Ibiza with Family: Where To Party with Kids in Ibiza?

Planning a trip for your entire family can be challenging sometimes, as there are many things you need to consider and double-check. That precisely is what makes going to Ibiza with family so great, as you can easily plan everything in advance, and once you get here, you will know precisely where to go and what to do.

Of course, that moment you first arrive might surprise you as you simply cannot be prepared for such a vibrant atmosphere, and no, we are not talking about partying all night, as the sole vibe of the island is unique. That is why this guide should come in pretty handy because it covers every single aspect of your future trip to Ibiza with family.

In this article you will find – 

When is the best time to go to Ibiza with family?

There is no doubt that whenever you decide to visit Ibiza you will have a great time, as this astonishing island has a mild climate, which makes it suitable for visits throughout the year. However, if you plan to go with kids, the best period is June to September. You can also choose May and October, that way you will avoid crowds but still enjoy various activities, as the temperature is perfect for kids. Please note that July and August are the hottest and most humid months of the year, which can be difficult at times for the littles, therefore try not to spend the entire day in the sun, have some shade, use strong sun protector and stay hydrated. 

Best Places To Stay with Family in Ibiza

1. Ibiza Town

Since Ibiza Town, or Eivissa as locals call it, is the largest city on the island, it is perfect for a vacation in Ibiza with kids, as it is impossible to get bored there. The old town and its fortresses are on the UNESCO World Heritage list, and children will be more than excited to explore it, and you can spend some quality time together.

View of Ibiza Town and Dalt Vila

2. Portinatx

One of the perks of Ibiza is that even though it is a renowned place for partying, you can always find a peaceful and quiet place where you can just relax and enjoy everything this island has to offer. That’s precisely what makes Portinatx so popular for families with kids, as this once-upon-a-time small village was rebuilt so that today, there are a variety of resorts to choose from. There are three main beaches here, and we strongly suggest checking them all out, as every single one has something different to offer. Understandably, there are also plenty of water activities to choose from, which can be a great way to spend some quality time with your kids.

Portinatx Beach Club Hotel

3. Talamanca

Just a short stretch from Ibiza Town, you can find one of the most popular beaches in Ibiza, with warm and calm water perfect for children. There are many restaurants and beach bars where you can enjoy cold refreshing drinks and find a shade to take a break from swimming, sunbathing, and various water activities.

Cala Talamanca Beach Ibiza

4. Cala San Vicente

Yet another place that you will find as a great escape from crowds, with an amazing promenade with plenty of restaurants where you can enjoy traditional Mediterranean dishes. As for the beach, it is a pretty wide one, granting that you will always find an oasis for your family. The resort itself is well equipped with everything one might need, and what matters the most, with plenty of activities and interesting things for children.

Cala De San Vicent Beach Ibiza

5. Santa Eulària des Riu

People who really want to relax, and spend some calm time with their family, should visit this beautiful coastal village, as it is considered the most stress-free place in Ibiza. If you wonder whether Ibiza is good for families, visiting this town will provide you with an answer, as it is located in the area away from nightclubs and parties.

View of Santa Eulalia

6. Sant Josep de sa Talaia

If the goal is to teach your kids more about nature and also learn more about Ibiza as a family, then Sant Josep de sa Talaia is the best pick. Namely, it’s here where you can hike as a family, and believe us, the view from the top of the highest point in Ibiza will leave you speechless. The place is a great mix as it is designed in an authentic Ibiza way, and it has that special charm, while on the other hand, there are also astonishing and wide beaches that the entire family can enjoy. Sant Josep de sa Talaia is approximately 10 minutes away from the beach (4 of them),

7. Es Canar

We all know that kids love beaches, and Es Canar is the one where they can enjoy making sandcastles and trying various water activities, while parents can find a place in some of the many beach bars and relax. Prices on this beach are pretty low, which means you do not need to spend a little fortune to enjoy a dream vacation with your family.

8. Cala Vadella

This place is one of the ideal spots for families with small children and toddlers. Namely, it is a bit quieter place where you can enjoy nature and get an authentic Ibiza experience for the entire family. Besides this, shallow waters can be ideal for kids to learn to swim, and other water activities will just enhance the entire experience. As for the food, you can peacefully enjoy your meals in a pretty fine selection of bars and restaurants that have plenty of child-friendly dining options and enjoy many of Ibiza’s family-friendly areas.

9. Cala Llonga

Staying near pine woods has a positive impact on our health, and in combination with clear seawater will surely boost our kids’ and our immunity. Because of that, spending some time in Calla Llonga resort with your family is one of the best decisions you can make. It is easy to access, and the lifeguards are on duty the entire day, which will give you peace of mind while children enjoy the warm water.

10. Central Ibiza

Now, this is a place where peace and quiet are granted, as in central Ibiza, you will escape from crowded beaches, party crowds, and all the noisy sounds and simply enjoy nature. The place is surrounded by vineyards, and staying here can be a perfect way to learn more about the true nature of Ibiza and the people living here. Understandably, it’s here where you will try some authentic and delicious dishes from this area, and the entire atmosphere will make you forget that you are vacationing in the party hub of the world.

Best Ibiza Family Resorts

1. Six Senses Ibiza

Six Senses is a huge resort that is spread over 20 acres and has various residences with three to seven bedrooms, which guarantees that you will find the perfect accommodation, no matter how big your family is. It is one of a kind resort, as it is the first sustainable BREEAM-certified resort, and there is no doubt you will have the dream vacation you will talk about for a long time.

2. Insotel Fenicia Prestige Suites & Spa

The first thing to mention about this resort is that one can easily forget that they have come to Ibiza and spend most of their time at the resort because it has everything one might need. Of course, the goal is to relax and have a good night’s sleep so that you can start your new adventure the next day, but the entire family will have so much fun here. Children will particularly be glad that they have a kids’ club within the resort, and the private upper deck with a private hot tub is where you can relax with your significant other while they play. As for other things worth mentioning, the food is exquisite, and you will have three a la carte and one buffet restaurant as options to choose from, which makes it one of the best Ibiza family friendly resorts.

3. 7Pines Resort Ibiza

If you want to find Ibiza kid-friendly hotel where even adults can spend some quality time, search no more since staying in 7Pines Resort is the best choice. It is surrounded by pine woods, which is perfect for your health, and you will wake up every morning with a breathtaking view of the Es Vedrà and the Mediterranean Sea. Besides that, it has great restaurants, bars, and spa facilities therefore fulfilling your free time will not be difficult.

4. ME Ibiza

Even though this place is mostly focused on wellness, there are many other things that make it a great family resort in Ibiza. Your children will find the kids club extremely interesting as they can enjoy plenty of activities while you can enjoy sipping a cocktail near the pool. Another thing that makes ME Ibiza great is that you will get customized brochures and itineraries regarding where to go, what to visit, try, and taste.

ME Ibiza

5. Grand Palladium Palace Ibiza Resort & Spa

This resort is an all-inclusive one with five stars, which means that staying there guarantees great service and an amazing vacation. You can swim in one of the four swimming pools, spend the entire day in a water park specially designed for kids, or go to the beach, as it is close to the hotel. Once you get tired of various activities, you can grab a drink in the swim-up bar while still chilling in the refreshing water.

6. Hard Rock Hotel Ibiza

Okay, the name of this resort might not be a great ad for all the things it has to offer, as at first glance, no one would think that Hard Rock Hotel Ibiza has exceptional options for families with children. Of course, it’s more for families seeking good fun and who enjoy listening to the sounds of music mixed with the sounds of waves, but just the fact there are discounts (1st child: free of charge) speaks volumes about how great this resort option is. Yet another great benefit of staying here is that a huge and famous water park is near, and this is definitely something the entire family will enjoy.

Hard Rock Hotel Ibiza

7. Grand Palladium White Island Resort & Spa

The fact that this hotel is recently renovated and is a proud owner of a five-star title is enough to consider it the next destination for your kids and you. The rooms are spacious and bright, with wonderful views, the beach is near, and the service is on a high level, which means you do not need to worry about anything. Thanks to different activities for children, kids will be entertained throughout the day, so you can sit in some of the bars and relax, and get the most out of you voyage to Ibiza with family.

8. Invisa Hotel Club Cala Blanca

It’s difficult to find the best resort for families in Ibiza that seek an active vacation, but this one is ideal precisely for that. There is something for everyone, and your youngsters will find a kid’s hiking trail particularly interesting, along with some other activities designed especially for them, like supervised camp-like kids’ club programs. As for the type of accommodation, you can pick half board, bed-and-breakfast, or full board, with the latter being probably the best as you will not have to worry about where to eat or what to try because, at this resort, they have got you covered.

Invisa Hotel Club Cala Blanca

9. Hotel Vibra Algarb

Keeping the kids entertained during the day is not difficult because of the sandy beach and outdoor pools, but it can be pretty challenging to find them some activities in the evening, especially if they are still full of energy. Luckily, Hotel Vibra Algarb has a pool where they can have fun and a big sun terrace where you can sunbathe while keeping an eye on them. And, besides that, there are different shows in the evening three times a week, so you cannot get bored.

10. Hotel Galeon

This resort is located above the blue Bay of San Miguel and is well known for spacy rooms with kitchenettes. Another thing that makes this resort stand out is that all the rooms (suites) have an amazing view of the crystal clear waters, and you can choose to go with either an all-inclusive or half-board type of accommodation. In addition, every room has a terrace or a balcony with an astonishing view of the ocean, and this is also where you can eat your meals as a family. As for what to do, your children will enjoy a variety of water and land activities, while you can enjoy sipping your favourite beverage while sunbathing or in a hot tub with your significant other.

Hotel Galeon

11. Portinatx Beach Club Hotel

Staying active while on vacation is a great way to avoid getting lazy, and children will be more than happy to have the opportunity to spend some quality time with their parents. Besides pools, a gym, and a perfect playing area for kids, Portinatx Beach Club Hotel has tennis courts where you and your children can try out this interesting sport and you can all enjoy the Ibiza family activities.

Portinatx Beach Club Hotel

12. TUI MAGIC LIFE Cala Pada

Although it is impossible to imagine visiting Ibiza without clubbing, this amazing resort will show you that it is possible and that Ibiza can also be the place where you can relax with your family. Thanks to the option to use free bikes, you can explore the beautiful garden and have fun family time. Once you get tired, you can relax in the bar or go to the pool to cool down before the tasty dinner.


Fun Things To Do in Ibiza with Kids

1. Ibiza Horse Valley

There are three main things to do while exploring a new country or region, try their authentic dish, learn more about their culture and heritage, and learn some new things. Now, the latter is what most people overlook, and while in Ibiza, learning how to ride a horse can be a great way to enhance the entire experience. Namely, Ibiza Horse Valley has half and full-day riding tours, but this is also the place where you can connect with these animals as you meet all of them and pick the one you want to ride. As for the Valley, it’s designed as a sanctuary for horses, which just gives the entire experience to a whole new level.

Ibiza Horse Valley

2. Snorkel at Cala Bassa

Snorkeling is one of the activities for people of all ages, as it is extremely easy to learn and is super fun, as it provides you with insight into the underwater world. Cala Bassa is one of the most popular beaches for snorkeling because the rocky edge and small coves and caves provide a unique experience impossible to forget, which is why snorkeling should definitely be on your list of Ibiza family activities.

Snorkel at Cala Bassa

3. Punta Arabi Market

There are plenty of Hippy markets in Ibiza, but Punta Arabi Market is probably the best and most popular one. It is the oldest and biggest market you will find, and this can be a great way to spend some time with your entire family, as artists and craftsmen from all over the place gather here to sell their unique creations. On a plus note, there is also a live music performances in the afternoon, and your youngsters will find the kid’s area pretty amusing as it has plenty of creative and artistic activities for them.

4. Picnic on the beach

Although Ibiza has many restaurants that serve food from world-famous cuisines, sometimes the most tasteful meal can be homemade sandwiches, especially when eaten on the beach. Luckily, Ibiza family-friendly areas and beaches are ideal place where you can spend quality time with family, so make some sandwiches, and go to the picnic with your kids, and they will surely be more than happy.

Picnic on the beach

5. Acrobosc Ibiza

An active vacation is a preferred option by many tourists, and the great thing is that at this adventure park, the entire family can enjoy it. Various obstacles, zipper lines, and multiple platforms are just some of the things where you can test your skills, learn something new, and, what matters the most, have an amazing time with your family.

Acrobosc Ibiza

6. Cova de Can Marca

There is something mysterious about every cave, and the fact that Cova de Can Marca is more than 100,000 years old and was used by pirates to hide the treasure, makes it a must-see location. The signs on the walls that smugglers used to walk through the cave are still visible, and the view of the Mediterranean Sea from the cave will surely take your breath away.

Can Marça Caves Ibiza

7. Aquarium Cap Blanc

There is no better way to learn something new, have a great time, and enjoy the view than by visiting this underground aquarium and this could be one of the best Ibiza family activities. Yes, the aquarium is located in an underground cave and is home to a pretty astonishing collection of marine animals from this region. The entire place is designed in an authentic and rustic way, where you go over the wooden walkway to see everything this place has to offer. Overall, Aquarium Cap Blanc is also a nursery for injured animals, meaning that you will also support their cause by visiting it.

Aquarium Cap Blanc in Ibiza

8. Join a jeep safari

Most people love animals and visiting ZOOs, but going on a safari ride is a completely different experience. It is one of the best tours in Ibiza, as you will see different animals in their natural habitats, learn a lot about the heritage and culture of this beautiful island, and see some of the best landscapes. Going on the Jeep safari ride is completely safe, so there is no need to worry.

9. Ride the tourist trains

Every tourist place has something unique, an authentic way to show people and even help them see everything Ibiza has to offer, and that precisely is what tourist trains represent. It is a fun and extremely enjoyable ride with several routes along the countryside and coastline, and this is probably the best way to learn more about Ibiza, enjoy some picturesque sights, and have quality time with your loved ones.


Where to eat in Ibiza with children?

We all know how picky children can be when it comes to food, but there is no need to worry, as Ibiza has numerous restaurants that serve food from different cuisines. Regarding that, you will surely find the one your kids will love, and according to other parents, some of the best ones to try are Amante, Sa Punta, Cala Bonita, and El Chiringuito.

How to move around in Ibiza?

There are many ways to move around Ibiza, but to explore Ibiza with kids, renting a car would surely be the best idea, as you will have the freedom to go wherever you want. Besides that, you can use cheap buses, as Ibiza has a great public bus system, or take a taxi, as they are also affordable. If you want to explore some closer destinations, renting a bike can be a fun way to do that.

Is Ibiza good for families?

Once you start planning your family vacation, it is impossible not to think whether Ibiza is good for families, as we all know it as a party island. There is no need to worry, as this beautiful island is much more than a place just for parties, thanks to its long sandy beaches, numerous fortresses, and breath-taking landscapes.

Are kids allowed in Ibiza?

The short and simple answer is yes, kids are more than welcome to come to Ibiza, as there are numerous resorts, activities, and other fun things designed especially for them. The only thing is whether there is some ideal time for your entire family to visit Ibiza, and planning your vacation here outside the real high season is probably the best. Also keep in mind that there are a lot of ‘adult only’ hotels and day venues on the island so make sure to check beforehand.

Is Ibiza expensive for a family holiday?

Many people believe they need to spend a small fortune to experience Ibiza, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Now, whether you will have to set aside a bit more than you would if you went to some other destination, probably, but in general, the average price of a 7-day trip to Ibiza for a family of four is around 4 – 8 thousand euros, depending on the month of travel. Considering everything Ibiza has to offer and how you will make some memories with your family that will last forever, it isn’t that much, right?

Why go on holiday in Ibiza?

Finding a place where your kids can spend hours splashing around in the water while you relax and enjoy the sun is easy, but the thing that makes Ibiza a must-visit destination for the entire family is definitely a unique and authentic atmosphere you cannot find anyplace else. Besides all the things this place has to offer, just experiencing the wonderful nature of this island is something that will leave you in awe, and combined with the cultural heritage of this place, well, it all creates a voyage like no other.


Many consider Ibiza a great destination just for young people who love to party, which is wrong, to say the least. From everything mentioned above, it’s pretty clear that Ibiza is ideal for everyone, and what might surprise people is that Ibiza is family-friendly, as even without clubbing, it has so many other things to offer.

All the options are available, and if you want to spend all night checking out clubs and bars, you got it, but if you want to spend a quiet night out in some of the best and most picturesque destinations in the world, you can definitely do so. Overall, this guide on where to stay, what to do, and what to try should be of great help in planning your perfect getaway for the entire family. We hope you found this article useful and have a wonderful vacation!


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