If you’re someone who’s planning a dreamy, excitement-filled getaway to Ibiza, then let us tell you this: be prepared for literally anything. 


Get ready to witness esteemed clubs that host some of the most mind-blowing parties in the world, along with world-famous  artists that will send a flutter down your spine with their musical talent. 

The party season in Ibiza usually kicks off in May and goes on until the middle of October. It attracts many tourists each year, who flock to the island to seek dancing, drinking, and nonstop fun.


Opening Parties

If you’re a travel freak, you know how joyful it is to explore diverse places on Earth, and when we’re talking about Ibiza, it is no secret how thrilling the whole experience can get. There is really no limit to how much fun you can have on the island. When you’re in Ibiza, you don’t have to follow any rules. You can carve out a memorable experience there — one that’s worth your money and time. 


The legendary opening parties of Ibiza back up everything we just talked about. They start off during the middle of May (sometimes late May) and consist of some of the largest, most glamorous parties on the island hosted by many famous clubs. 


Talented international DJs visit Ibiza during this period to wake everyone up from their slumber and instil a spirit of endless partying. 


Here’s a warning from our side: Ibiza’s opening parties can get quite wild during this season. So, it is always a good idea to have all your senses fully functioning in order to enjoy an eventful day on the island. We must also warn you that tickets sell out pretty fast, so hurry up and grab some for yourself and your friends before you miss out.


Last year in 2021 Amnesia was the only club to host an Opening Party, watch this space for more updates.

When Does Ibiza Opening Party Season Take Place?

Just like its closing parties, Ibiza’s opening parties don’t begin according to an official schedule in place, which means that there’s no definite time as to when the season starts or ends

During the past few years, the IMS (International Music Summit) has been seen by many as an official timeline when the season is truly set in motion. The end of the conference finale by IMS, arranged at Dalt Vila each year, is usually the same weekend when you’ll notice many other opening parties kicking off. 


The first clubs to open are usually Amnesia, Privilege, Ushuaia and Hi Ibiza, and Pacha, Eden and Es Paradis shorty after.

For greater precision, it is always advised that you look out for opening dates for your specific favourite Ibiza club, because you wouldn’t want to miss out on the world’s greatest parties, would you? 


Note: Under typical circumstances, IMS takes place between May 20-24, which means that normally, the majority of the island’s opening parties start off between 21st-23rd May. This year, however, is totally different because of covid-19. The schedule now totally depends on the situation with flights and the opening of the respective borders. It has been announced that IMS will not be taking place in 2021 and will re-open for its visitors next year in April of 2022.


Closing Parties: What are they and when do they start?

The closing parties of Ibiza mark the end of a party season, the warm summer season that began in May.  They start in September and October and are a means of saying goodbye to summer until next year when the sun shines bright again. 


Each club on the island hosts its very own special closing party. This party, combined with a handful of other events, work together to pay great tribute to the long summer season and the extraordinary parties that accompanied it.



Last year in 2021 Amnesia was the only club to host a Closing Party, watch this space for more updates.


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