Solo Travel in Ibiza: Travelling To Ibiza Alone

Pool Party at Ibiza Rocks

Many people have trouble traveling alone, regardless of the nature of their voyage, but going on a vacation solo has plenty of benefits, especially when your destination is Ibiza. Being bored here is simply impossible because the vibe of this place will make you keep moving and exploring new things, sights, places, diners, food and more. You definitely shouldn’t be discouraged if you are travelling alone as Ibiza attracts many solo travellers each year are and it’s very easy to meet like-minded people.

Planning is the only thing needed if you don’t want to miss anything and make the most out of the vacation. Make sure to first highlight all the things you like and would like to try and see. By doing so, you will definitely have the best time here, and this guide on Solo Travel in Ibiza should also be of much help with that.

Ibiza For Singles: Solo Travellers Guide To Ibiza

Ibiza is an excellent destination for solo travellers and singles who want to have fun, meet new people, and enjoy the island’s natural beauty. Check out the info below in order to maximise your trip to the fullest!

Best Time To Go To Ibiza For Single Traveller

Ibiza has a mild climate, which means it is never too cold to go to a party, but the best time to visit it is during the spring and summer, or, better say, from May to October. It is extremely crowded during July and August, so you should book accommodation in advance if you plan to go during this period. However, if you want to save some money and enjoy Ibiza’s astonishing beaches without the crowd, choose a period from November to May however please note that during this time almost all nightclubs are closed therefore if you want to party a bit and enjoy the sun then go in the summer season.

Best Time To Go To Ibiza

Plan Your Trip After Doing The Research

Traveling to Ibiza alone requires a little research, but it is something that every trip requires, as it is the only way to plan everything in advance. Of course, you do not need to plan every moment of the trip, but we highly recommend booking the accommodation and buying a ticket to get there. Everything else should be spontaneous, as it is the only way to enjoy this beautiful island, but inform yourself in time to avoid missing something.

Things To Do in Ibiza For Singles

Going to Ibiza solo is something that many people cannot even imagine, but there are many things to do there on your own and spend a memorable vacation. Namely, besides the world’s best parties, Ibiza has a lot to offer, and it is impossible to get bored there. You can sunbathe and swim on some of the most beautiful beaches, try some water sports, or walk and explore breath-taking old towns. The options are numerous, and whoever decides to visit this island usually does not have enough time for all the activities, so they decide to come back again.

Partying all night might be the first thought of many when it comes to Ibiza, but there are many other things that make this place a must-visit. It’s needless to say that there is something for everyone, and Ibiza can also be a great destination for the entire family. You can find on this island everything from romantic sunsets to waterparks and various water activities.

Sunset Ashram in Ibiza

Activities in Ibiza

Ibiza is all about parties, nature, beaches, and crystal clear water, so there is a perfect activity for every person who is traveling to Ibiza alone. Adventurous ones can try some extreme water activities and enjoy an adrenaline rush, while those who prefer exploring the underwater world can choose snorkelling or diving. Long sandy beaches are ideal for sunbathing and swimming, and old towns are perfect places for people who love history and local legends.

Ibiza Sightseeing | 21 Best Things To Do in Ibiza Spain

Best Parties in Ibiza

Clubbing is something of a synonym for vacation in Ibiza, as the music, positive vibe, and ambiance simply keep you going all night. Of course, at a place with so many parties, it can be a bit difficult to single one out, but let’s focus on the most popular ones.

1. Pacha Ibiza

What better way to start listing parties than by mentioning Pacha Ibiza, a club that will celebrate its 50th birthday this year? As things go, they have prepared some epic events throughout the season, which is great as regardless of when you get to Ibiza, you will have a chance to experience this place. On the other hand, if you want to check out Solomun, Marco Carola, and Claptone’s performance, then make sure to book your ticket in time.

Pacha, Ibiza

2. Hi Ibiza

Voted the number 1 club in the world, Hi Ibiza is the club you need to visit when on the island. Open every day in the summer season and parties range from Tech House, House, Techno to EDM. The club has 3 rooms of music so you can definitely find something for yourself and also a couple of gardens to take a break and chill.

Hi Ibiza

3. Amnesia

If you have ever searched online for clubs in Ibiza, then this name shouldn’t come as a surprise as this club is world famous for its parties. Every year they have a different concept around which they base their events, and if you are a techno and tech house music lover, then you will find some of the best parties on the island here.

Amnesia, Ibiza

Yoga & Wellness Retreats in Ibiza

Partying all the time is fun, but it requires a lot of energy, and setting aside some time for yoga or wellness is one of the best ways to recharge the batteries and prepare for the next big party. Luckily, there are many places where Ibiza single travelers can relax and spend a day away from the crowd, and some of them are Atzaro, Soulshine, Yogarosa, and The Body Camp.

Best Water Sports in Ibiza

There are so many ways to have fun in Ibiza, which is why exploring and trying new things is highly recommended. With that said, what better way to do so than by testing yourself at some watersport you have never tried before? Luckily, there are plenty of options, and those seeking a famous adrenaline rush will find parasailing, jet skiing, and windsurfing pretty exciting. On the other hand, for those who prefer a bit less adrenaline rush yet still highly amusing watersports scubadiving, paddle boarding, and kayaking are sports you will undoubtedly enjoy. Who said that solo travel in Ibiza is dull?

Best Water Sports in Ibiza

Best Beaches To Visit in Ibiza

Since Ibiza is world famous for its long sandy beaches and crystal clear water, it is almost impossible to choose the best, so whichever beach you decide to visit, you will not be disappointed. All of them offer various activities to fulfill your day. Bars with cold drinks to refresh, and great parties for party lovers. Cala Benirrás, Cala Compte, Cala Bassa, Playa Den Bossa are just some of them, but if you want to see something astonishing, ask locals for the hidden gems.

Top 12 Best Ibiza Beaches | Find The Best Beaches in Ibiza To Visit

Best Sunset Bars in Ibiza

One of the best things about Ibiza is that regardless of whether you come alone or not, having fun is granted. You will find some of the most picturesque sights in the world here, and to make the experience even better, sunset bars are ideally positioned so that you don’t miss anything, which fits perfectly with this concept. Now, there are lots of sunset bars across the island, but Cafe del Mar, Kumharas, Café Mambo, Savannah, and Golden Buddha are some of the best for solo travellers in Ibiza.

The biggest reason is because of the ambiance, as you can get a moment to really enjoy the sunset without any noise while sipping your favourite drink and enjoying the last sunrays for that day touching your skin. Besides that, the food here just enhances the entire experience, and you can even make a thing out of dining at sunset while in Ibiza.

18 Best Sunset Bars in Ibiza | Magic Ibiza

Best Rooftop Bars in Ibiza

It can be a bit challenging to pick an ideal place to spend the evening due to so many options, but rooftop bars are something that should be on everyone’s list. Imagine having the best night out ever while in some club, and then imagine all that combined with the view from some rooftop bar like Montesol Experimental Ibiza. Can it get any better?

Namely, Montesol Experimental Ibiza is one of the best rooftop bars you will find, as it has everything. The service, food, drinks, and, of course, the view are one of a kind, which is why most people describe it as an ideal place for partying.

Up Ibiza Sky Society is located on the top of the Ushuaia Ibiza Beach Hotel, and it differs from every other bar due to its glamorous looks. The view from this rooftop bar is magnificent, as, in addition to having a great time, you will get also get the best panoramic views of the sea and Ibiza. Of course, the entire experience gets even better when you add music to it, and here you can enjoy the sounds of a DJ performing downstairs.

Solo Travel in Ibiza: Best Rooftop Bar

Instagrammable Places in Ibiza

Posting photos on social networks is something we all do every day, and luckily, you will find so many Instagrammable places in Ibiza. Literally, you can find something interesting everywhere you go, from some ancient findings to astonishing sights like the one at Es Vedra. Going to the cove of Sa Caleta will also make you crave to take a photo of this place, as it is a unique mix of crystal-clear waters surrounded by red-stoned cliffs. Even some man-made things like pink flower walls can be a great addition to your Instagram profile, but all of this is just the beginning, as, at the beach Cala Xarraca, you will find a rope swing above the water attached to the red stoned cliff which, we believe you will agree, makes it one of the most Instagrammable places in Ibiza.

Top 17 Instagrammable Places in Ibiza 

Best Hotels To Stay in Ibiza

Choosing accommodation is not easy, as there are many options in Ibiza, and even going to Ibiza solo is not a problem, as many hotels offer single rooms. The list of best hotels is long, so you should research and make a decision which is based on your own preferences. To make it a little easier, we will tell you that most solo travellers agree that OKU, The Beach Star, Six Senses, and Hard Rock Hotel are among the best, as they offer great single rooms and many different activities for solo travellers.

Of course, solo travel to Ibiza has many advantages, as it can be a great way to meet new people and try new things. So, if the goal is to get a bit of peace and quiet, then make sure to book your stay on the quiet side of the island such as Santa Eulalia. On the other hand, if accommodation is not the main thing and you seek adventure and an adrenaline rush, staying at San Antonio, Playa D’en Bossa or Ibiza Town will do the trick.

10 Best Ibiza Party Hotels | Best Hotels For Partying in Ibiza | Magic-Ibiza

Getting Around Ibiza

You have a few options when it comes to transportation in Ibiza, local buses, taxi, disco bus and water taxi. Local buses are a reliable transportation method in Ibiza however please note that they won’t get you to all the places in Ibiza, for example routes are limited when it comes to the North or South side of the island, therefore to some locations you will need to depends on taxis. When it comes to getting to and from clubs the disco bus is your best friend. The disco bus runs via most bigger clubs such as Amnesia, DC10, Pacha, Ushuaia and Hi Ibiza.

We must highlight and make sure to set some time aside to explore the island, regardless of what your goal is, and the best way to start is by going to Ibiza Town. It is the most authentic part of the island, and here, you will also find the gorgeous fortified town of Dalt Vila. Visiting museums should also be on your list, as it is the only way to really understand the cultural heritage and the history of Ibiza.

Beginner's Guide To Getting Around Ibiza | How To Get Around Ibiza

Frequently Asked Questions

When is the low season in Ibiza?

Another way to avoid crowds and noise is by picking the right time to go to Ibiza. Namely, the months April, May and October are the quietest, granting that you will not get stuck in crowds and that you can really enjoy exploring on the island. Understandably, these months are also the cheapest, and you can save a hefty sum yet still have a great time. As for the temperature, there is no need to worry as you will not freeze, as the temperature is just a bit more moderate compared to the summer party season temperatures. One thing to remember is during these months the opening and closing parties take place therefore not all nightclubs and bars will be open, so check out the party calendar beforehand. Also remember, if you will be attending the opening and closing parties, then expect the clubs to be full.

What are the best hostels in Ibiza for solo travellers?

Staying at renowned hotels certainly has some perks, but when in Ibiza, there is no need to spend money on a room where you will not spend too much time at. Amistat and Giramundo Hostel are pretty popular, as they offer a similar level of service but at much fewer costs. You can even go to party hostels, where, as the name states, the party is granted, meaning that hostels are not just a great way to avoid crowded places. 

Are hostels in Ibiza safe?

The short and simple answer is yes, hostels are perfectly safe in Ibiza. There is much noise about hostels not being safe in general, but that’s not something that should worry you as it’s just rumours and false news. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you should place your belongings outside of the room, but taking precautions like using a lock for your locker and storing away any valuable, just like if you stayed anywhere else, will make your stay at a hostel in Ibiza pretty great. Overall, the only thing that you should consider when picking a hostel is the type of service and what’s included.

Is Ibiza good for solo Travelers?

As already mentioned, Ibiza is great for everyone, as everything from the climate to the vast offer of activities and astonishing sites you will find here. Understandably, traveling solo to Ibiza has many perks, and one of those is definitely about being more focused on your belongings and surrounding, which will make your journey much safer. On the other hand, you will also have time to explore all the things on the island that you want, and all that, combined with trying some new water sports or partying all night, surely means that Ibiza is not just good but great for solo travellers.

Is Ibiza safe for a solo girl?

Many girls are afraid to travel alone, as their fear that something bad will happen to them overpowers their wish to see something new, so many of them are worried if Ibiza is safe to travel alone. Well, there is no need to be scared to try new things, as Ibiza is considered a safe island for solo girls. Of course, you should always be cautious with people you do not know and watch over your valuable things just like on any other journey.

Is it worth going to Ibiza alone?

If you wonder if traveling to Ibiza alone is worth it, the short answer is – absolutely yes. Many people are worried that they will not have fun when going solo, but it is impossible not to have fun on the party island. Even if you are going to Ibiza solo, there is no doubt you will find people with similar interests as you and maybe even make friends for life, so you will not go on the next journey alone.

To Summarise

The stigma of traveling solo should stop, as visiting some new place on your own is perfectly fine. Things get much easier when that destination is Ibiza, a highly attractive island with hundreds of thousands of people visiting it each year. Of course, even if the goal is just to learn more about Ibiza, visit the Old Town, go to museums, and end the night enjoying tasty Mediterranean dishes while watching the sunset, why hesitate? There are a number of things to do on this island, and this guide should help you find the ideal time to visit it, where to stay, what to expect, and what not to miss at all costs so that your solo travel in Ibiza is perfect. We hope you have a wonderful adventure!


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