Best Places To Pre-Drink In Ibiza

Best Place to Pre-Drink in Ibiza

Getting lost in paradise and letting the isle guide you is probably the best moto for your vacation. Understandably, Ibiza is world famous for its parties and clubbing, which is why you should know that there are three main areas of nightlife here, San Antonio, Playa D’en Bossa, and Ibiza Town. A great thing about this is that there are plenty of bars to choose from, which is great, but one can easily get distracted and miss out on having an even better time, which is why we will focus on the best place to pre-drink in Ibiza so that you don’t miss anything.

Best Places To Pre-Drink in San Antonio

Sipping cocktails, enjoying the view, and having a great experience, in general, are granted on this island, but the San Antonio area has something unique to offer. Namely, it is the second biggest clubbing destination on the island, and it’s also where mostly younger clubbers gather. That is why this easygoing ambiance can be a great way to make some new friends and memories that will last forever. On the plus side, this is an area that’s a little bit less expensive compared to the other two as well.

1) Ibiza Rocks Bar

Like every other bar and restaurant during the day, this one also has a generous night party offer, which makes it ideal for everyone, regardless if the goal is to party all night or to sit back and enjoy the sunset while listening to the sounds of music mixing with the sounds of waves. As for why this can be a great pre-party destination in Ibiza, the bar’s location is perfect as it’s close to the sea, and the drinks and food are pretty affordable. The only thing to worry about is finding a free table, as it can get a bit crowded, but even waiting a couple of minutes on the beach or spending that time swimming and simply enjoying a wonderful and picturesque will be worth it.

Ibiza Rocks Bar

2) Savannah

If you’re looking for the perfect sunset experience then check out this bar! The best way to describe it is by saying that it’s highly popular throughout the day, and you can enjoy your breakfast, lunch, or dinner here or wait for the DJ to start making some noise. Of course, it’s also the ideal destination for pre-drink, as you will get that positive vibe that’s possible only in Ibiza and enjoy a variety of cocktails and unique beverages while having an astonishing view of the sunset from the terrace of this bar. Just like with most bars, the only downside is that you would probably have to book in advance just to be sure, especially if you want to stay on the terrace, as finding a spot at night can be a bit challenging. Overall, if you want to experience a genuine Mediterranean way of life, make sure not to miss this bar.

Please note that Savannah is currently closed as there are construction works on the whole building, no updates of re-opening just yet.

3) Shenanigans

If you love crowded places with a number of bars stretching for as far as you can see, then the West End of San Antonio is the ideal place for you. Knowing this, it’s nothing strange that this is where the party never stops, and this definitely is something everyone has to experience while in Ibiza. It can be a great way to start your evening by having a drink or two at Shenanigans, just to soak up the atmosphere and all that while planning where to go next and which club to hit. Going to bars before the big clubs is a great way to socialize and meet new people. You can get the best possible experience by having a few drinks at bars like this one, and due to its location, this bar is a great pre-drink solution. The outside area has plenty of tables to sit at and inside you can dance and enjoy the DJs. As for the bar, it is a classic Irish bar where you can sip some Guinness, relax, have a bite, and create a plan for the evening.

Shenanigans Ibiza

Best Places To Pre-Drink Playa D'en Bossa

Even though the price for drinks and food in bars in the San Antonio area is a bit lower, the Playa D’en Bossa area provides a unique partying experience. The difference price-wise isn’t that big, especially if searching for wild nightlife is the goal. On the other hand, this area is great even for those who just want to spend a relaxing day at one of the most beautiful beaches on this island, which is why visiting Playa D’en Bossa is something we highly recommend. Nightlife-wise, there are only a handful of places across the globe with more entertainment venues, which says enough about how exciting the nightlife here is.

1) Tantra

When there are so many bars with such great venues and live performances, it’s difficult to single anyone out, but Tantra is definitely worth highlighting. It is a bar where everyone gathers, and while some love to spend the entire evening here and enjoy various artists performing, others use it as the best meeting point. It’s great to have a pre-club bar in Ibiza like Tantra, as the price of the drinks is reasonable, and supper clubs are just around the corner. It is the hub of everyone on Playa D’en Bossa, and if you are a sports person, you will not miss a game here, as they show many sport events live.

2) Murphy's bar

Yet another bar that tourists use as the perfect meeting place because it has everything one might need. Great drinks and cocktails and lots of people are something you can expect, as it is in the heart of Playa D’en Bossa, so everyone comes here at some point during the day. Besides that, it’s here where you can also find tickets for all the clubs and events you might want, and pre-drink options wise, this fact surely makes it one of the best. The bar itself has a vibrant atmosphere, and if you enjoy house music then don’t be surprised if you end up having a few more drinks than planned.

Best Places To Pre-Drink in Ibiza Town

For those coming for their first time here, the best way to start your journey is Ibiza Town. It has everything one might need and can be a great starting point for your amazing Ibiza experience. The port area alone provides some great food, drinking, and shopping options, while sandy beaches, crystal clear water, and the music beat everywhere you go will make the journey a one-of-a-kind experience. On the other hand, the nightlife is something that you simply need to experience, as the capital of this island is known for many things, and nightclubs and wild nightlife is definitely at the top of that list.

1. The Rock Bar

Besides having lots of fun in Ibiza, the views are also something you will remember forever, and the view from this bar will leave you speechless. Even if you don’t find a place on the terrace, you will still have a great view of the harbor in Ibiza’s Old Town, with plenty of yachts reflecting the lights coming from this bar. As for why pick this bar as a pre-party destination in Ibiza, the short answer is cocktails, as they are some of the best you will find on this island. It’s definitely something you wouldn’t want to miss.

2. Paradise Lost

Many consider this bar a hidden gem, which makes it an ideal place to pre-drink in Ibiza. Of course, it’s not like no one goes here, but even though it is in the heart of one of the main partying areas, the Ibiza Old Town, it still provides a bit more relaxed atmosphere. On a plus note, even though this area is considered the most expensive one, the prices at Paradise Lost are more than reasonable, and if one thing is granted, it’s that you will fall in love with their cocktails. Make sure to try their rum specialties, as this is something this bar is well-known for, and make sure to book in advance as the place is much smaller than you might expect from a bar in Ibiza, but a wonderful view from the terrace will compensate for that.

Paradise Lost

3. Jacks

If you are for an Irish pub to relax and maybe watch a few football games, then you are in luck, as Jacks Pub is precisely that. The owners are very friendly and the atmosphere is very chilled where you can socialize and meet new people if you want, just spend a few minutes at this bar, and you will understand our point. Understandably, drinking Guinness is a must while here, as even if you are not a beer lover, the ambiance and everything else at Jacks will make you wish to try a pint of this beverage. Besides that, in the spirit of traditional Irish bars, this is also a great place to watch live sports, but the only downside is that there is no food. Jacks is a great pre-club bar in Ibiza where you can have a pint or two, see highlights of your favourite team match, and then start clubbing.


Is Ibiza cheap for drinks?

The best way to describe the prices in Ibiza is by stating that you pay for the atmosphere and everything this island has to offer. Understandably, this means that the prices are a bit higher than other destinations, which shouldn’t come as a surprise. Now, the biggest thing we need to clarify is that Ibiza is not just for the richest people, far from it, and even though it is a bit more expensive destination, the price for drinks is moderate. That means that if you want to spend lots of money at some super club in Ibiza, it’s more than possible, but you can also find a hidden gem as a pre-club bar in Ibiza with reasonable drink prices. In bar the average price for a pint of beer is €3.5-€8 while the cocktails are €8- €12, as in some places up to €15. In nightclubs a bottle of beer is around €10-€12 while a spirit and a mixer, eg vodka coke is €15-€20.

What time can you buy alcohol in Ibiza?

In super markets and stores, you can buy alcohol until 10 pm. After this time the only place you will get served are bars and clubs. If you’re at a club, you can get your favourite alcoholic beverage right until closing time which is 6 or 7 am.

What is the 6 drink rule in Ibiza?

Recently Ibiza has introduced the six drinks rule. This only applies to some all-inclusive hotels and states that you can consume a maximum of six drinks in a day. Namely, they can serve up to three drinks for lunch and three drinks during dinner, after this you will have to pay for each drink individually.

Is it better to use a card or cash in Ibiza?

This entirely depends on your personal preferences, but we must add that having lots of cash on you is never a good idea, regardless of where you are. In addition, sometimes finding ATMs can be difficult, which can just make the entire experience a bit worse. So, to avoid any unpleasant situations, just use cards and have some spare cash in your wallet so can focus on what really matters, which is having the time of your life! We also strongly recommend getting a bank card solely for international payments, such as Monzo or Starling, as you won’t be charged for each transaction, unlike when using a card from your own country.

Final thoughts

Visiting Ibiza and not hitting at least one club is simply impossible here. Even if you just came here to learn more about this island and the cultural side of it, or to relax and enjoy wonderful beaches and crystal clear water, the music and the sole vibe of this place will make you want to go to some club. That is why having pre-club bars in Ibiza to start with can be of much help, and bars listed above in all three main hotspots of this island should come in pretty handy in picking where to start, but as for where you will end the night, we leave that up to you.


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