Luxury Villas For Meditation Retreats in Ibiza

Many people ask, “What is the best way to experience Ibiza,” and even though there isn’t a simple answer, the best way to really learn what this island represents, the cultural and historical heritage, plus why it is the tourist capital of the world is by booking a stay. Now, the trick is to look at Ibiza as a getaway, an ideal place to ease the mind, get rid of all that gathered stress, and simply relax.

The best way to experience the best of Ibiza and truly relax while on vacation is by planning and booking a meditation retreat or, to be more precise, a yoga retreat. Yes, although many believe this is impossible, Ibiza is much more than just a “Place to have fun,” which brings us to the topic at hand – the best Ibiza Villas for meditation retreats.

Top 5 Villas For Meditation Retreats in Ibiza

Although it might seem like it is not easy to find a villa in Ibiza where you can relax, meditate, and connect to your inner self, since the most popular thing about this amazing island is parties that never stop, the truth is much different. Ibiza has many retreats where you can practice yoga, meditate, and dedicate to your inner self in peaceful and calm places without crowds and noise.

Since we know how challenging it can be to find the right villa with yoga areas that can provide you with the much-needed peace after a few days of dancing your heart out, we have created a list of the five most popular ones, and we will present them to you in the text below.


Beautiful renovated farmhouse in Morna Valley

4 Bedrooms | 3 Bathrooms | 8 Guests

Casa Ibicenco Villa For Rent in Ibiza

For those who want to relax away from the crowds, there is no better place than a cosy farmhouse, Casa Ibicenco, located in one of the most picturesque landscapes of Ibiza – Morna Valley. The house seems like it comes straight from a fairytale, thanks to its own drive and an amazing garden that surrounds it, and a spacious swimming pool and a terrace will quickly become your favourite place to relax. The villa is split into two floors and has four bedrooms, three bathrooms, a kitchen, and a dining room, fully renovated with the trendiest materials in 2021.

Although the villa is a real oasis of peace, it is located near the breath-taking near precious Ibiza’s village, San Carlos, where you can enjoy amazing buildings, beautiful church, restaurants with tasteful local food, and a big playground for kids. The house is also equipped with SAT TV and high-speed Internet connection, but thanks to the breathtaking view, it is the least important thing. Since there is a cleaning service three times a week, all you need to do is relax and enjoy yoga training in one of the most peaceful places in the entire island.




massage area


Starting from – € 4,752/week

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Stylish Scandinavian design with sea and coastal views

5 Bedrooms | 4 Bathrooms | 10 Guests

Can Senna Villa For Rent in Ibiza

People who have visited Ibiza at least once in a lifetime agree that there is no more beautiful sunset in the world, and if you decide to stay in Can Senna, you will have the opportunity to enjoy it every evening, thanks to its location. It is located on the cliff of Es Cubells and provides its guests with a breathtaking view of the Mediterranean Sea. This boutique hotel has five bedrooms on three floors, which means each guest has enough privacy and comfort, and each room is decorated with natural materials that give a modern, trendy look.

As for the outdoor area, the white house stands as a real jewel in the Mediterranean sun, and the spacious rooftop swimming pool only adds to its beauty. Guests can also relax on some of the terraces and enjoy their yoga classes on specially designed platforms, all surrounded by pine trees full of pleasant fragrances.



sea view

roof terrace bar

Starting from – € 8,979/week

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Authentic farmhouse set on a hill overlooking the Bay of San Antonio

6 Bedrooms | 5 Bathrooms | 12 Guests

Can Harley Villa For Rent in Ibiza

Just imagine spending a few days in one of the oldest houses in Ibiza and experiencing the true spirit of this beautiful island. It is now possible to enjoy the authentic farmhouse, thanks to the renovated Can Harley, which is listed for architectural merit, and even the renovation didn’t change the unique look. The family that has owned the house for more than 200 years took care to preserve everything they could, so guests can now see the authentic stone inside.

Can Harley has six bedrooms, a fully-equipped kitchen, a dining area, and everything else you might need, but the outdoor area is where you will spend most of your time, thanks to the infinity pool, terraces, and spacious dining area. Yoga lovers can enjoy the most beautiful sunsets and sunrises during their classes, thanks to the perfect location of the house, which is situated near San Rafael village.



country view


Starting from – € 6,195/week

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Rustic hideaway is nestled in the protected forests

12 Bedrooms | 12 Bathrooms | 20 Guests

Villa Astral For Rent in Ibiza

Experience the charm of Villa Astral, a unique 10-bedroom estate with a guest house that combines boutique hotel luxury and Ibicencan style. Situated on 132,000m2 of private grounds with stunning valley views, it’s just minutes from San Mateu, a town known for great restaurants and a historic church.

The property features a 140m2 private pool, AC, central heating, and various entertainment options, including ping pong and yoga spaces. A forest path leads to a clifftop viewpoint with sea and sunset views. You’ll find entertainment options like a game area with ping pong, a dedicated deck for yoga and fitness activities, and a scenic forest path leading to a clifftop viewpoint, offering mesmerizing sea and sunset vistas. Villa Astral is also an ideal choice for groups, as well as private events like weddings and birthdays.



breakfast chef


Starting from – € 9,563/week

Book Villa Astral Today!


An exceptionally property with versatile layout and elevated views

6 Bedrooms | 5 Bathrooms | 12 Guests

Villa Margo For Rent in Ibiza

In the context of the view and how relaxing it can be, you will not find it better than this one. Yes, everything one might seek they can find here, from the panoramic view of the Mediterranean Sea to the sight of the Sun going down while its last rays blast over the Ses Salinas and Formentera. Even if this isn’t enough, the greenery surrounding the villa is there to enhance the entire experience, and as a plus, the entire decor is set to please everyone’s taste. Overall, there is no better relaxation villa than this one, especially for those seeking a simple yet hard-to-find place to ease the mind.

Besides all this, the interior of the place is decorated so that those who stay here can experience what it was like approximately 200 years ago. In addition to all the features, this villa has everything one can desire, as everything is designed so that those who stay here can rest and really enjoy their private space without having to experience the wild side of Ibiza. Also, yoga sessions are available, which can be a great way to start the day as there is a morning session, ideal for those who want to stretch and feel energized before they embark on the journey of exploring the island.





Starting from – € 21,600/week

Book Villa Margo Today!


It’s tough to pick the best anything regarding Ibiza, as there is something for everyone’s taste, and the island has become a true heaven on earth. But, if we had to select the ideal place for meditation as something one desires, then these five villas should definitely be on your list. Booking your stay here doesn’t even have to be that pricey, as you can always book it in advance or pick a date when you don’t have to pay as much, but overall, regardless of “when” you get here, one thing is definitely granted – you will get everything you seek if not more.

Want to know more?

Are you interested in finding out more about peaceful meditation retreat villas in Ibiza or would you like to explore similar options?

Simply head to our main villa page to view all our lovely villas, or feel free to contact us. We will do our best to find the most beautiful and magical villa for you and your friend or family.


Your journey to inner peace starts here!



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