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Music On is one of the most popular and in-demand parties in Ibiza! Founded in 2012 by the techno legend Marco Carola, Music On has become one of the most admired events in Ibiza. Music On is largely visited and celebrated by fine techno lovers on the island.


After marking seven consecutive seasons at Amnesia Ibiza, the famous techno party spent the summer of 2019 at Ibiza’s superclub, Pacha. Pacha’s ultra-modern and sophisticated ambience is perfectly complemented by the fierce and powerful techno beats by Music On.


Music On has elevated and empowered the electronic music industry on the island and many leading DJs have played their parts in taking the Music On parties to the next level; the Neapolitan DJ and producer Marco Carola has worked behind the decks and brought forth jaw-dropping beats for the ravers for over 20 years.


Music On is back for the summer of 2023, every Friday from 12th May – 13th October. Lineup includes some of the names like Paco OsunaThe Martinez BrothersSeth Troxler, Loco Dice, Apollonia, Marco FaraoneAndrea OlivaLucianoJoris Voorn and many others.


Music On Ibiza party is the perfect way to enjoy the island’s nightlife. Discover a wide variety of tech house and techno music to suit your taste (although please note that Marco nowadays plays a lot of vocal house and tech) every Friday at Pacha. Come and experience one of the best parties in Ibiza.


Music On is renowned for its energetic and vibrant atmosphere. The crowd is diverse, consisting of music enthusiasts from around the world who come to Pacha to dance, connect, and enjoy the music. The club’s stunning visuals and top-notch sound system enhance the overall experience.  Its unique design and luxurious ambiance make it a perfect setting for Music On, and it attracts both locals and tourists looking for a memorable night out.


In summary, Music On at Pacha Ibiza is a must-visit for electronic music enthusiasts and partygoers seeking an unforgettable night out on the island. With world-class DJs, a dynamic crowd, and the electric energy of Pacha, it’s no wonder that Music On is considered one of the standout events in Ibiza’s nightlife calendar.


Please note that in peak season, Music On has been selling out every week; therefore, get your tickets beforehand. Tickets can be bought directly from the Pacha website. And if you are looking for a good day party, don’t forget that Music On also hosts day parties at Destino.


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