View of Ibiza Town and Dalt Vila

Where is ibiza town?

Ibiza Town is located on the South-West side of the isle. It is the biggest city on the island and has the reputation of being the heart and soul of the place. From the raddest bars to World Heritage fortified monuments, Ibiza Town is a traveler’s dream destination. The place bursts with night-life as people come out in the bustling bazaars and gather in the iconic clubs to celebrate the colours of life. This place is an absolute gem that truly encapsulates the beauty and magic of the island.


Ibiza Town not only boasts the most sensational clubs and bars, but it is also a shopaholic’s heaven. This place comes alive at night when the sky turns dark, but the city shines bright!



Your trip to Ibiza Town remains incomplete if you don’t explore the colossal walls that encircle Dalt Vila. These fortifications shine brightest when the floodlights at night glorify the beauty of the walls. This is a must-visit spot that makes the trip more exciting.


The elegant combination of styles exuded by Ibiza’s cathedral will catch the eye of any visitor. It’s Catalan gothic structure evokes a sense of appreciation and warmth. The majestic religious art displayed inside is truly a hidden treasure. After its baroque renovation, this place became a massive hit and is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Ibiza Town.


Museu d’Art Contemporani d’Eivissa is a glorious gallery in Ibiza Town that perfectly captures the essence of contemporary art and its regal association with Ibiza history. With the showcase of a permanent collection of well-reputed artists from centuries ago, this gallery qualifies as an historical site.


Has anybody truly explored Ibiza Town if they have not taken a bite of the fresh produce bought from the Mercat Vell, the famous market in Ibiza Town? Fresh fruits, vegetables, and staple products like bread and olive oil are widely traded at this market. This place blooms with the scent of freshly baked goods and ripening fruits.



Ibiza Town is known well for its nightlife. The dose of entertainment available after dark keeps people on their toes, dancing and partying all night. This city, which barely sleeps, attracts a large number of visitors who have a taste for fine food and love to spend their evenings blowing off steam in the bars.


Most visitors begin their evening at Sa Penya district, near Carrer de Barcelona, and then make their way to the clubs nearby such as PachaHi Ibiza and DC10, whose doors don’t even open up until midnight.


In summer, this place becomes the most magnificent catwalk on the planet, from fashionistas to clubbers and beach lovers, everyone enjoys not only the historical riches but the crazy parties.




All the Gatsby fanatics out there will fall in love with this luxuriously splendid club that offers a once in a lifetime experience to all its visitors. This club has fostered the bar club experience and made clubbing in Ibiza not just a golden opportunity but a luxury. This luxurious entertainment venue can accommodate nearly 3000 people. It is the crown jewel in Ibiza’s clubbing industry where all the fanciest and most exquisite parties are hosted.



Perfect for all the people who appreciate fine food and are fans of premium culinary experiences. Heart Ibiza offers the best of both worlds: delectable food and drinks and the ultimate clubbing opportunity. This place has a unique and artistic approach towards pleasing the party animals.

This entertainment hub first offers a luxurious dining experience, and once the dinner is over, the audience is blown away by the awesome DJ’s performances. The grandeur of this place cannot nearly be matched elsewhere.  Please note that Heart Ibiza has now shutdown and has been replaced by Club Chinois.




This place offers everything that compliments that breathtaking view of the Dalt Vila. From live music to majestic art, this club has it all. This place is a heaven for club enthusiasts who like to bask in the music and dance their troubles away. This place has a fabulous day restaurant and a cabaret bar, but as soon as the moon shines on the club, the entire atmosphere transforms, and the restaurant changes into a clubbing zone!


And if this isn’t enough, the super fun Sebastian Gamboa’s Vintage night is held to excite all the party freaks!



The bastion Baluarte de Sante Lucia,  a walled citadel in Ibiza Town located on the city wall of Dalt Villa, is the party hub of Ibiza. Every year it hosts the most spectacular open-air party for the International Music Summit’s grand finale. For the ultimate experience, people enjoy luxurious parties with one of the best views in all of Ibiza!

HOW TO GET to ibiza town

Ibiza Town is compact and safe enough for pedestrians to roam around at odd hours. Though the parking spaces are almost always occupied in the central area, there is a big car park facility near the port. However, the rates are quite high in the peak season. There are spaces on the outskirts of Ibiza (where it is easy to find a free shuttle service or a public car parking space), but it takes around 15-minutes to stroll back into the town. So, for some people, it is a nuisance.

Ibiza Town is the capital of Ibiza, so all the major destinations are connected via bus routes. All the resorts and clubs are accessible via the bus and public transportation is also functional at night. This means that anyone who dines on one side of Ibiza Town can still make it in time to party on the other side of the town. No one has to give up on clubbing or feasting lavishly.

There is a disco bus that keeps people connected to the party route. The bus runs all night throughout the summer. It collects passengers and drops them to the famous clubs such as Pacha, Amnesia and Privilege and goes via Playa d’en Bossa and San Antonio.

The airport is only 10km away from the main city, so it can be easily reached by taxi or bus.

Many taxi ranks are located in the town’s center and taxi fares are fairly reasonable. This said, in the peak months of July and August, it is relatively difficult to find a taxi at night.


Ibiza Town, located on the southwest coast, is the vibrant heart of the island, known for its historical charm and electrifying nightlife. From bustling bazaars to iconic clubs, the city offers a dynamic blend of culture and entertainment. Highlights include exploring the illuminated walls of Dalt Vila, visiting the majestic cathedral, and experiencing contemporary art galleries.

By night, renowned clubs like Pacha and Club Chinois draw revellers from around the globe and offer sophisticated clubbing experiences. With convenient transportation options and proximity to the airport, Ibiza Town ensures easy access for travellers seeking the ultimate blend of culture and excitement on the White Isle.


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