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Going to Ibiza and solely enjoying the beach is a great way to relax and spend some time not thinking about work and other responsibilities, but why limit yourself only to that when so many options are available? Regardless of whether you are fond of water sports, romantic and sensational sunsets, or wild nightlife, Ibiza has got you covered. In addition to that, you can always opt and go with something that grants a high level of amusement yet still enough privacy so that you can truly experience this island, and yes, we are talking about renting a boat! Luxury boats in Ibiza are there to take you on an unforgettable day trip and are well-equipped with everything you might need for such a trip, from drinks, towels to snorkeling equipment.

The only thing left is to pick the right boat for you, the one that meets your personal preferences and desires, and voila, you will get a journey you will remember forever, and this list should help with that decision.

What does The Rental include?

Renting a boat or yacht in Ibiza has many perks, and here, we are not talking just about a great way to explore the island and everything it has to offer, as the service and all the things included will make every person on that boat a VIP. Namely, from a variety of drinks and snacks to the proper equipment for snorkelling and other water activities is something that will make your voyage much more pleasant and exciting. Also, towels and insurance are included, and don’t forget to bring your phone to hook up to the audio system! In addition, a private captain and other crew members will be there to guide you and suggest where to go and what you shouldn’t miss. As for the renting period – it can vary, as you can rent it for a day or 8 hours, or a bit longer period like a week, the time frame that suits you and your pocket the most.

Discover The Best of Balearics with Ibiza Luxury Boat Rental

No one can say that they have visited Ibiza unless they decide to go on a boat trip and explore the best of the Balearics, as it is one of the best ways to discover some of the most amazing places. Each of the boat tours in Ibiza is specially organized to show the visitors some of the most amazing spots and breathtaking views, so make sure to bring your camera with you, as you will be able to capture some of the memorable moments and memories that will last for a lifetime.

10 Best Luxury Boats For Hire in Ibiza

The bars, clubs, and soul-refreshing parties aren’t the only joys San Antonio has to offer. It also presents its visitors with plenty of opportunities to practise water sports, as well as other leisure activities, all while enjoying the breath-taking natural surroundings of the area.


If you are a group of up to 8 members and want to spend a memorable day on the sea, Great News can be the best luxury boat to spend a day on. You will enjoy the company of an experienced captain who will show you some of the breathtaking places while you can listen to the Ibiza rhythm that can be heard from the speakers, besides the pleasant sound of the waves. There is no need to worry about drinks, as everything is provided, and even if you want to explore the underwater world, you will find snorkel equipment.


Up to 12 people can make a real party at this luxury yacht while in Ibiza, and regarding the fact it has great music and drinks, you will not need anything else. As for the route, leave it to the captain, and you will not be disappointed, as they are more than glad to suggest an ideal destination – the one that meets your preferences and desires the most. Overall, having a great time is granted on this more than 22 meters long luxury yacht.

3. 40 SACS – Carrera

One can expect many things when renting a luxury boat while in Ibiza, but this one will not just meet any possible expectation – it will surpass them. Yes, everything you may need is included with this boat, and the thing that can make any adventure even more interesting, the boat is equipped with every possible piece of equipment so that you can truly experience the sea. In addition, the service is exemplary, and even if one doesn’t know where to go first, they will get detailed guidance on that from those in charge of renting it. Overall, having a great time and a lot of fun is more than granted, as what better way to understand what Ibiza means and explore all the options than by renting a luxury boat?


Okay, it’s tough to highlight even one little thing when there are way too many complimentary things to mention to each luxury boat, but 70 Baia – Chilli surely stands out. Probably the best way to describe it is that you shouldn’t be surprised if you don’t even dip your toe in the sea, as you will be overwhelmed with everything provided on this boat. Of course, the interior and exterior of the boat are also there to add to the entire experience and the entire ambiance of this yacht is luxurious yet highly tempting, meaning that one can easily spend hours wandering around this 22-meter yacht and not even realize it. In general, feeling a slight breeze in your hair and listening to the sounds of the waves while sipping your favorite cocktail and sitting on the deck will leave everyone in awe. As for the accommodation, there are 2 double, 2 twin, and 1 crew room, meaning that this yacht is spacy enough even at night.

5. ORYX 38 – Oryx

Just imagine sitting on the deck with your favorite people and watching some of the most amazing sunsets in the world while the experienced captain drives you around and shows you hidden gems of Balearics. Well, if your group is up to 10 people, renting Oryx might be the best decision you can make while on vacation, as it is one of the best luxury boats in Ibiza. Now, even though this yacht is not that big in comparison to some others from this list as it’s 11 meters long, that doesn’t mean it’s less luxurious, on the contrary. It has everything you might expect from a luxury yacht, and probably the best way to describe its popularity is by stating that it’s one of the most popular yachts for renting in Ibiza.


Besides the price, the thing that makes renting Canados 90 – Funky Town, the luxury boat in Ibiza stand out is definitely the accommodation as, besides the luxury, the rooms are spacy enough so that 12 people can easily rest. Yes, every boat has plenty of room, but it’s not just about the comfort, as that’s more than granted, as it is more about the entire ambiance of this 27 meters long yacht. Of course, in addition to all that, having everything one can imagine is yet another significant fact we need to mention. Special requests and even waiting for the sunset are more than optional, as all that’s needed is to ask in advance, and your application will be accepted.

7. 68 SUNSEEKER PREDATOR – Charlie Fox

Charlie Fox is also one of the biggest luxury yachts in Ibiza, as it can accommodate up to 12 people, who can spend some of the most amazing times on a long deck or in one of two double or one single cabins. Two crew members will answer all the questions, and the captain will be more than happy to show some hidden beaches with fewer people where you can enjoy snorkeling with the equipment that can be found on the boat. The chill vibe will last the entire trip thanks to the big hits, drinks, and those who want to get tanned can find towels and enjoy the sun, but the fact that makes this yacht an exceptional one is the renting price, as it’s one of the less costly yachts.


There isn’t a better way to spend 8 hours or more than spending that time with those you deeply care about while on a yacht where everything is provided and swimming in the turquoise waters. Even if you are afraid of swimming in deep waters, you will have lots of fun on one of the longest yachts available, with plenty of room for some quiet time as well. Understandably, in order to rent Leopard 90, you will have to set aside a bit more money, but it’s more than worth it as the fun and the entire experience on this yacht are something you simply cannot get anyplace else.

9. PRINCESS V58 – Make My Day

The name says it all – Make My Day luxury yacht in Ibiza will surely make everyone’s day much better. The boat is big enough so 12 people can enjoy snorkeling, sunbathing, or simply drinking some of the best wines and cocktails and eating tasty snacks while observing the beautiful Balearics. The captain will drive to places you won’t believe are real, and another crew member will take care of you to have everything you need. Even if some of you get tired, you can choose between two double and one single cabin to recharge batteries and continue the party. 


Another luxury boat that can be a perfect fit for a day trip is LADY KC. Even though many people can board and enjoy staying on this yacht as it’s one of the longest you can rent, up to 12 people can have a really great time, and even if you want to rent it for an entire night, there is enough room for everyone. Of course, a large sundeck is there to add to the experience, as everyone aboard will have enough space to get a tan. Other extracurricular activities are also included and don’t be shy to ask for a recommendation regarding where to go, as captain and stewardess will be more than happy to show and lead you to some ideal spot from your dreams.

Rent The Best Boats For Charter in Ibiza

One of the best ways to experience Ibiza is by exploring as much of this island as possible, and there isn’t a better way to do so than by renting a boat. The great thing is that there are various options and something for everyone’s pocket, meaning there is no excuse for you not to at least think about this option. Of course, some people prefer spending more time at the beach or going to a nightclub, but a great thing about these boats is that you can get all that while still having a sense of privacy as there is a limitation to the number of people that can board.

The Bottom Line

Although it is not easy to choose the best luxury boat in Ibiza among the many great ones on this list, Make My Day will do just what its name says, and it is our recommendation. Of course, it is not just because of the name, as this big yacht can accommodate up to 12 people and provide them with the best vacation in their lives for an affordable price.


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