San Antonio beach

WHERE is san antonio?

San Antonio, located on the west coast of Ibiza, is one of the hottest tourist destinations on the island, drawing in young party enthusiasts from the UK and other parts of Europe like a strong magnet, every single year.


San Antonio’s popularity is due to many reasons, primarily being its jaw-dropping location. It’s located in San Antonio Bay, one of the most gorgeous natural harbours in the world. The beautiful sunsets you can witness at the all-famous Sunset Strip are unlike any other place.


Another reason why it’s so popular amongst young party-seekers is because of its affordability. San Antonio is a much cheaper location as compared to other areas on the island. The super-clubs you can visit here for the best possible clubbing experience are – Eden and Es Paradis. However, there are uncountable bars with spacious dance floors where you can drink and dance all your worries away.


WHAT TO DO in san antonio?

San Antonio is a land that is well-known for the wide range of bars, clubs, and restaurant options it presents to its locals and tourists alike. If you’re looking to have a blast clubbing from morning to night time, you can easily access the super-clubs of San Antonio: Eden, and Es Paradis.



These 2 clubs are right in the centre of San Antonio, but some of the other super-clubs of Ibiza, such as Amnesia, Privilege and Underground are around 15 minutes by taxi (fare 15-20), whereas Pacha, Ushuaïa, Hï Ibiza are a little bit further away – 20-25 minutes in a taxi (around 30).


On the other hand, if you’re a pool party fan, you can have the ultimate open-air pool experience at venues such as O Beach Ibiza and Ibiza Rocks.



If you’re a daytime clubber with a craving for partying in broad daylight and warmth of the sun, you can access the Ibiza Rocks Hotel (unofficially known as the ‘home of the pool party’) or the O Beach Ibiza Beach Club located on the promenade of San Antonio, and dance to your heart’s desire, in or around the pool, to some of the best tunes played by the most popular DJ’s in the world. 


Alternatively, feel free to catch the disco bus from the main bus station. It picks up passengers every 30 minutes, starting from midnight, the journey will cost you only a few Euros.



Downtown San Antonio has an area called The West End, The Strip or simply West End. This is the entertainment district in the city centre, which is yet another affordable place for lots of clubbing, booze, fun, and great nightlife experiences, all while you’re on a budget. The famous San Antonio West End is your one-stop-shop for having a good time. It consists of a long street of large bars and places to eat.


Based around Carrer Santa Agnès, the place consists of pedestrianised streets and one long bar strip that caters to all types of party lovers. It is home to diverse types of bars, pubs, and small discos.


Some of the more popular bars in the West End area include the Revolutions, Dub Diamond, Soho, Soul City, Koppas, Taboo, and Tropicanas. Generally, bars tend to play more commercial EDM and house music compared to the rest of the Balearic Island. On the outside of these clubs, plenty of chairs and tables are arranged for holidaymakers and fun-seekers to sit and enjoy a drink… or two.

The bars located in the West End are open from May to the end of September every year. There are also a few bars that are open throughout the week during the months of April and October. All months, from November to March, are usually the off period for the majority of West End’s bars. 



San Antonio is best known because of its Sunset Strip. The strip presents its party animals with a group of different bars to choose from. This area is the go-to place for large crowds of people who gather together every evening to watch the sunset, all while vibing to the backdrop of miraculous beats played by world-famous DJs at Café del Mar and Café Mambo.



The bars, clubs, and soul-refreshing parties aren’t the only joys San Antonio has to offer. It also presents its visitors with plenty of opportunities to practise water sports, as well as other leisure activities, all while enjoying the breath-taking natural surroundings of the area.




Eden, according to the club’s philosophy, is a major player in the electronic scene and is considered to be San Antonio’s second super-club. Thanks to the new management, it received a complete architectural, aesthetic, and musical make-over in 2013.



The club is situated atop one of the most beautiful islands in the world. The club presents itself as the ultimate holiday clubbing experience due to its incredible offering of the famous Fiesta Del Agua, a spectacular water party, original to the club’s traditions.



Ibiza Rocks is a perfect fusion of the best accommodation and the most unforgettable party-fuelled clubbing experiences of your lifetime. It is famous for its exquisite pool parties and fancy dine-ins. The Ibiza Rocks Hotel is located by the Ibiza Rocks, in the centre of the town San Antoni de Portmany.


Known for winning the DJ Award for The Best Bar in Ibiza, Café Mambo is situated in Sant Antoni de Portmany on the beautiful island of Ibiza. Café Mambo is the perfect entertainment venue to step into for a pre-party before your night at Ibiza’s finest superclubs.



Situated on the West Coast of Ibiza, San Antonio, O Beach Ibiza is a lavish beach resort that’s famous for its crazy-fun festive poolside parties and live shows hosted by some of the best DJs out there, and its magnetic aerial performances. This resort is situated in an ideal location — along the majestic S’Arenal waterfront — and is a perfect example of what an ideal glam-filled beach club should look like.


HOW TO GET to San Antonio?

San Antonio prioritises its visitors’ convenience and presents them with an excellent system of bus connections that travel to and from all the major resorts in the area. You can also use this system to get to the airport, which is about 20km away.


San Antonio’s all-famous disco bus travels all night long and takes locals and tourists to almost all the clubs in the area, as well as to Ibiza Town and the clubbing resort of Playa d’en Bossa.


Parking areas and public car parks are also available, both for free and paid. In addition, you can also find several taxi ranks in town quite easily. Taxi fares in San Antonio specifically, and in Ibiza generally, are affordable and reasonable, especially if you’re travelling with a group. For more information about this lovely town, visit https://visit.santantoni.net/


In conclusion, San Antonio stands out as a vibrant hub for party enthusiasts, situated on the west coast of Ibiza. Its allure lies in its breath-taking location, nestled in San Antonio Bay, renowned for its stunning sunsets along the Sunset Strip.


Popular among young travellers for its affordability, San Antonio offers access to top super-clubs like Eden and Es Paradis, ensuring unforgettable clubbing experiences. The bustling West End district and iconic Sunset Strip provide a myriad of options for nightlife entertainment, from diverse bars and clubs to world-class DJs at Café del Mar and Café Mambo.


Beyond its vibrant nightlife, San Antonio offers opportunities for water sports and leisure activities, ensuring a well-rounded experience for visitors. With convenient transportation options, including buses and the famed disco bus, getting around San Antonio and exploring its many attractions is hassle-free. Whether you’re dancing the night away or lounging by the pool, San Antonio promises an unforgettable adventure for those seeking excitement on the shores of Ibiza.


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