Top 21 Must-Visit Attractions in Ibiza

Ibiza Sightseeing | 21 Best Things To Do in Ibiza Spain

For someone planning their first trip to Ibiza, it might be overwhelming when they research the things this island has to offer. Of course, there is no need to worry or to be nervous whether you will try, see, and visit everything, as even though you can always find one beach where the sunset is just ideal, by talking to locals and even wondering around, you will check all the important spots. On the other hand, Ibiza sightseeing represents the best thing one can do in their life, as only when you witness everything firsthand can you truly understand why it’s called an island that never sleeps. Furthermore, you can always find certain things and places that are simply a must to check out while in Ibiza, and this list should be of much help with that.

What To Do in Ibiza?

One of the best things about Ibiza is that it never sleeps, and there is always something interesting to do to fulfil free time. For people who do not know how to organize their time well, it can be a huge problem as there are too many things to do, see and try, so they can easily end up without enough time to explore everything. During the day, you can enjoy different water activities and explore different cities and places, while during the evening and night, you can relax or go out to some of the world’s best clubs. Whether you prefer a peaceful vacation or enjoy staying active even then, there is no doubt that Ibiza has something to offer even to the pickiest ones and make their trip unforgettable.

Is Ibiza Worth Visiting?

It might seem impossible, but some people actually wonder whether visiting Ibiza is worth the money and time, and the shortest possible answer is – yes. Ibiza is not reserved only for parties, so family people can have some of the best times of their lives if they decide to see this amazing island. Crystal-clear waters, the world’s most gorgeous beaches, amazing clubs and restaurants for finding shade and relaxing when the sun is burning are something every person should experience at least once in a lifetime.

Must-Visit Attractions in Ibiza You Should Visit at Least Once

Traveling to Ibiza is a great experience, but you surely should use the time spent there to see and learn something new, and luckily, there are many tourist attractions in Ibiza to be seen. One of the best ways to learn about every secret is to ask locals, but for those who are shy to speak to strangers, we have prepared a list of the top attractions that no one who travels to Ibiza should miss visiting.

1. Hippy markets

One of the biggest tourist attractions in Ibiza surely are the hippy markets, and if you plan your trip, visiting one of them must be on your to-do list. For those who do not know what hippy markets are and what to expect, we need to say that they can enjoy a variety of colours, amazing food, and the most interesting – they can even meet real hippies and learn more about their lifestyle. Although they are organized all over the island, some of them are more popular, and more tourists visit them, which means they can be a little crowded, but a great time is guaranteed.


Es Canar Hippie Market

The biggest one is held in Es Canar, and since it has been attracting visitors since 1973, it is also considered the oldest hippy market in Ibiza. It is known by the names Punta Arabi or True Hippie Market, and it is open for visitors from April to October on each Wednesday. It is the best place to try local organic food, see various performances, and choose the best souvenir, and even the youngest will enjoy time spent there, as they can make their own souvenirs. Besides that, the entire family will learn more about the culture of Ibiza.


Las Dalias Hippie Market

For those who want to spend their Saturday in some of the hippy markets, the one held in San Carlos and called Las Dalias Hippy Market is the best choice. The entire place is pretty exotic, and besides searching for the best souvenir or handmade jewellery, you can spend some time wandering through the gardens of Las Dalias and enjoy colours, scents, and overall atmosphere, which is extremely relaxing. Locals are happy to talk to tourists and tell them the story about some popular musicians who were their guests, such as Queen, Bob Marley, and many others.
Sometimes it can be challenging to catch up with everything during the day, as Ibiza has a lot to offer, but there is no need to worry, as hippy markets are held even during the evening, and they do not differ from those held during the day. The most popular is again Las Dalias, which seems like the party never stops for people eager to relax and enjoy.

Las Dalias is also open during Christmas and Easter, when appropriate decorations, performances, and activities are added, which makes it a perfect place to spend these big holidays with friends and family.

Es Canar Hippy Market in Ibiza

2. Cala Comte

Those who really want to get a taste of why Ibiza is so special and popular simply need to go to this beach, as once they get here, everything will get much clearer. Namely, sandy beaches, turquoise sea, and breathtaking sights represent just some of the things that make Cala Comte so unique and famous, but once the night comes and the party starts, you will get a real taste of everything Ibiza has to offer. Above all, Cala Comte has something for everyone, meaning that even couples with kids will have much fun here.

Cala Comte Ibiza: Best Place To Visit in Ibiza

3. Dalt Vila

Travelling to the past may not be possible, but if you visit Dalt Vila, you will feel like you succeeded in it for at least some time. Make sure to set aside enough time and take on the most comfortable shoes, as it is even bigger than it seems, and require a lot of time to be carefully explored. Its name means High Town, and since it is located on Puig de Vila hill, this name suits it the best. There are many things to see behind the walls, from the castle and cannons to the breath-taking Cathedral of Santa María de las Nieves and much more, and you can choose between five entrances. It is possible to enter the town by car, but we recommend walking, as it is the only way to see every detail.

Dalt Vila: Ibiza Sightseeing


The fact that this bar has been existing since 1980 speaks for itself, and if you are searching for the best place to grab a drink and enjoy the best music that can be heard on the island, then search no more. It is one of the places where guests can see a breath-taking sunset while listening to some of the chill mixes created by Cafe del Mar Music, which is one of the most popular record labels established by this world-famous brand. It is located in San Antonio, nearby the port, so finding this place is not difficult.

Café del Mar, San Antonio

5. Spas

Yes, everyone knows about the wild nightlife, crystal clear waters, sandy beaches, breath-taking sights, etc, in Ibiza, but once you are here, also make sure to check out spas. There are plenty of them across the island, and going to a spa can be a great way to recharge your batteries after a few wild nights. The service here is top-notch, and, besides everything else, it is equipped and designed by the highest standards, so don’t be surprised if time flies away while here. Spas are not just about health anymore, as here you can relax and enjoy your time while getting massaged or while at some beauty treatment.

Spas in Ibiza

6. Croissant Show

What happens when the French guy visits Ibiza for the first time during the popular 70s and decides to stay there for about a month? Well, Andres, the most popular French guy in Ibiza, decided to stay and open a bakery that would sell French pastries. The bakery still exists, it is called Croissant Show, and it must be on everyone’s list when it comes to sightseeing in Ibiza because it is a perfect place to try authentic French croissants and enjoy the relaxing atmosphere. Andres was the first foreigner ever to open the store in Dalt Vila, and he will be happy to speak to tourists about various topics. And if you are afraid you will not recognize him, do not worry – he has a recognizable Dali-esque moustache.

Croissant Show in Ibiza

7. Water activities

Everyone knows that banana boats are extremely fun, but that’s just the beginning, as water sports are some of the best things to do on Ibiza island. Snorkelling, stand-up paddle, jet boat, scuba diving, cliff diving, and many more water activities are an option here, and the only thing to think twice about is which one to try first. Even those not that fond of heights or who don’t seek an adrenaline rush can enjoy kayaking or just exploring certain parts of the island. Also, the Catamaran cruise along Ibiza’s north coastline is simply a must, as this cruise is one of the best Ibiza sightseeing tours. Check out some of the best water sports to do in Ibiza.

The Bay and San Antonio Watersport

8. Aquarium Cap Blanc

People who think that all aquariums are similar have never visited Cap Blanc, located in San Antonio’s underwater cavern. The first purpose of this cave, known as Lobster Cave, was a smugglers’ grotto where the smugglers hid goods before selling them. It is now transformed into a big aquarium where your loved ones and you can enjoy watching different sea species, shark eggs, and much more. It is also the place where injured sea turtles recover before being released into the wild and where tourists can learn a lot about the underwater world during their Ibiza sightseeing.

Aquarium Cap Blanc in Ibiza

9. Food and drinks

Typical Mediterranean cuisine is simply unimaginable without tomato and olive oil, and since Ibiza is definitely one of the most famous Mediterranean destinations, it’s understandable that here you can try some of the best dishes. Now, since it is a tourist hot spot, there are also many other dishes and cuisines, but trying at least one authentic Mediterranean dish should be a must while in Ibiza. Besides that, the wines are exquisite, and even though cocktails are the instant thought for many when someone mentions drink in Ibiza, make sure to try Hierbas, a local drink made out of many aromatic plants.

Food and Drinks in Ibiza

10. Sunset Ashram

None of the sightseeing can be complete without finding a perfect location for watching the sunset, and people who travel around Ibiza must visit one of the most popular beaches, Cala Comte, and Sunset Ashram restaurant. It is a place where you can spend the entire day swimming in the crystal clear water, enjoying under the umbrellas while drinking a favourite cocktail, and listening to the sound of the sea and slow music in the background. Here you can also try some of the best local dishes and enjoy some of the best parties once the sun goes down.

Sunset Ashram in Ibiza

11. Baluard de Sant Pere

The historical and cultural heritage adds that special vibe to the entire experience, and Baluard de Sant Pere is definitely that special something Ibiza has to offer. It is a medieval stronghold from the Renaissance period, and as such, it stands as an entrance to the old town. Everything is set and adjusted so that tourists can easily access many of its famous spots, and here you will definitely take some amazing photos as this surely is one of the most significant Ibiza historical and cultural attractions.

Baluard de Sant Pere Ibiza

12. Las Salinas salt flats

Las Salinas is one of the two natural parks in Ibiza, which is on the UNESCO list of World Heritage, thanks to many different species that have found their home in this area. One of them is a plant named Posidonia, endemic specie that can be seen only in the Mediterranean Sea. The importance of these sea flats is immeasurable, so make sure to check all the rules before deciding to go sightseeing. The salt produced in Las Salinas is natural and organic and one of the most valuable products of Ibiza, so make sure to get some before going home.

Las Salinas Salt Flats

13. Family fun

Going on a vacation with your family is an ideal way to spend some quality time with those you love, and here, you can make some memories that will last forever. The great thing is that there are plenty of Ibiza attractions for families, and some of the best ones are San Antonio where you will solve various puzzles and queries together. Water activities for the entire family are also highly popular, but cruises are probably the best way to get both, learn more about the island and have a great time with your family.

Family Fun in Ibiza

14. Es Vedrà

The only way to complete your Ibiza sightseeing is to add some mystery to it, and there is no better place than Es Vedrà. It is a massive rock that rises proudly from the sea, and many locals claim it has some mystical energy. Also, this is where you can take some memorable photos, as the sight of this place is definitely one of a kind. It is also believed that this rock is in third place on the list of the most magnetic spots, which explains the energy people feel nearby. Tourists can see it from various locations on the land or go on a boat trip and get as near as possible. Just looking and getting close to this natural wonder will leave you speechless, and luckily, there are many tours that will take you here. They last for an hour or two as you pass by, not just this amazing rocky island, as you can also check out other famous locations. Overall, the island of Es Vedrà represents something that, while in Ibiza, you simply must visit or at least get as close as possible, as it is an experience that cannot be compared to any other.

Es Vedra Ibiza

15. Paseo Vara de Rey

There is always one spot, thing, or place that represents the heart of the city, and that’s precisely what Paseo vara de Rey is. Located in Ibiza Town, this promenade is more than a century old and gives a special vibe to the entire city and the island. It’s also perfectly placed strategically, as it divides the new from the old part of the town. Just taking a walk here will help you better understand the importance of this promenade, and if you time your trip ideally, you can also witness some amazing festivals being held here.

Paseo Vara de Rey in Ibiza

16. Can Marça caves

Nature lovers who want to explore something different and truly breath-taking must visit Can Marça caves, as they are one of the best monuments of nature in Ibiza. Cave features in Can Marça caves are older than 100 000 years, and they are literally jewellery that adds to the glory of this beauty. It was used by the pirates, which means it is a perfect place to let your imagination create different stories during the 40-minute walk through the cave. Can Marça caves’ location is easy to find, as it is nearby Port de Sant Miquel.

Can Marça Caves Ibiza

17. Archaeological museum of Ibiza

The best way to learn more about the history and culture of some country or city is by going to an archaeological museum, and the one in Ibiza truly has some interesting artefacts. Here, you can find various artefacts from different periods that stand as a reminder of the turbulent and even violent past. The collection of artefacts is divided and presented in two buildings, and these objects cover more than 3,000 years of history, which is why many say that this is one of the most important Ibiza cultural attractions.

Archaeological Museum of Ibiza

18. Ibiza Town

Ibiza Town, or Eivissa, is the capital of Ibiza, and the biggest city, which means that no one can get bored there. Visiting Eivissa while on an Ibiza sightseeing tour is a must, as it is the home of one of the world’s most famous beaches and longest in Ibiza – Playa d’en Bossa, and many popular clubs. Besides that, Eivissa has a remarkable Old City, which is perfect for exploring and enjoying the vibe it has. Keep in mind that Ibiza Town is crowded during the summer season, as it is one of the Ibiza natural attractions.

View of Ibiza Town and Dalt Vila

19. Necropolis del Puig des Molins

Visiting an ancient burial is probably not something one plans to do when they book their trip to Ibiza, but this burial stands as a reminder of the cultural richness of this island. Namely, some tombs date way back to the 7th century BC, which is why this entire area is used as a museum that’s open to visitors. Here, you can find many objects, jewellery, figures, and other items found during excavations, which can give you a much better insight into how strategically important this place was throughout history.

Necropolis del Puig des Molins in Ibiza

20. Ibiza Cathedral

Just the fact something has been standing proudly since the 14th century is fascinating enough, which is why visiting Ibiza Cathedral is something everyone should do. The cathedral was restored in the 18th century, and changes its style from Gothic to Baroque, and just one look at it is enough to see how astonishing it is. The story behind its construction, and any other story about it, is worth listening to, and they will help you learn more about the history and culture of Ibiza in an interesting way.

Ibiza Cathedral in Ibiza

21. Punta d'es Moscarter

Lighthouses are extremely important in water traffic as they show the boats where the land is and how far they can go, and Ibiza has a few of them, but the most visited is Punta d’es Moscarter, located in Portinatx. It is the tallest one and decorated in an interesting way, with the black spiral over the white background, so many tourists want to take a picture of it rising above the sea.

Punta d'es Moscarter in Ibiza

How to get to Ibiza?

You shouldn’t plan a trip to Ibiza for a day or two, or not even for just one week, as if you really want to learn more about the island, its history, and culture and have a great time while exploring many attractive locations, you would need at least two weeks. However be warned that once you come here, you will definitely crave more and come back. As for how to get to Ibiza, taking a flight from Madrid, Barcelona, and Valencia represent the fastest way, but if you want a bit better experience, the ferry ride lasts for about 3 hours and will give you a much better intro to what you can expect. Read more about getting around Ibiza.

Where to stay in Ibiza?

Accommodation is never a problem with tourist hot spots, and the same is with Ibiza, as there are plenty of hotels to choose from, and each one of them offers great service. Now, since finding a room and hotel is not a problem, probably a much better question for you is which area to choose. One of the most popular places are Ibiza Town, Playa d’en Bossa, San Antonio and Santa Eulalia. When choosing the hotel by several criteria depending on whether you want to stay at the heart of the city, focus more on nightlife, or seek a bit more private area. If you’re after party hotel, then make sure to check out our list of the best party hotels in Ibiza.

Visiting Ibiza on a budget?

As already mentioned, there are various things you can do in Ibiza, and since there is something for everyone, finding spots and places to go out and spending much more than you want is easy. Of course, letting loose and just going with the party is also recommended, but in order to really save some cash, you can always opt for great finds at hippie or flea markets. Besides that, planning ahead is highly recommended, as you can easily get carried away and spend more than wanted once you get here, so make sure to set some money aside, just in case. For some tips and tricks on saving money in Ibiza, check out our article on doing Ibiza on a Budget.

Final Thoughts

Ibiza sightseeing is something that everyone should have on their bucket list, even those who are not that fond of exploring. There is just something special, a unique vibe that connects people from all over the world here because regardless of who you are, what your job is, personal preferences is and everything else, Ibiza truly is a home for everyone. Overall, this island has so many things to offer, but these things, locations, and tours mentioned above are some of the best and must-see/visit/do things if you really want to experience Ibiza in the best possible manner. So make sure your phone is fully charged and happy exploring and photo taking!


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