16 Best Rooftop Bars in Ibiza

Solo Travel in Ibiza: Best Rooftop Bar

Are you planning a special celebration for your anniversary or just casual drinks before a party with stunning views? Then look no further because Ibiza’s rooftop bars are fantastic places to both chill and party.

The rooftop bar is a special spot where you can enjoy one of the island’s most awe-inspiring vistas. It’s such a magical experience to look down on a city from a rooftop, and a great place to get away from the city’s noise and rush. A rooftop bar is undoubtedly the best place to enjoy the sea breeze on a warm day or the dazzling lights of a starry night.

Over the past few years, rooftop bars have experienced a huge surge in popularity. Customers seeking out uncommon and memorable experiences as well as those who live in cities with a restricted amount of outdoor space are drawn to these sky-high locations.
These rooftop bars won’t let you down whether you want to relax and have a drink while enjoying the view or utilize it as a rest stop between exploring the greatest shopping in Ibiza.

What is a rooftop bar?

A lot of terraced roofs or levels with rooftop gardens that have been transformed into lovely patios or, in the case of restaurants and hotels which provide breathtaking vistas, chic drinks, and elegant cuisine. This approach was taken by most of the well-known establishments in major cities, which converted top floors and terraces into outdoor lounges and garden areas. These open-air patios are hence commonly referred to as Rooftop Bars.

16 Best Ibiza's Rooftop Bars

There are numerous locations in Ibiza where you may enjoy a pleasant drink while taking in the sights. A visit to a rooftop bar on the island, where there are options for chic, laid-back, and vibrant settings, is made even more spectacular by the warm climate and breath-taking beauty of the place.

 Which rooftop bar in Ibiza is the greatest, then? Simply browse the list below to find the Ibiza rooftop bar that’s right for you. Let’s view some of Ibiza’s greatest rooftop bars to find out which ones you shouldn’t miss.

1. Radio ME Ibiza Rooftop Bar

The fifth-story terrace, which is beachfront and close to Santa Eulalia on Ibiza’s east coast, provides a truly magical 360-degree view of the sea and the island. The Radio restaurant offers top-notch tapas and fresh seafood, and the rooftop bar provides outstanding cocktails. Radio ME Ibiza Rooftop Bar is a terrific place for a more relaxed night out with amazing views.

At Radio Me Ibiza Rooftop Bar, you can taste delicious Mediterranean food prepared by top chefs. So, get ready to tuck into the town’s most delightful cocktails and views!

Radio ME Ibiza Rooftop Bar

2. Maymanta

Maymanta is a chic rooftop restaurant and an impressive rooftop bar, which is located above the opulent Aguas de Ibiza Grand Luxe Hotel in Santa Eulalia. Both couples and singles can spend a romantic evening here and enjoy wonderful food and a great atmosphere and there are also some unusual flavors which make it more interesting.

At Maymanta’s fantastic rooftop bar, you can try the culinary works of the young Peruvian chef while enjoying the magnificent sunset. Among the meals available here are salmon with tiger milk, roasted peanuts, and chives.

This makes it a fantastic location for a warm lunch, a special dinner, or just some delicious cocktails and stunning views. Sounds fantastic!

Maymanta Rooftop Bar in Ibiza

3. Tirappalla

Tirappalla will make your rooftop experience in Ibiza unforgettable. This rooftop in Ibiza Town is situated on Calle d’Alfons XII and offers some of the best views of the area as it provides a clear view of Dalt Vila, the city’s historic core.

The bar Tirapalla Ibiza is a gathering spot for locals and visitors who get lost in the enchanted streets of the city’s historic center in search of something new. There is something for everyone on their menu, which includes both classic cocktails and outstanding unique drinks.

4. Malecón at Cubanito

The excellent and trendy concept hotel Cubanito Ibiza, which is situated halfway between Cala Gració and San Antonio, transports a significant portion of Havana to the Mediterranean. Malecón rooftop bar is likewise not an exception. You can take advantage of activities like yoga sessions, live music evenings, and salsa lessons here.

It’s also an excellent location for your Instagram collection. The rooftop patio is a terrific place to unwind and bask in the stunning views of the Mediterranean sunset while sipping on some Latin-inspired cocktails. It is one of the famous hotels in Ibiza.

Malecón at Cubanito

5. Epic Infinity Lounge at Bless Hotel

The 5-star Bless Hotel Ibiza, which is situated in a peaceful area of Eastern Ibiza, offers an incredible top-floor experience called Epic Infinity Lounge. Here, you can savor a menu with hand-selected ceviche, salads, dim sum, chirashi, sushi, tacos, and other exotic specialties that will transport you on a culinary journey via the flavors of Asia and Latin America.

The Epic Infinity Lounge, is an ideal location for deluxe relaxation. You can simply book a table or a daybed to relish the atmosphere, food, beverages, music, and views. Overall, it’s a great offer for a relaxing day out and getting in a flip-flop state of mind!

Epic Infinity Lounge at Bless Hotel

6. OD Sky Bar at OD Ocean Drive

The spectacular Ocean Drive Sky Bar is situated on the hotel’s rooftop which offers stunning views of the Mediterranean Sea, Formentera, and Dalt Vila, the historic district of Ibiza. A wonderful setting where you can enjoy a cooling swim while holding a cocktail in your hand.

The sensation of experiencing it in person is beyond anything you can comprehend. With an extensive menu that includes nutritious options as well as regional specialties like charcoal-grilled meats and freshly cooked fish, everything is provided with Mediterranean elegance and Ibiza flair. A great location for private events and gatherings and pleasant surrounding, so relax here and worry less.

OD Sky Bar at OD Ocean Drive

7. Sa Punta Restaurant

Sa Punta has been operating for about 20 years and enjoys a prime site on a promontory just north of Cala Bona. In the summer, you can choose to eat in the lovely garden, which is shaded by palm trees and other vegetation, or on the terrace beside the Mediterranean.

On many summer nights, live music and frequent guitarists contributes to the romantic ambiance of the place. You can find delicious rice dishes, fish & seafood, meats, and local vegetables here. So, it is the ideal location for a family dinner.

Sa Punta Restaurant, Ibiza

8. The Ninth

The Ninth has earned a spot on Ibiza’s top rooftop bars list. The best 360-degree views of the Mediterranean Sea can be seen at this location which was created to look like the deck of a luxury yacht. All visitors are welcome to this location, which is located on the top floor of the well-known Hard Rock Hotel Ibiza.

With numerous seating areas and an amazing view, the decor is stylish and opulent. Cocktails made by skilled waiters and nibbles created by the hotel’s renowned chefs will be the ideal accompaniment for summer warm evenings. Additionally, music is available in every corner, so what more could you ask for?

The Ninth Rooftop Bar in Ibiza

9. Belvue Rooftop Bar Ibiza

The wonderful Amàre Beach Hotel Ibiza is an adults-only establishment that is admirably situated near Bou Cove in San Antonio Bay. The Belvue rooftop bar is open every day from around noon until late at night and serves amazing unique cocktails.

The nearby rooftop restaurant Hayaca is the greatest choice for the ideal evening experience, though the rooftop bar also offers a meal menu with a broad variety of international dishes. Here, live music is also available for your enjoyment, so you can be sure to have a wonderful evening.

Belvue - Amàre Beach Hotel Ibiza

10. Up Ibiza Sky Society

Nothing compares to a breath-taking view from the top of the globe, especially if it’s from the nicest rooftop terrace in Ibiza! A truly beautiful view of the sea and the setting sun can be seen at Up Ibiza Sky Society, located on the top of The Ushuaia Tower. Truly one of the most upscale spots on the island is the rooftop Up Ibiza Sky Bar. Feel like a superstar among an upscale and fashionable clientele in a setting that exudes style.

Enjoy a variety of seafood meals and mouth-watering champagne while admiring the most breath-taking views of the island and the Ushuaia celebration. Keep reaching for the stars since Ibiza’s clear sky is waiting for you from the afternoon till late at night.

Up Ibiza Sky Society

11. Rooftop Nine

On top of the Innside by Meliá Ibiza near San Antonio Bay is Rooftop Nine. It is not placed on the ninth level, as the name would imply, but rather on the fifth. However, this does not cease the rooftop patio from providing some spectacular 360-degree views of San Antonio Bay and the nearby countryside.

The rooftop bar is open and friendly to everyone and its menu features everything from delectable cocktails, wine, and refreshing beer to great Mediterranean cuisine and global favorites.

For this summer rooftop fun, that’s pretty much all you need.

12. The Rooftop - Nobu Ibiza Bay Hotel

The Nobu Hotel Ibiza Bay‘s Rooftop Summer Series is anticipated to become a popular island destination. On the breathtaking Roof Terrace of Nobu Ibiza Bay, which is just minutes away from Ibiza Old Town, you can embrace island life in true Ibizan flair this summer.

From conscious sensual classes and sound bath therapy to electronic dance meditation and live art performances with food, drink, and music, this multipurpose venue offers a variety of activities.

All events held on the roof terrace are open to hotel guests without charge, sounds incredible!

The Rooftop - Nobu Ibiza Bay Hotel

13. Sky Bar - MiM Ibiza Es Vive

This chic hotel with Art Deco architecture is close to the city center and the beach. It features a great outdoor pool and a roof deck with breath-taking views of the ocean. The eatery, which was designed in the 1930s, offers a variety of international meals, such as deli sandwiches and brunch items prepared in the New York manner. The bar has modern furniture and a colorful interior.

Additionally, the spa of Hotel Es Vive offers a variety of massages and cosmetic procedures. Couples frequently like staying at Hotel MiM Ibiza & Spa – Adults Only, so remember to include it when planning your next trip with your partner.

Sky Bar - MiM Ibiza Es Vive

14. Gran Hotel Montesol

The Gran Hotel Montesol Ibiza is situated in the core of Ibiza’s old town. One of the most stunning views on the island may be seen at the Montesol Rooftop, a special location. Enjoy a breath-taking view of the citadel while getting away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Discover a drink and tapas menu with Mediterranean influences when you visit. So don’t waste your time and visit this location as it is ideal for couples who want to have some private moments.

Gran Hotel Montesol

15. Gravity Lounge - TRS Hotel

The upscale rooftop bar, Gravity, is located close to Cala Gracio at the newly renovated TRS Ibiza Hotel. It offers breathtaking views of the surrounding islands, Conillera and Illa des Bosc.

The evenings at Gravity are consistently top-notch. Close your eyes and see yourself sipping a cocktail created by skilled chefs, feeling the sun and sea wind caress your skin, enjoying live music, and having one of the most beautiful vistas of San Antonio Bay in front of you. Just open your eyes and visit Gravity Sky Lounge to experience it now. 

Gravity Lounge - TRS Hotel

16. Patchwork at Sa Punta

The first and only Lebanese restaurant in Ibiza, Patchwork rooftop restaurant and bar is situated next to the sea in a vibrant environment with a stunning Dalt Vila vista. Every day from sundown until three in the morning, a delectable shared menu of handcrafted Asian specialties, light nibbles, and traditional dishes is available here.

It is a fantastic place to eat, complete with wonderful food and views. The setting and lovely decor only serve to highlight the breathtaking views, and the meals are also excellent. Therefore, it’s a fantastic rooftop bar with lots of fun to avail.

Patchwork at Sa Punta

How To Book A Table At Rooftop Bars in Ibiza?

While to some places you can walk it and get a table, we strongly recommend making a reservation before your visit, as some of these spots are in high demand, especially in the months of July and August.

The best way to secure your spot is by making an online reservation or giving the bar a call. We recommend on making the reservation at least a week before your arrival however if you don’t have one, just walk it and you might get a table.

Final Thoughts

This beautiful island is renowned for its nonstop party scene and ever-bubbling nightlife. Every year, the area welcomes thousands of tourists, travellers, party goers and has a wide range of fantastic sights and activities to offer.

The cherry on top is the rooftop bars, which provide opulent spaces to chill. Don’t miss the opportunity to visit one of these best rooftop bars the next time you make plans. We promise you won’t experience fear of heights ever again!


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