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Purple Disco Machine is the stage name of Tino Piontek, a German DJ and producer known for his captivating blend of disco and house music. Purple Disco Machine is recognized for his infectious and groovy sound that fuses elements of disco, funk, and house music. His tracks often feature lively basslines, soulful vocals, and funky instrumentations, creating a vibrant and energetic atmosphere on the dancefloor.

Purple Disco Machine embarked on his musical journey in 1996, diving into production using the software Cubase and experimenting with synthesizers. During this time, he also became immersed in the vibrant house music scene of Dresden, Germany. 

Inspired by his experiences, he started DJing and honing his skills. In 2012, his first productions saw the light of day, marking a significant milestone in his career.  As his reputation grew, he began performing as a DJ on an international scale. In 2017, he achieved another milestone with the release of his debut album, which was published under the esteemed label Sony Music Entertainment.


Purple Disco Machine has performed at various clubs and venues in Ibiza, showcasing his energetic and groovy sound to the island’s enthusiastic crowds. His DJ sets often feature a blend of disco, funk, and house music, creating a lively and vibrant atmosphere on the dancefloor.

This year of 2023, you can see Tino performing across a few dates at Hi Ibiza and Pacha. At Hi Ibiza he will perform at Glitterbox and FISHER parties, and in Pacha at The Masquerade and Robin Schulz parties. Check out the dates below!


Purple Disco Machine gained prominence in 2013 with his breakthrough track My House, which became a club hit. Since then, he has released a string of successful singles, remixes, and collaborations. Notable tracks include Body Funk, Devil in Me, Dished (Male Stripper), and Hypnotized with Sophie and the Giants.

Purple Disco Machine has been nominated for the prestigious DJ Awards, an annual event that honours outstanding DJs and electronic music artists. He has received nominations in categories such as Best Deep House DJ and Best Producer. Tino has also been recognized at the International Dance Music Awards, which celebrate excellence in the global dance music industry. He has received nominations in categories like Best House/Garage/Deep House Track and Best Remix.


Purple Disco Machine, Kungs - Substitution
Purple Disco Machine - Body Funk
Purple Disco Machine - Bad Company
Fatboy Slim 'Praise You’ (Purple Disco Machine Extended Remix)
Purple Disco Machine ft. Eyelar - Dopamine
Purple Disco Machine, Sophie and the Giants - In The Dark
Purple Disco Machine - Emotion
Purple Disco Machine - Exotica
Roberto Surace - Joys (Purple Disco Machine Extended Remix)
Purple Disco Machine - Playbox


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Purple Disco Machine at Glitterbox, Hï Ibiza
Purple Disco Machine B2B Monki - Radio 1 in Ibiza 2018 - Café Mambo
Purple Disco Machine - Live from Dresden

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