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***Privilege still remains closed***


Ever felt congested at a party due to the limited space of the nightclub? If you are a crazy party animal, you probably know how it feels to be confined to a club’s limited and closed space. In order to have the best night out of your life, you need a spacious entertainment venue. After all, more space means more fun, right?

What is not to love about this grand party heaven? From huge swimming pools to erotic dancers and artistic performers stealing the show, the party does not even start till the sky is dark and the party room is lit up.

House and techno rave party their way till the dawn; when the mesmerizing view of Ibiza Town, captured from all-glass walls, illuminates the room.

Let’s get straight to the point: we have some good news for the party freaks of Ibiza who enjoy living their best lives clubbing in spaciousness. Privilege (originally known as the Ku Club), is a current Guinness World record holder for being the world’s largest nightclub.

Privilege has the capacity of accommodating 10,000 people at a time. This elevates Privilege into a category of its own: a ‘super club.’ A club of this size is extremely rare to find anywhere, making Privilege the largest nightclub in the world.


Privilege Ibiza is a place for party people to enjoy the best time of their lives. Privilege is located adjacent to the village of San Rafael and is less than a kilometer away from the club Amnesia.


It is frequently associated with the Ibiza party culture, especially for its party grandeur and spectacular ambiance. The spacious environment allows you to reach the maximum potential of your adrenaline-fuelled party spirit.

So, if you ever find yourself in a mood to party while you’re in Ibiza, look no further than this extra-large, superb club to unleash your inner party animal.

Unfortunately Privilege remains closed throughout 2023 and it is still unknown if it will reopen in 2024. One piece of good news is that there are some construction works going on inside.

Watch this space for updates and fingers crossed for 2023!


Privilege is located in San Rafael, half way between San Antonio and Ibiza Town.

Taxi from San Antonio or Ibiza Town to Privilege costs around €15-€20 and takes around 15 minutes, slightly longer from Playa d’en Bossa.

Tickets are €25 – €50 depending on the party.

Spirit and mixer (eg vodka coke) – €15.

Beer – €10.

Bottle of water €7.

Privelege remains closed for 2022.

Dress code is casual however you will be denied entry if you're wearing  swimwear, flip-flops and football shirts.

Privelege is the biggest club in the world which can hold 10,000 people.


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