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Craving an experience at an award-winning bar so fancy that it has its own DJ deck? Well, Café Mambo is just that, and more. Café Mambo is a sunset venue San Antonio, Ibiza. It has a friendly atmosphere, party vibes and stunning views. The bar is located on the ‘sunset strip’, where people go in the evening for dinner and drinks to watch the magnificent sunset as the skilful DJs build the atmosphere.



Known for being awarded the DJ Award for ‘The Best Bar in Ibiza’. Café Mambo is the perfect place to step into for a pre-party before your night at one of Ibiza’s super-clubs.



The club hosts one of the most electrifying and surprising bar parties under the supervision of skilled world famous DJs and artists. Some of these names include big DJs like Carl CoxSam DivineFatboy Slim and John Digweed.


The bar is extremely popular in San Antonio due to it’s perfect location where you can experience and see the most beautiful sunset on the island. The disco deck also provides a warm-up opportunity to the world-class DJs who will be playing in the evening. The solid recognition of Café Mambo for its contribution to Ibiza’s nightlife speaks for itself. Café Mambo has played an active role in the transformation of the San Antonio experience.


Enjoying delicious mouth-watering cuisine alongside the golden rays of the setting sun is part and parcel of the Mambo’s experience. It is strongly recommended that you reserve a table to make sure you enjoy the sunset in all its glory and splendour. 



Café Mambo has been run by the same family for 20 years — something the Mambo takes great pride in. More than just a restaurant at an Ibiza resort, the bar is truly a magical place that has become a permanent face of the island’s history and tradition.



So, if you’re even planning on sampling the amazing nightlife in San Antonio, be sure to make your start at a fancy pre-party in Café Mambo!


Cafe Mambo in located in San Antonio, a short 5 minute walk from the centre.

Taxi from Ibiza Town  costs around €25 and takes around 25 minutes.

Taxi from Playa d’en Bossa costs around €30 and takes 25-30 minutes.

Cafe Mambo is a bar therefore there is no entrance fee. Just get a table and have a good time while watching the sunset and listening to the DJ's!

Please note there is minimum spend after 6pm.

Cocktails & spirit and mixer (eg vodka coke) – €15 - €20

Glass of wine - €8

Bottle of wine - €38 - €180

Bottle of champagne - €110 - €1000

Bottle of Cava or Prosecco - €40 - €60

Grey Goose 0.7L - €250

Bacardi 0.7L - €190

Jack Daniel's - €140

Hendrick's - €175


Cafe Mambo is open everyday from 10am until late at night.


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