most beautiful clubs on the whole island. You Know The Vibes is a huge hip-hop event with DJ Policy and Lil. King Goldchains performing. Have a good time and move your body for €30 to bring home the happiest memories.

Top 4 Tips for Saving Money in Ibiza

Continuing the topic of money-saving, we listed a couple of Ibiza travel tips that will help you significantly decrease the cost of your trip. Who said you need to break the bank to enjoy life?

Tickets in advance

As simple as that. Make sure to buy your tickets before entering any venue. Party tickets cost a lot more when you buy them at the door. It is always cheaper to buy them online or from street vendors. Some clubs also offer a discount before 1 am and if you plan ahead then take advantage of the early bird deals!

Public Transport is your best friend

Buses are very affordable in Ibiza and cost just a couple of Euros. Instead of taking a taxi from the airport, use public transport, or perhaps the hotel you are staying at has a special shuttle. Checkout the best ways to getting around Ibiza.

Food from local supermarkets

It costs way less there! You can even cook for yourself if your accommodation has a small kitchen. Some very affordable supermarkets are Lidl, Eroski, Spar and Mercadona. It doesn’t mean that you have to fully deprive yourself of restaurants. You just don’t necessarily need to eat out every day. If you end up in a restaurant, make sure to ask for Menu Del Dia (menu of the day) which we have mentioned above.

Pre-drinking is smart

To not exceed your Ibiza daily budget, drink before going to the club. If you are staying in San Antonio, we recommend buying your own booze and heading to the Sunset Strip near Mambos to enjoy the sunset. Calo des Moro is another cool spot. Basically any beach is  a good spot for a few beers and also your hotel balcony. Just before the club, head into one of the bars nearby, alcohol is so much cheaper there than in super clubs!


As you can see, Ibiza can be very different and your spending depends entirely on you. It is easy to overpay if you don’t know much about this place or are coming here for the first time. We hope that our blog post educated you a bit more about how to have a paradise island vacation and showed you a real trip to Ibiza price.

Now you know that it is possible to book a pleasant hostel, go there by bus, have a delicious dinner in a nice place, and spend a wonderful night out somewhere in Eden for an absolutely acceptable price. Live your life to the fullest and we’ll see you on our blog!


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