Top 17 Instagrammable Places in Ibiza

Top 17 Instagrammable Places in Ibiza 

Enjoying the moment is something that, due to technology, we sometimes forget to do, somehow as soon as we see and witness some interesting or unusual situation, we immediately take our phones out and to capture the moment. Of course, in order to truly capture a moment, taking photos is a must, as even though memories will fade with time, we will always have a reminder of how great or how amazing and breath-taking some place was. 

On the other hand, we live in a digital age where posting on social media is a common if not even a must thing to do, and posting photos-wise, Instagram definitely dominates. Now, you can use this to your advantage and take some memorable and iconic photos while in Ibiza, as there isn’t any place better to do so, and this list of best Instagrammable places in Ibiza should be of much help with that.

Most Instagrammable Places in Ibiza

1. Es Vedrá

We simply cannot talk about memorable places that are a must-see while in Ibiza and not mention Es Vedrá, as this is probably one of the most Instagrammable hotspots in Ibiza. The thing that makes it such a unique and romantic viewpoint is that here, you will have a magnificent look of Es Vedra, and this entire island is a protected nature reserve. Interesting fact, Es Vedra one of the most magnetic places in the world, with a strong magnetic field that affects compasses and navigation, it is approximately 385 million years old and is one of the largest and tallest rocks in the Balearic Islands. 

This means a lot as if nature and picturesque sights are what you seek, that’s precisely what you will get, as untouched nature and quiet yet breath-taking sunsets are why this is one of the best spots in Ibiza. One of the best beaches to enjoy the views of Es Vedra is Cala D’Hort. Understandably, this is also where you can take some amazing photos, as regardless of how great of a storyteller you are, a picture is worth a thousand words.

Es Vedra Ibiza

2. Punta Galera

There are many picturesque coves, views, and stone formations, but one of the must-check-out sites is definitely Punta Galera. Namely, stone formations here alone will leave you speechless, especially when you climb up on one side of it, as it’s only then that you will realize why this is one of the greatest and most memorable places on the island.

Understandably, snorkelling and cliff diving are possible, and even if you are new to all this, there are lessons and trained professionals that will be of much help. Overall, the bay itself is great for any possible activity, or you can just relax and enjoy the view while lying on the beach watching the sun goes down over these astonishing stone formations.

Punta Galera Ibiza

3. Cala Escondida

Visiting this iconic bar is something you must do while in Ibiza as its location is unique, but the parties here are also something we must mention. Overall, it is a great mix of having the time of your life, making memories that will last forever, enjoying the most authentic part of Ibiza, watching the sunset while sipping your favourite drink, and listening to the sound of waves mixed with music. Another reason why you must check this place out is that it’s not that famous and even easy to find, but it’s a classic bar on the beach with wooden panelling and half palm-lined and half solar roof panelling, giving it even more authenticity. It’s probably the ideal way to experience Ibiza and enjoy all the beauty this place has to offer, and you will be glad to know that this bar and beach are some of the most Instagrammable hotspots in Ibiza.

Cala Escondida, Cala Comte

4. Dalt Vila

Ibiza is known for many things, but many often overlook its rich cultural and historical heritage. Now, the ideal way to find out about this by yourself is by checking out the Old Town, as it is definitely the most authentic and beautiful part of Ibiza.

The good thing is that it’s placed on the UNESCO World Heritage Site, meaning that if you didn’t have the chance to check it out, you could and should do so at any time you want. This part of town is called “Dalt Vila,” which means “High Town,” and that probably describes best the importance of this part of the place, as here you will find centuries-old monasteries and cathedrals. Even if the goal of your visit is to party and enjoy the sandy beaches and crystal-clear water, the contrast of wild nightlife in one, more modern part of Ibiza and the calmness and historical and cultural richness of the Old Town makes the perfect mix, and it proves that Ibiza really has something to offer to everyone.

Dalt Villa in Ibiza

5. Cala Xarraca

Everyone knows about popular places in Ibiza, but finding special and unique spots is something where you can take some iconic photos, and luckily Ibiza is full of those spots. Cala Xarraca is one of the best places where you can enjoy the intimate ambiance and still have the best time, and the fact that it’s not as famous as some other locations makes it ideal for a photo shoot, which is why it made this list as one of the best spots in Ibiza. It is a small bay with a swing hanging from rocks, which will give that something extra to your photos.

In the end, this can just be a quick stop on your trip to natural mud baths, as this intimate peace of heaven on earth has so many things to offer, and you can really enjoy your time here.

Cala Xarraca Ibiza

Most Instagrammable Places in San Antonio

1. Sunset Strip

If you are searching for some nice shoots in San Antonio, you cannot leave without seeing the sunset, as each is beautiful, unique, and perfect for the Instagram post. Sunset Strip is a long walkway located near the port of San Antonio, and it is considered one of the most popular spots in town due to the beautiful sunset and the famous bars such as Cafe Mambo and Café del Mar, where people can enjoy fancy cocktails and take some of the best sunset shots. Just nearby Sunset Strip, there are rocks that attract many tourists in search of the best photo.

Sunset Strip in San Antonio

2. Hotel Paradiso

One of the most Instagrammable places in Spain for people who love retro photos, and want to take some of them in an authentic place, surely is Hotel Paradiso, located near the centre of San Antonio. It is a hotel with two pools where you can grab a drink and relax, but since these pools are pink and everything else looks like you are back in the sixties, it is a kind of art gallery. The rooms are authentic, too, thanks to the furniture that looks just like it was at that time, which is why this place is the first pick among the most Instagrammable places in San Antonio.

Hotel Paradiso in San Antonio

3. Bam-Bu-Ku

If you are searching for some great shots in a restaurant and bar, where you can enjoy a tasteful meal and drink then you should definitely visit Bam-Bu-Ku. It is one of the favourite Instagrammable places in San Antonio, thanks to the amazing interior of the entire venue and friendly staff with matching outfits. If you want to go one step further, bring a friend with you and ask them to take a photo while you are surfing on the artificial waves on the surf machine.

Bam Bu Ku, San Antonio

Most Instagrammable Places in San Jose

1. Watchtowers

One of the most Instagrammable places in San Jose is its coasts, thanks to the beauty of the sea and watchtowers that served as protection from pirate invasions. These watchtowers have an interesting history and surely you will come across many of them on the island. No doubt you will take a great pirate photo that will collect many likes on Instagram, and the best thing is that you do not need to be a professional photographer, as this place is pretty amazing by itself.

Watchtowers San Jose

2. Sa Talaia

Some of the most breath-taking photos on Instagram are landscape ones, but it can be difficult to take a good shot without proper equipment and experience. Luckily for beginners who went on a trip to Ibiza to have a great time but still want to take some great photos, La Talaia, which is Ibiza’s highest point, is located nearby San Jose. The view from La Talaia is stunning, and taking an attractive photo is easy, as each shot of the coastal panorama and the sea is astonishing.

Sa Talaia San Jose

3. Cala Comte

If you are searching for a place where you can take the best selfie or underwater photo, do not miss visiting Cala Comte, one of the best Instagram spots in Ibiza. The reasons for that are crystal clear water and rocky landscape, which makes it extremely attractive for tourists who want to have some great memories photographed. Each photo will have an amazing background, whether it is taken underwater or at the beach, as this surely is one of the most Instagrammable places in San Jose.

Cala Comte San Jose

Most Instagrammable Places in Santa Eulalia

1. Mirador de Cala Llonga

People who love to stay active during their vacation and still want to take some amazing shots during their activities will be happy to hear that Santa Eulalia has one of the most Instagrammable hotspots in Ibiza – Mirador de Cala Llonga. It is a round hiking trail perfect even for beginners as it is less than 4 miles long and easy to handle, and what is most important, it will take you through breath-taking landscapes. Hikers can take photos of the forest and the coast, which is why this place is considered one of the best Ibiza Instagram spots.

Mirador de Cala Llonga in Santa Eulalia

2. Puig de Missa

Climbing up the Puig de Missa to see the church, built in the 16th century, is a unique experience, which will also provide you with some of the best photos. Namely, it is one of the most instagrammable places in Ibiza due many reasons. The architecture of the church is astonishing, and it is impossible not to take a perfect shot even with a mobile phone. Besides the breath-taking church, you have a stunning panoramic view from the top of the hill and one more opportunity for a perfect shot.

Puig de Missa in Santa Eulalia

3. Pont Vell

Pont Vell is an old bridge that was used by the inhabitants of Santa Eulalia to get to the town centre and the mills. However, it was always connected to different legends and myths. One of the legends says that it was built extremely fast, in just one night, and the reason for that fast construction was the fact it was built by the devil. Although this is just a legend, this bridge still stands proudly and attracts people from all over the globe who want to take perfect photos. It is one of the best Ibiza Instagram spots, worth seeing and taking pictures of.

Pont Vell in Santa Eulalia

Most Instagrammable Places in San Juan

1. Cala San Vicente beach

Ibiza can sometimes be too much for some people, even those who like the fast-paced way of life and partying, which is why this beach is the best choice one can make. Namely, just a fifteen-minute ride away from San Juan, there is a beach that’s the least affected by tourism, meaning that if finding a quiet place to relax yet still enjoy all the perks of Ibiza is the goal, you get all that here.

Now, this place wouldn’t be on this list just because it’s a bit quieter, as the azure water and wide sandy beaches are ideal for romantic souls that enjoy watching the sunset. Of course, you can always enjoy many water sports, as kayaking, snorkelling, and banana boats are highly popular. Overall, this beach has it all while still providing tourists with a bit more alone time, if preferred, so that you can truly enjoy nature and also take some amazing photos.

Cala De San Vicent Beach Ibiza

2. Fiesta de San Juan in June, Ibiza

Okay, even though this list is mostly about places and sights that are most iconic, this festival is unique in so many ways, which is why it has earned its place on this list. This fiesta, also known as the bonfire night, takes place every year on the 24th of June, as it is the Patron Saint’s Day of John the Baptist (San Juan).

Now, the first thing that makes this fiesta unique is the number of activities and festivities that last from the beginning of June. There are many musical and theatre performances, food tasting, local wine which are all great reasons for putting in on your checklist. Yes, here you can taste some unique dishes that Ibiza is known for, as certain recipes date centuries.
Peasant dances are yet another reason why this festival made the cut, as only by seeing and experiencing this fiesta can you learn more about the people from this region, their customs, and their culture. In the end, wine tasting always grants having a great time, and with everything going on, you will surely take a ton of amazing photos to share with your friends and family. So, if you wondered when the best time to visit Ibiza is, it’s June, as you wouldn’t want to miss this fiesta in San Jose.

Fiesta de San Juan

3. Cala D'en Serra

The best way to describe the beach and the cove is by stating that even though you will surely enjoy all the beauty of the sandy beach and crystal-clear water, the path to the cove will be a bit more challenging.

Of course, it’s more than worth the effort as seeing this cove is something that you must experience in person, as even photos cannot describe that feeling once you are there. As for the beach, it’s probably one of only a few beaches that are untouched yet ideal, and besides that, the virgin environment will just enhance the entire experience. This doesn’t mean that you will not find any place to eat or have a drink, as there is a small bar where you can refresh and take a break from swimming. Overall, it is a small beach, but that minimalism mixed with untouched nature is what gives this beach and cove something special that will make you come back for more, and understandably, the view of the beach from the top of the mountain is ideal for taking photos making it the best Instagram spot in Ibiza.

Cala D'en Serra in San Jose

Final thoughts

When it comes to Ibiza, the only thing that might cause some problems photos-wise is that there simply are way too many breathtaking places and sights to choose from. Yes, you can find Instagrammable Places in Ibiza easily, but if you really want to stand out and your photos to be unique, places and fiestas on this list should come in pretty handy, as we picked the best possible and unique sights possible. Of course, just spending time here will be phenomenal, and you will definitely make memories that will last for a lifetime, but why stop there when you can also take photos and post them so that you will have a constant reminder of how great the time spent on this island was.


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